Top 10 amusement and adventure parks for children in germany

Top 10: Family-friendly amusement parks for children in Germany

Many amusement parks in Germany have adapted to the needs of those under three and know how to make children’s eyes shine. Below are the ten adventure parks for children, in which the little ones feel particularly comfortable.

Rank 10: Ziegenhagen adventure park

The adventure park for children is located in the heart of the Grimm fairy tale, in the small town of Witzenhausen in Hesse. There families are invited to take a stroll through Hessian nature. The Family destination is open from April to October and is not only suitable for a vacation visit, but also for a short trip with children of all ages at the weekend. In the maze you look for the right way on the Mini Wheel Children float through the air and mouth-watering in front of the witch’s house. Only the daring should venture into the ghost castle, because thrills, however, in child-friendly bites, are guaranteed there!

Rank 9: Rasti-Land adventure park

The Lower Saxony amusement park is not only suitable for children, but is aimed at the whole family. He enchants the youngest with a huge kiddie playground, a nostalgic trip on the Western Railway and a fairytale ride. At the historical fair, children can have fun on the carousel and take a ride on the Ferris wheel with parents or grandparents. But the adventure park also offers attractions for adults, such as a rafting track, go-karts, a roller coaster and much more.

8th place: Panorama Park Sauerland

The Pano-Park offers a combination of a huge adventure playground and a wildlife park and is aimed at families who love one Plan a trip to an amusement park with small children. in the petting zoo little explorers come closer to goats, guinea pigs and sheep while holding their breath in front of the wolf enclosure. Afterwards, romp and experience are on the program in Pano’s Wunderland. A 160 square meter bouncy cushion provides for happy moments and noble castle ladies and intrepid knights whiz from the castle’s slide into her parents’ arms.

7th place: Plohn amusement park

With Fred Feuerstein on you and you and deceptively real ancient lizards in front of the Buggie drawbar; toddlers gather these impressions in the Plohner Erlebnispark. In the Family coaster you feel safe in mom’s arm and on the nostalgic carousel you proudly wave your parents out of the fire engine. Right next door a cute fairy tale trail tells the legend of Max and Moritz – widow Bolte and master tailor Böck send friendly greetings. Then the little ones glide through the dwarf country on the Wichtelbahn. If you are not just planning a day trip to the adventure park with your children, you can also book overnight stays in the amusement park and make your choice Offers for overnight stays in a hay hotel or, for example, the fairy tale room.

Place 6: Ruhpolding fairy tale park

This wooded amusement park welcomes its guests in the far south of Germany. In winter you can toboggan on a specially prepared small hill and in the summer months you can experience childish adventures while searching for treasure. The sparkling stones of the crystal mine can be taken away. Courageous crèche children experience a ride with Siegfried on mum and dad’s side. The Drachenbahn adapts to the occupants in terms of speed and turns its laps sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. Overall, can over 60 attractions in the amusement park can be selected so that there is guaranteed no boredom during a visit.

5th place: Bayern-Park

All those present will be spellbound to the sky and will bow their heads a little as the majestic eagles and vultures dive. The Raptor show of Bayern park is known nationally and is worth the trip to Reisbach in Lower Bavaria. On the cute donkey riding course, the very little ones can take a leisurely ride through a fairytale garden and then really step on the mouse race on the pedal train. In contrast, it gets romantic in the swan carousel.

4th place: Ravensburger Spieleland

In the play area near Lake Constance, the little ones can touch everything and help shape a lot. The tricks and arts of Miko can be seen on the forest stage. The clown juggles, tells pantomimically funny stories and masters magic tricks that make children’s eyes round. Captain Blue Bear shake hands and share with mom or dad Kicki Ricky Chicken coop collecting eggs – the Ravensburger Spieleland is great fun especially for the little ones!

3rd place: Tier- und Freizeitpark Thüle

The sweetest Attraction in Thüle is just 20 centimeters tall and prefers to sleep in Mama Trudi’s arms: Das Gibbon Baby stumbles cheekily and fearlessly through the enclosure. If you are looking for a little relaxation after the roaring of the magnificent lions and the cackling of the parrots, take a ride with the flower carousel. In the tractor track the whole family takes a seat behind the wheel of a nostalgic vehicle and tackles a 250-meter circuit together. With over 30 attractions, the exciting zoo and restaurants a trip to this varied amusement park is suitable for the whole family.

2nd place: Eifelpark

Wild animals, lots of play equipment and fun attractions await you in the Eifel Park. This park is the one perfect combination of amusement park and adventure park for children. Located not far from Bitburg, it is home to a spacious one wildlife Park, in which wolves, bears and lynxes can be observed up close. The puppet theater opens the adventures of the Kasperl to young and old, and families in the Spiegelbucht look at families from a completely new perspective. Domestic pigs and small goats can be petted on the farm and those who are fearless with dad or mom by the hand climb the fast Eifelblitz. In the end, the fast-paced wild water track with a length of 360 meters to be discovered.

1st place: Legoland Günzburg

Whether grandma or toddler, everyone knows Dublo, Lego & Co.! In Günzburg, Bavaria, a lovingly designed amusement park welcomes over 1.3 million visitors every year. The highlight for the little ones is the land of the knights. They jump through a course on large Lego horses or have a lot of fun panning for gold. Then you join Captain Nick’s pirate battle and try to fight wild, rough-legged pirates with a water gun.

Glowing children’s eyes up and down the country

Everywhere in Germany, wonderful amusement parks await very young visitors. After the kids have fun in bouncy castles, on giant slides and in the ball bath, they will dream of the adventures of that day on daddy’s shoulders on the way back to the car.

You can buy tickets for the listed amusement parks at More information can be found here.

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