Toothache (pulling) when chewing – what is it? (Teeth, dentist)

Toothache (pulling) when chewing - what is it? (Teeth, dentist)

Toothache (pulling) when chewing – what is it?

Hello, about a week ago I was at the dentist for a filling. Since that day, it hurts between two teeth when chewing. Since this was also the case with light things at the beginning, I went to the doctor again on Monday. This has sanded the filling (plastic) again a little. After that it was a little bit better. Now I could chew delicate things and even when I grit my teeth, they no longer hurt. But since it was not completely gone and the tooth still hurt with hard things, I went to the ZA again on Tuesday. This cut a little more. However, it didn’t improve much, just a little bit. I also have to say that (despite anesthesia), I had a pull (small amount of pain) on this tooth while drilling on the tooth while the doctor gave me the filling. Now I’m still in pain when I chew very hard things on this tooth. I can also press on the tooth itself, it doesn’t hurt either. It really only hurts when I floss between the affected tooth and the tooth next door, for example. Could it be that the tooth nerve was irritated and now has to subside? In terms of time, this somehow seems a bit much to me, after all, almost two weeks have passed since the filling. I hope you can help me?

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If you have fruit, vegetables on your menu, this could be a problem. Some of these contain acids.

I had pain in two teeth, which had the symptoms of inflammation of the root and only occurred occasionally. Since treatment was pending on one of the teeth anyway, the doctor took an X-ray of both. There were no abnormalities, as a precaution he prescribed antibiotics, but that didn’t help either. Then I found an article that described that fruits and vegetables can contain acids that deprive the tooth of calcium. I then left this out and also bought a mouthwash. I can now chew on the treated tooth, the pain has disappeared on the other.

The fruit, vegetables I used came from canned goods which I bought in the supermarket and ate something every day. I don’t know how fresh it is. Generally, however, you should wait a while until your teeth are brushed. If I occasionally eat fruit and vegetables now there are no problems.

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New dental bridge but hardly resilient, why is that ?

Previously had an implant. The tooth and the teeth next door were very resilient. The bone on the implant has receded so that the implant has been removed. After 6 months, the adjacent teeth were ground for a bridge. Now I have the bridge, but I can’t bite down hard because the bridge presses hard on the ground teeth and they hurt a bit. It is as if they are not up to the strain. When I chew something soft, I have no jokes and hardly feel anything, but I can’t crush the edge from the pizza to the sample with the bridge. I’ve only had the bridge for a few days, does that settle? Or is there something wrong?? Bridge is not too high! Problems only occur when chewing! Who knows about it??

Numbness on the tooth + sensitivity to cold

I went to the dentist yesterday for a filling of the left upper incisor. And I got an injection. Now the problem is I still feel numbness on my upper lip. It’s not that strong, but it’s pretty annoying. It will go away again ?

In addition, when I drink water my tooth (which was filled yesterday) is extremely painful. Why is that?

Can someone tell me if the numbness goes away? Or why my tooth has become so sensitive to cold after filling?

Thank you in advance :)

How long the tooth can remain sensitive after a filling?

Almost two weeks ago I got a filling on the front teeth. I am aware that the treated tooth can remain sensitive for a certain time. Now, as I said, it’s been 2 weeks and I still feel the sensitivity of the tooth when drinking cold or warm drinks. How long may such a sensitivity prevail before it should be checked again?

When can you smoke again when a tooth is pulled??

When can you smoke again when a tooth is pulled? My work colleague was at the dentist at noon today and actually wanted to light a cigarette after pulling the tooth. He meant that you can do that, it can’t be, or?

Severe pain as well as fever and chills are normal after root canal treatment?

I had a root canal treatment in the lower left molar tooth a week ago. It hurt all the time, so the dentist opened the tooth (a year before she had made the filling, but didn’t help; then it hurt again and again over time).

She X-rayed, gave the syringe and drilled with two different drills and then ground around with something (I didn’t see a needle like I usually hear from a root canal).

