Tooth correction for adults

It is nice that you are interested in the Harmony Splint from Orthos.

Beautiful Smiles with the HarmonieSchiene ®

Straight Teeth with the invisible Aligner in just a few weeks or month

Let the HarmonieSchiene system by Orthos straighten your teeth without others noticing it. It’s invisible, flexible and totally simple. More than 25000 people smile even brighter with the HarmonieSchiene, which is exclusively produced in Germany.

Get your a radiant smile with straight teeth within short time. Unlike braces, the clear aligner can be easily removed at mealtimes and for cleaning. And, since it’s invisible, it doesn’t interfere with your personal or work life.

More than 5000 dentists are working with the HarmonieSchiene by Orthos. Make an appointment now with the dentist of your choice and already by your next vacation you can smile beautifully with straight teeth!

HarmonieSchiene by Orthos – the transparent aligner „travels“ in its elegant case

A more beautiful smile: HarmonieSchiene ® from Orthos

Straight teeth with invisible braces for adults

The Orthos Harmony Splint, the transparent, flexible adult splint, straightens crooked teeth. In a few weeks or months, an individually calculated number of clear splints, also known as aligners, will straighten the teeth to the desired even, straight position.

The invisible braces are only available from the dentist. It was developed in 2004 especially for the correction of adult teeth and has since been continuously optimised together with our partner practices. It can be wonderfully combined with work and private life. After the treatment, the result is sustainably secured so that the teeth remain beautifully straight. The HarmonieSchiene has already given a new smile to more than 26,000 patients.

The modern correction system with transparent aligners is manufactured exclusively in Germany. More than 5,000 dental practices professionally and safely accompany interested patients during tooth correction with the Orthos HarmonyStraint: Simply make an appointment with the dentist of your choice and smile more beautifully with straight teeth until your next holiday.

Harmony splint from Orthos – the one with the stylish box!

Crooked teeth – no one needs them!

You’re looking well. You also do something for it.

Straight and well-kept teeth are important for your confident appearance – like a good suit.

And when you smile, you’re irresistible!

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