Tooth filling in white! (Teeth, dentist, filling)

Tooth filling in white! (Teeth, dentist, filling)

Tooth filling in white?!

Hello dear users, I wanted to ask if you can have a white tooth filling done! :) So you have to pay for it out of your own pocket or take over that, the health insurance (:? Which filling is better the black or the white? Thank you in advance _ :) mfg abrar

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Hello abrar, the white filling is of course better because it does not deviate so visibly. If you have to have front teeth filled, they will be filled in white without additional payment. Hanco writes that he also got a molar in white, free of charge. I have had the experience that my dentist does not fill the molars or the ones before that in white for free. I do not know now whether it is the dentist who wants to save his budget or the respective health insurance company that does not pay it. If you are lucky enough to have a dental clinic in your area that trains students, you can go there, because all teeth are sealed in white, i.e. the students practice on the patient, and that is without additional payment. VG Katzina

Are you sure that in dental clinics it is done without payment. is free? : o Is that in Austria or Germany?

You will have to pay for a white plastic filling yourself. As an alternative to black – and free – amalgam filling, you can also ask your dentist for a cement filling. This is white and usually free of charge. – Does not last quite as long compared to a plastic or amalgam filling. :)

the health insurance companies only cover the so-called "control power" – these are fillings made of amalgam (naturally has a gray color)!

If you get a filling that is in a visible place, then you have to pay for it yourself – this will cost about € 30.00 – € 35.00 per filling!

In the anterior tooth area, the till always pays for a plastic filling (white filling). In the posterior region, a surcharge usually has to be paid (depending on the size of the areas to be filled).

So white tooth color is better because mercury is present in the black amalgam filling. Unfortunately you have to pay the plastic for the white filling yourself in part. The health insurance company only takes over completely for anterior tooth fillings

In the anterior tooth area, the till always pays for a plastic filling (white filling). In the posterior region, a surcharge usually has to be paid (depending on the size of the areas to be filled).

The quality of the plastic is also important here. There are "pure" plastic where you have to pay extra and which is worked into layers in the tooth and glued (treatment time is longer). Or a Plastic / cement mixture which is simply stuffed into the tooth – but which has to be washed out of the tooth after some time and has to be renewed (this is paid by the cash register!).

Amalgam fillings are good, but I wouldn’t have them done in your place. Not because of the poison or anything, but because they just don’t look nice when you have a big mouth and laugh a lot. Otherwise, amalgam fillings are recommended. Most dentists have already banned this from practice.

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And with regard to the filling, I was told that amalgam is no longer made there and for plastic a co-payment would have been due, I would have called a free agent that is fully taken over by the health insurance company "futschi". I didn’t find anything about that on the Internet either. Do you know a material for filling teeth that sounds like Futschi or similar, but is written differently?

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