Then she said it was a root canal, but she leaves the tooth open in case I get pain over Christmas. I will get the filling in January.

Since then I have not been able to chew a bit on my tooth. It stings so much. Even if I get there with my tongue. If this happens to me, the tooth hurts so much if I can’t get there. And more than before the root canal treatment.

Yesterday I still had extreme chills and 39 degrees fever, which went down after a few hours.

Is it all normal? Tomorrow I have an appointment again, but then she just wants to put new pain relievers on her teeth. Why does it hurt so much a week after root treatment? Did the tooth think it was dead now and doesn’t hurt anymore because the nerves have died? But the pain is extreme. Pulling and extremely stinging that you can only endure for a short time.

Thank you for your answers.

Pain when chewing!

For three days now my right TMJ hurts terribly when I try to chew, open my mouth or just want to move it. Could it be dislocated? I can really only chew very badly, especially no more hard things. I thought I’d wait and see before I go to the doctor.

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Today i was at the dentist who drilled a tooth out of me and made an insert there to kill the tooth nerve! next tuesday the dead nerve should be pulled and a temporary filling should be made until the dental crown is approved by the health insurance.

my question is: this insert to kill the nerve has an effect on the whole body or only on the corresponding area?

I got a filling in a molar three days ago. Shortly afterwards I had an uncomfortable feeling at this point. Especially when drinking, I still have some kind of cold pain on this tooth. Does the tooth nerve need to calm down or the filling may be leaking?

Dear people, I hope someone can help me. I had an amalgam filling (which lasted about 15 years) on the molar (lower jaw) replaced with a plastic filling about 2 weeks ago. (Big mistake!) Despite anesthesia, I felt pulling pain in the tooth while drilling away the amalgam residues. Since then I have had pain when chewing :-( After the pain was still there after 2 days, I was 3 times with the ZA, who sanded the filling to relieve the tooth and also took X-rays. There was no inflammation on the X-ray. The tooth is neither sensitive to heat and cold nor in any way conspicuous. Only pain occurs when chewing. Has anyone already had similar experiences? What can I do??

I have a molar problem. I have had fillings a few times and have never had any problems with them. But once a year ago I got a filling in my molar tooth and as soon as I got out of the ordination I felt that the tooth hurts. It was especially bad when chewing. I’ll be right back and the doctor said that the tooth was offended and needed relaxation. I was there twice and it was sanded again etc. but the pain was never gone. It is not there, only when you are something hard, I feel it. It took almost a year and I felt almost nothing until the filling suddenly broke off. Without the filling, I imagine, there was no pain, not even when eating.

So, I was back at the ZA and she drilled what hurt and then she gave me a new fill. What I immediately noticed was that when I filled the FILLING, where I shouldn’t feel anything, I was in pain. After the treatment, I raised that and she said that the tooth needs to recover.

Now at home I can’t eat on the side. What strikes me as strange is that when I lightly touch the filling with my fingernail, I am in pain. The tooth itself does not hurt even when I drink something cold or hot, only the place where the filling is is very sensitive. It cannot be that this will happen again, as well as a year earlier.

I don’t understand what that can be. The filling is not too high, because when I empty it I don’t feel anything that is sticking out or something. The filling is exactly on the side of the tooth and a bit on the tooth, that is, when I floss the gap, I touch the filling, which hurts again. Even if I scratch the tooth and the filling lightly, I feel an uncomfortable pain.

Could it be that the filling does not cover everything and there is something lying there? ^^ Or that the filling impresses the nerve or something? There has to be something with the filling. I don’t understand that it only hurts when the filling is touched. The filling doesn’t hurt.

I’ll go back next week but I don’t want to hear again that the tooth still needs to recover. I just don’t think so. Who has an idea what that can be.?

