Top 10 things to see in bilbao

What to see in Bilbao

10. Visit to the Guggenheim Museum

(Abandoibarra Etorbidea 2, 48009 Bilbao, +34 94 435 90 00) This futuristic-looking museum that exhibits modern art is one of the symbols of Bilbao. The area around it has also been completely redesigned and today even sports competitions such as Red Bull’s adrenaline-fueled cliff jumping take place (you can get an impression in the video below!). The entrance to the museum is guarded by the giant dog sculpture "Puppy", which is made entirely of flowers. Gigantism reflects the humor of the people of Bilbao, who are said to like to exaggerate.

Top tip: To get a new perspective on the city and the museum, you can take a boat trip on the river to the mouth of the Biscay. Tickets cost between € 12 and € 17, depending on the provider. Click here for more information on departure times and routes!

9. Idyllic ride on the Artxanda cable car

(Funicular recorder Plaza s / n, 48007 Bilbao, +34 94 445 49 58) Bilbao lies between seven hills and the best view is from Artxanda, to which an old-fashioned, red cable car leads. For the best view and the most beautiful pictures while driving, you should ride in the first car – this is for cyclists, has no seats, but there will be no strangers in the way afterwards. Particularly beautiful: the view at sunset when the first lights of the city come on.

Top tip: If you are looking for a traditional restaurant with a homely atmosphere and a great view, go to El Txakoli (Ctra.Artxanda-Santo Domingo 19, 48015 Bilbao +34 94 445 50 15). It is located a few meters from the entrance and exit of the cable car: El Txakoli

8. Cross the Vizcaya Bridge

(Puente de Vizcaya Zubia, Getxo +34 94 480 10 12) This unique UNESCO World Heritage is simply called "Puente Colgante" (suspension bridge) by the locals. It is not far from the Las Arenas metro station to the bridge that has linked the cities of Portugalete and Getxo since its inauguration in 1893. If the bridge reminds you of the Eiffel Tower, it’s because Basque architect Alberto de Palacio worked with Gustave Eiffel.

Top tip: Instead of returning immediately with the metro, you can continue walking along the waterfront to Ereaga beach and the old fishing port of Algorta. The narrow streets are simply an experience: the fishermen’s cottages are a unique contrast to the historic town houses that you pass on the way to the beach!

7. Visit a cider house

If you’re in the area between January and April, be sure to visit a Sagardotegia (cider house). The culinary experience is unique: regional cuisine in a rustic, genuine Basque atmosphere. The offer is not the same everywhere, but there is usually a fixed-price menu that serves stockfish omelets, grilled beef and sheep’s cheese with walnuts. You can drink as much freshly tapped cider as you like!

Top tip: If you don’t want to rent a car is Algortako Sagardotegia (Calle Konporte, 3, 48992 Getxo +34 944 60 23 03) the best option because it is accessible by public transport. Otherwise, the Sidreria Andraka (Andraka Auzoa, 14, 48620 Urizar +34 946 87 93 94) We recommend. It is located in a traditional country house in the midst of a beautiful Basque landscape.

6. Explore the Sopelana coast

Just half an hour by metro and you are in the middle of wild beaches, lined with dramatic cliffs that stretch to the horizon. The most popular beach is Barinatxe, also known as La Salvaje (the wild one). Surfers and nudists abound here and paragliders have discovered the area for themselves in recent years. There are surf courses and surf rental equipment right on the beach. If you want to take long walks on the beach, the nearby Arrietara-Atxabiribil beach is the right place.

