Toothache, toothache pain: hot, cold, sweet, sour

Toothache, toothache pain: hot, cold, sweet, sour

Optimal dental treatment


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Toothache when chewing

Chewing discomfort, Bite or Speak can have different causes and indicate one Damage to the teeth there or can TMJ be when Noises occur.

With masticatory will the oral cavity whole with their adjoining tissues and the TMJ referred to during the mastication functional as chewing organ are significant.

If at Chewing pain arise, this indicates that a dental bridge, tooth filling or dentures does not fit properly.

at Pain in the area muscles of mastication and TMJ stands the so-called parafunction in the foreground because parafunctions are "harmful" Secondary functions with great impact bruxism. Pain to the muscles of mastication and on the teeth by a overload arise because the overload by unconsciously applied personnel at the clenching, Rub teeth or gnashing of teeth can be very big because the Forces that work on teeth are often as big as your own body weight. Will the tooth permanently overloaded, the Die tooth, what one throbbing toothache triggers and one of you dead tooth speaks.

Chewing pain after dental treatment

If after the dental treatment "Toothache when chewing" arise, it is possible that the tooth filling, the dental bridge, or the dentures is too high, too low, too long or too short at one point, so that Pain arise.

Who for dentist expected without toothache to return home, but this is not always the case, because the tooth nerve yet irritation which is quite normal, because this pain usually subsides after hours to a few days. It can toothache after this Drill occur because at Drill by the dentist Tooth nerve permanently irritated and the new one tooth filling exerts greater pressure downwards than before, which is additional Pain when chewing can cause. If that tooth teeth not interlocking properly, the pressure at certain points in the Chew increase what affects the tooth nerve from the affected Tooth irritate can, so that Pain to the ear or in the masticatory muscles broadcast what that too Temporomandibular joint can affect. If after one dental treatment toothache occur, it is possible that a tooth filling or one Crown is too high or that you are not yet familiar with the new one tooth respectively. dentures has lived. at dentures how Dental implants, dental bridge or denture, the mouth must first get used to the fact that there is a little more in the mouth, which takes up more space than before the dentist. After a tooth filling a certain sensitivity of the tooth is normal during the first weeks, but you should with Kausch Merzen avoiding very hot or cold dishes that can trigger stimuli. If at biting Pain in the tooth should be felt, you should see the dentist, because the tooth filling needs to be corrected. If a tooth is permanently overloaded, it can die, causing a throbbing toothache. The causes of the pressure can be different because gnashing of teeth or clenching can the tooth in particular after a tooth filling or the whole denture overburden. Crooked teeth are also possible (Malocclusion) or in jaw hidden Wisdom tooth problems, respectively. shifted horizontally and impacted wisdom teeth be the other teeth press and push away.

Chewing pain after filling the teeth

After a tooth filling can it always be that Kausch Merzen arise for a period of time.

Kausch Merzen as drawing toothache after a tooth filling can at Chew in particular before hard foods occur that stop for a while after eating and then disappear again. He can also tooth after filling up warmth and cold drinks be slightly sensitive because that sensitivity on hot or cold after the dental treatment comes from the tooth nerve, which can be temporarily irritated inside the tooth. each Treatment at the dentist can become temporary Tooth sensitivity lead, but the pain usually disappears on its own, but there should be no deterioration, which is possible if one of the tooth filling the restorative not correct with the tooth connected, which makes it spring to the filling at the Chew comes, so the tooth filling must be renewed. As inflammatory prophylaxis for the tooth nerve you can for a short time ibuprofen take because ibuprofen have a analgesic and anti-inflammatory Effect until root treatment, when a pulpitis is not reversible because there is one reversible pulpitis and a irreversible pulpitis. The reversible pulpitis is characterized by sensitivity to cold, where none hot sensitivity and no constant pain exist, because the toothache comes quickly and subsides again. So that one pulpitis and a tooth filling it can be judged X-ray photograph, with it one evaluation can be made whether a root canal treatment Make sense. On Pulpitis toothache is a Inflammation from the dental nerve, on irritated tooth nerve where the Tooth nerve hurts, what a Root canal treatment if the dental problems have not improved so far. After a dental treatment can dental problems by radiating pain also the adjacent teeth be affected and some sensitivity feel, because the is transmitted pain through the annoy to others Teeth pain signals can send. Also the transmitted toothache should subside after about two weeks, otherwise usually one root canal treatment is necessary if the roots still be irritated.

Toothache only when chewing

If only when Chew has a sharp toothache, it is possible that one tooth filling, Dental bridge or denture does not fit properly and the tooth crown is too high or too low at one point and the teeth do not mesh properly.

The pressure at certain points can be increased when chewing and can thus irritate the tooth nerve of the affected tooth, because if the pressure is too high, the corresponding tooth or jaw reacts with pain signals, often through one throbbing or stinging pain, the to the ear or ins Temporomandibular joint can radiate. If you overload the tooth permanently, this can result in a Damage to the tooth nerve cause the tooth to die and the Tooth dead is. For the stinging pain at the Chew but if there are a number of reasons that can lead to sensitivity, there can be one loose tooth filling, on hole in a tooth or a Crack in the tooth his. At a dull pain and Pressure in the jaw area is the cause of that print rather from gnashing of teeth or clenching, if that Bit overloaded becomes. At a Sinus inflammation "sinusitis" (Antritis), the complaints may feel about the same in the upper jaw area. If you suspect one Inflammation of the sinuses you can start with painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs help, but should then see the doctor.

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