Hello dear people! I had been to the dentist for a long time today, because I was in severe pain, root canal treatment was started immediately. The ZA then did everything so far and a provisional filling on top. Now that the anesthetic is out, I’ve taken a pain reliever, everything is fine except. – as soon as I bite or chew my teeth, the provisionally filled tooth is always the one I hit first and this with slight pain .. Is this normal or can it be that the filling is a little too high? Do I have to go back to the ZA and have it fixed or should I wait until the next appointment (next week Thursday) ?

In addition, he also ‘rebuilt’ my ‘tooth wall’ that was missing from the back of the tooth?

I’m desperate because I can’t eat anything because I can’t chew there &# 128531;

Thank you in advance for the answers !

7 years ago I had to have a root canal treatment performed on a small molar tooth, in combination with all 4 wisdom teeth. So was under anesthesia u I didn’t notice anything. Afterwards I had extreme pain, probably from cutting open and pulling teeth. My pain relievers didn’t work, I had to go to the emergency dentist and everything was rinsed and I was given pain relievers that also helped. Now this filling is broken, a small piece has broken off. Well my ZA took an x-ray and said he had to do the complete root filling, clean everything, rinse, full program. He thinks, at least that’s how it looks in the picture, that he can close it right away. But I’m terrified that the tooth breaks and he has to pull it. I have no pain, the tooth is a bit sensitive, it says because of the broken filling. That will be done next Wednesday. I would love to hear your experience. Just take away the fear with bissl.

Hello dear community,

I need advice on a dental problem.

One of my molars got a filling two years ago. After filling, the tooth became extremely sensitive to cold – even tap water became like an electric shock – but heat was not a problem and it did not hurt either.

Now the filling had to be replaced two weeks ago (a piece broke off) and then the tooth began to be sensitive to pressure, so that I could not even chew a little bit on the side. But when there was no pressure – outside of the meal – I had no pain.

So I was at the dentist in the middle of last week and, after the cold test brought tears to my eyes, he said that there was probably 90% inflammation of the root and there was nothing more to be done except the usual treatment. But he said that he could grind the filling again and take some contact away and I could see if it helped. Otherwise, I should come in for root canal treatment on Monday.

Now, over the weekend, the pain has gotten better – I can chew soft things again without any problems, but it still hurts with harder things. So I’m not sure what to do. According to the dentist, extreme sensitivity to cold is also a sign that something is wrong. But I have already had two root canals and one of them had to pull the tooth in the end and the other had a very problematic tooth that brought me back to the practice every few months.

I go on vacation at the end of the week, so I don’t really know how to choose. Does anyone here know anything about these things better and can give me some advice? Thank you very much!

Hello community

I had a tooth filled with a hole about a month ago. And something bothers me when chewing. It doesn’t hurt but it’s kind of an uncomfortable feeling. Very difficult to describe. In any case, there is something that shouldn’t be. I don’t feel it every time I eat. Especially with chips and things like that.

Could it be that too much or too little was sanded after filling? And do I absolutely have to have it treated or can I let it be? Because I’m not a fan of dentists and don’t necessarily want to go there again. I just would like to know what could be the cause :-)

Hello, since the middle of the week I have a toothache only with certain food / drinks, or if you have pressed it with your tongue, yesterday then in the morning for no apparent reason and last night I found that I couldn’t chew on the spot. Even with the electric toothbrush brushing over it was not possible, because I had filled it it knocked it out.

If I bite in a certain way now, i.e. hit a point on the tooth, it feels strange as if it were loose or there was a crack or something.

It is the 4th tooth in the upper jaw, it has a few years old filling. I can not see caries. At the gum line, an area is very light white.

I was only at the dentist in March, when everything was fine. I’ll get an appointment on Tuesday.

But maybe one of you has an idea what that can be? Respectively. what the dentist can do, how can he save the tooth?

Thank you and a nice weekend!

I do not know what to do next and am looking for those affected who may have gone through something similar and can give me help. The exchange of experiences can also help.