Top tip: After a relaxing day at the beach, you can have a coffee or a drink on the terrace of El Peñón (Atxabiribil Hiribidea, 82, 48600 Sopela +34 946 76 07 86) treat. Don’t forget the camera and enjoy the dazzling sunset: http: //elpeñ

5. Travel through time in the Butrón Castle

(Butrón s / n, 48110 Gatika) About 20 kilometers north of Bilbao, more precisely in Gatika in the middle of an eight-hectare park, there is the only romantic castle in Spain: Butrón Castle. The headquarters of the Butrón family, one of the most influential in the Basque Country, was built in the 14th century and rebuilt and restored by the wealthy Marquis of Cuba in the 19th century. Access to the castle is not possible, but the gardens are freely accessible.

Top tip: If you want to come here, you should rent a car. You cannot get directly to the castle by public transport and have to change at least once. There is a large car park on the premises.

4. Gernika

If you want to learn more about the Basque Country and Basque culture, you should go to Gernika. The historic city is the spiritual heart of the Basque Country and is easily accessible by train. During the Spanish Civil War, Gernika was bombed by the German Condor Legion, which inspired Pablo Picasso’s famous “Guernica” painting. There is a large ceramic replica of the masterpiece on Pedro de Elejalde street. Other places of interest are the oak of Gernika, one of the symbols of Basque culture, the meeting house where the "Lehendakari" (the Prime Minister of the Basque Country) is sworn in and the Museum of Peace.

Top tip: Every Monday from June to December, a regional market is held in Gernika, offering Basque agricultural products, including delicacies such as Talo (traditional corn tortilla) and Txakoli (dry white wine). The first and last Monday of the month are especially celebrated in October.

3. Attend a soccer game at San Mames Barria

(Felipe Serrate kalea s / n, 48013 Bilbao, +34 94 424 08 77) From the outside, the brand new stadium of the Athletic Club may look like any other, but “La Catedral” (as it is known by fans) is one of the most atmospheric in all of Spain; and around the world if you ask the locals. The players are called lions because the first stadium near the Saint Mammes church, named after the saint who was thrown to the lions by the Romans. Another special feature of the club is that only players of Basque descent are allowed to play here. The only exception: former youth players without Basque roots.

Top tip: Before the game, fans in red and white club colors meet in the bars on nearby Pozas Street for a few beers and pintxos. The mood is very special when the fans sing traditional songs!

2. Excursion to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

(48370 Bermeo +34 946 17 91 54) Just 45 minutes from Bilbao and easy to reach by public bus, this breathtaking islet awaits you. It recently won the vote on Spain’s Seven Natural Wonders. And if you stand at the bottom and look up the 231 steps to the chapel, you will know why! Vigorous breakers break out on the rocky shore and seagulls follow the small fishing boats from the nearby towns of Bakio and Bermeo. The crooked chapel is dedicated to John the Baptist and has been attacked several times, including one by the famous English pirate Francis Drake. When you have reached the top, you should ring the church bell!

Top tip: Before leaving, you should go to Eneperi Jatetxea (Barrio San Pelayo 80, 48100, Bakio +34 94 619 40 65) visit to fortify yourself with a pair of delicious pintxos. The ambience is as rustic as it is charming: wooden tables and benches await you on a shady terrace. It can be endured here: Eneperi Jatetxea

1. Bilbao’s old town & Pintxo bars

The old town of Bilbao is a labyrinth of narrow streets with historic buildings, small souvenir shops, classic bars and opulent churches. The cathedral too (Plaza de Santiago 1, 48005 Bilbao +34 94 415 36 27) and the impressive Basque Archaeological, Ethnographic and Historical Museum (Plaza Miguel de Unamuno 4, 48006 Bilbao, +34 94 415 54 23) are here. The area is also known for the pintxo pubs. Especially around the Plaza Nueva there are delicious snacks with a glass of cider. There is also a flea market on Sundays, where all sorts of stuff is offered for sale.

Top tip: In the historic Victor Montes restaurant (Plaza Nueva 8, 48005 Bilbao, +34 94 415 70 67) there are no doubt the best pintxos in town. Here you can sit both inside and outside on the terrace. You can also have lunch or dinner here, but you should make a reservation beforehand: Victor Montes

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