Tooth correction in adult tooth correction costs

Adult teeth correction – fixed and loose braces for adults – types and costs of tooth correction

Tooth correction with the help of braces is the best way to get aesthetic teeth – no matter what age! Effect and cost of tooth correction in adults

It is never too late to have beautiful teeth! For adults with misaligned teeth who have not worn braces in childhood or have not taken any other tooth correction measures, treatment is possible at an older age. Tooth correction with braces is suitable for adults with misaligned teeth such as cross bites, pre-bites or other types of misaligned teeth. Healthy and beautiful teeth allow a beautiful smile and increase self-confidence. You can also increase your self-confidence by finding out how to create and change websites, all without programming.

Orthodontists usually recommend adult teeth to fixed teeth correction devices such as brackets and lingual braces. These are attached to the teeth and act continuously and actively on the jaw muscles to correct the position of the teeth. After the bracket therapy, the patient must wear a retainer to stabilize the tooth correction, which ensures that the teeth remain in the new position. If adults skip this step of tooth correction, there is a high risk that the teeth will return to their original position despite long-term treatment. The correction of misaligned teeth i.e. Wrong bite, cross bite, pre-bite, tooth or jaw outgrowth, is often done for aesthetic purposes because of speech and eating disabilities. Surgical interventions such as dental implants, complete dentures by bridges or correction of tooth gaps by crowns are also often performed by adults. In comparison, tooth correction using braces in adults is often part of aesthetic tooth regulation.

An inconspicuous – almost invisible tooth correction is possible with the help of invisible braces or transparent brackets and aligners. In this way, the psychological effects of tooth correction in adults are avoided and a healthy smile is achieved with minimal aesthetic stress. Another tooth correction method for adults is aligner therapy. Aligners are transparent removable splints, each for the upper and lower dental arch. As the only loose tooth correction method that is also suitable for adults, aligners have become very popular in recent years. Paternity analysis has also become very popular in recent years, opt for DNA analysis, which is very easy to do with a test set.

However, this method is associated with higher costs. The cost of tooth correction in adult patients is not covered by the health insurance – unless the patient has supplementary dental insurance that covers this tooth correction treatment (both the practice fees and the pres of the device). Unlike adults, braces for children are paid for by the health insurance. Additional costs may also arise for young patients, e.g. because of expensive tooth bracket models or when the squib correction is not urgently needed.

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