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A toothache is a usually strong, continuous feeling of pain that comes from the teeth. Inflammation of the gums, the entire tooth structure or the like is also often included indirectly, with the infection zones and nerve irritation usually going hand in hand.


Causes of toothache include missing tooth enamel, tooth decay and inflammatory diseases such as periodontitis, but of course also purely mechanical injuries and damage. This includes, for example, grinding your teeth.

Pain in children can also be caused by misalignment of individual teeth, which can pose a number of problems:

– The gums can be injured by crooked teeth, for example because the child bites the mucous membrane.
– The occlusal surfaces can be loaded incorrectly.
– The jawbones can change.
– The teeth are sharpened more than normal.

However, the most common cause of toothache in children is tooth decay. Caries is usually a provoked pain, usually due to sweetness, less often due to acid (food or drinks). A peculiarity in infants is the pain due to tooth growth (teething problems).

Toothache home remedies

In contrast to other physical complaints, home remedies for toothache are less well known and generally less useful. They can and should mainly be used to bridge the visit to the dentist or to relieve pain or inflammation and to limit the defense against pathogens.

When swelling, it is always good to cool. An ice pack can prevent further swelling tendencies of an already existing thick cheek. Cloves are the best known home remedy for preventing tooth pain. Propolis and tea tree oil thinners (beware of the irritating effects of essential oils) have an antibacterial and antiviral effect; In addition, propolis even supports wound healing.

The home remedies are also very important for babies: when the first teeth come, it helps the little ones to chew on a chilled teether or spoon. Chewing on dried violet roots is also said to have an analgesic effect. Chamomile or sage tea can be massaged onto the painful areas with a cotton swab.

All of these home remedies are intended as a short-term solution. Despite home remedies, you need to get help from the dentist.

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