I have a weird pressure on two teeth on the left side (the last two molars). Both teeth are without filling. I was only recently at the dentist, and an X-ray showed nothing. No inflammation or anything. The tooth itself is not sensitive to pressure – I can also chew easily. I don’t even notice anything when chewing and it even seems to do me good.

The tooth UNDER both teeth is filled very deep and often causes problems. After sealing, I always have a certain amount of rest. There is no inflammation there either – only the filling is very deep. As a result, my nerve is a little offended. Could these problems also radiate upwards??

I also suffer from sinus problems more often. But I can’t see the typical problems there at present, except for a runny nose without really having a cold. The secretion is normal and not yellowish green, as I know it from inflammation.

Wisdom teeth have been out for over 10 years. My tooth does not react conspicuously to hot or cold. Everything so far. Only the pressure remains – there is NO pain. Just an uncomfortable feeling. Does anyone know that and can tell me if something like this can really come from the sinuses?

Hello, I got a root canal treatment 1.5 weeks ago, I had no pain but a strange feeling, especially when brushing my teeth. When I drove over my humps it felt strange. Zahn did not respond to the cold test, already had a filling.

So after the treatment I no longer had a strange feeling, had no problems until I was back yesterday "Deposit was changed" and cleaned everything again. Since then I have noticed the tooth again when I get to it or press lightly with my tongue.

Next week I will get the final filling.

How come, the first time everything was great and now it’s uncomfortable again. Is anyone familiar with it?

allo, I was at the dentist yesterday; because with cold drinks etc. I always had a pull in the right front incisor. The doctor found that there was caries on the back of the tooth. (a white spot, not brown or something). After anesthesia, he drilled it out and refilled it.

But now I can hardly let anything cold or hot or sweet come to my tooth. Since it is the front incisor, it is a problem, since you have to do everything you bite or drink with it.

Now my question:

I would like to know how long it takes for a tooth nerve to calm down after drilling, I don’t want to have a root canal treatment done right away.

thank you in advance.

I got a lot of tooth fillings from tooth decay last week. I had a slight pain chewing on one of the fillings, but they are gone. But on a filling on the other hand, I still have pain (4 days later) when I bite, whenever there is pressure on the tooth, even slight pressure, e.g. when chewing on the other non-painful side.

Otherwise I have no complaints, as I said only when biting / chewing.

Can this be normal or should I watch it again? Or can I wait a few more days? As holidays are coming soon, I’m afraid that there will be something over the holidays.

On the affected side are 3 fillings, one of them very deep, almost to the nerve / root.

Should I rather wait again or go to the dentist again today?

Hello, I had an inflamed tooth a few weeks ago, which is why I have been to the ZA several times now. The tooth that is concerned has only its outer framework and is completely hollow. I was therefore given a provisional filling the penultimate time. During the last visit to the ZA, my ZÄ sent me on to a jaw surgeon to extract the tooth. Because at that time (2 weeks ago) I did not agree with the idea of ​​being drawn, because I was in no pain at the time, I canceled the appointment with the K surgeon because I wanted to get a second opinion from another dentist. But now the tooth is starting to become active again, i.e. due to a very severe toothache and I haven’t been to a second dentist yet. For this reason, I was now again in the pharmacy, bought ibuprofen, lidocaine ointment and other things that I think can possibly relieve pain, but the things all have little or hardly any effect. Therefore, I would like to ask whether this can be dangerous for me, whether I am at risk of blood poisoning or what other bad things can happen or am I too worried? I do not know whether the tooth is suppurating, at least it was suppurating 2 months ago, at the beginning of my root canal treatment, at that time it smelled totally disgusting, so I now know what pus smells, but fortunately I do not smell that bursty smell right now. Yes, and then I also wanted to ask whether the medications I bought, lidocaine ointment, arrow toothache tablets, salviathymol can fight this inflammation or have it healed, or whether this is only a placebo effect "acts"? Thank you for your answers,

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