Tooth fillings berlin »cheap fillings at dr

Tooth fillings berlin »cheap fillings at dr

Dental fillings in Berlin with Dr. med. Khasin & colleagues

Holes in the tooth are not only an aesthetic problem, but can also be extremely painful. A filling is necessary when the caries has penetrated into the enamel and has attacked the tooth substance. The caries must be completely removed and the resulting hole is filled with a special tooth filling.

In our dental practice in Berlin we offer you different types of dental fillings. We would be happy to advise you on which type of tooth filling is suitable in your case and which one we would recommend to you.

What material are dental fillings?

In our practice in Berlin you have the choice between the following fillings:

The different materials differ in terms of cost, durability and durability. The aesthetics may also play a role in the choice of dental fillings. The plastic, white fillings, for example, are based on a plastic mixture that can be optimally adapted to your own tooth color. This kind of dental fillings is often used for holes in the anterior region.

When must fillings be renewed?

In the rain, fillings last ten years or more. A renewal of dental fillings is appropriate, for example, if the edges are no longer perfect or there has been cracks in the filler. Due to the defective surface, bacteria can enter the interior of the tooth and possibly cause caries there again.

There are certain signs that speak for controlling your dental fillings. If you feel pain when chewing or increased sensitivity of the filled tooth when eating cold or hot food, talk to us. As part of a check, we can determine if the tooth filling needs to be renewed.

From when are dental fillings necessary?

For large, carious defects, fillings are essential, otherwise the holes can not be removed. On the other hand, an initial caries does not necessarily require a tooth filling, but can be contained differently. The same applies to the furrows in the molars, which are classified as caries-endangered. In this case, the fissures, as the furrows are called, are sealed.

Further questions about dental fillings at a glance

Why do some dental fillings cause private costs??

Some dental fillings, such as a dentine adhesive multi-layer reconstruction, require additional payment from the patient. In the catalog of benefits of the statutory health insurance are not all types of filling included, so that in certain dental fillings still a private share is due. We are happy to tell you which fillings in Berlin are paid by the statutory health insurance and in which a personal contribution from you must be paid.

What kind of fillings does the health insurance pay?

In the area of ​​the anterior teeth, the health insurances cover the costs for a composite filling in their own tooth color. This applies to the so-called single-layer technique. For all other teeth, only the costs for an amalgam filling are taken over. An exception is made only if there is an incompatibility with amalgam. In this case, even with posterior teeth a composite filling paid by the health insurance.

What are the best and healthiest dental fillings?

Of course, it would be best if no dental filling was necessary. Every filling that we use in our dental practice in Berlin has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, gold as a filler is considered to be very tough and durable. It is very well tolerated by the body, but is also very expensive and can not be easily corrected. Dental fillings made of ceramics also have a very good compatibility and a long shelf life. Amalgam fillings, as they are used in the posterior region, are cheap, can be processed very well and are usually tolerated quite well. Which dental filling is the best and healthiest option in your case, we can individually decide together with you in our practice in Berlin.

How long do dental fillings last??

Gold inlays last the longest and can last up to 15 years in the mouth. In contrast, plastic fillings or inlays do not last as long and need to be changed after about 8 years. Especially in the molar area are usually mixed dental fillings of amalgam. These last up to 10 years. We are happy to give you more information on this topic.

How often can you renew your fillings??

Of course, dental fillings can not be renewed indefinitely, because with every renewal also healthy tooth substance must be removed. If it happens that a filling can not be renewed, there are other alternatives. Then, for example, a crown can be set to maintain the functionality of the tooth. Talk to us and we’ll tell you more about cheap fillings, the benefits of different materials and durability of fillings.

Do you have questions about tooth fillings? Need an appointment?

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