Toothache, but not when chewing (teeth)

Toothache, but not when chewing (teeth)

Toothache, but not when chewing

Hi! I have a toothache on an upper molar tooth since yesterday. The funny thing is, I can load the tooth normally and bite it hard without the pain getting worse. I have the feeling that the cause lies exactly between two teeth. The last time I cleaned with dental floss, the initial slight pull on the tooth suddenly caused severe pain. Could it be that it is not the tooth that is affected, but the gums? I think I’ll go to the dentist tomorrow, just want to know what I might have to adjust to.

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Could be that you “scratched your gums" and it has ignited now.

It is simply impossible to make a diagnosis from here, but rather go to the dentist tomorrow.

just want to know what I might have to adjust to.

And what are you doing then?

No, I expressed myself wrong. I rather said whether I can only assume that it is really only the gums that I may have hurt and hope that it will be gone by tomorrow morning: D Well, what does a dentist do if the gums are severely inflamed? ? I never had anything like that.

I was more of the opinion that it doesn’t help much if you know it now. You will soon be asleep and tomorrow you will be at the dentist. We can only assume that this is of no use to you. If it is inflammation, on the other hand, he will prescribe an ointment or conditioner. Just wait.

Yes, I can sleep more peacefully when I know it "just" inflammation is ^^. Then I may not have to go to the dentist tomorrow, if it is not so bad, because I have an important project at school. Could have been that there is a general rule à la "If the tooth doesn’t hurt when you press it on, then it can’t be this and that". Chewing on ginger has definitely reduced the pain significantly.

I was with my dentist and as I was afraid you could not find the cause. Unfortunately, it is not clear where the pain comes from. Various tests have resulted in nothing. So, understandably, she didn’t just want to drill out any tooth now. She said everything looks fine.

So she cleaned and disinfected a bit so that any inflamed gums can swell again. Otherwise, I should wait and see if it goes away on its own and take pain relievers for so long. Fortunately, it really went away after consuming about half a pack of ibuprophen. But I cannot imagine that it was only the gums that caused the pain. The pain was really extreme at some point. Once I even felt dizzy from pain, so I really thought I was going to tip over.

I just hope it won’t come back.

Thanks for the feedback! Fortunately, it has now gone away. You can also get a second opinion from another (dental) doctor if you are not satisfied with the treatment. Only for next time. (Which I do not hope) :)

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