Top 10: tips for a relaxing holiday with children

Top 10: tips for a relaxing holiday with children

Top 10: Tips for a relaxed vacation with children

Our top 10 tips for a relaxing holiday with children. Those who go on vacation with children have to think of a lot that singles and couples don’t need to think about. But what is really important?

With the right preparation and our tips, nothing stands in the way of a wonderful family vacation.

1. Vacation spot for everyone

The chosen vacation spot should take into account the interests of all family members. Find a destination where the whole family can relax. Not just the surfing paradise for dad. There should also be attractions for mom and children. So either favorite sports for everyone or an activity that everyone likes, such as hiking or swimming. If everyone has the opportunity to work out in their favorite sport, it doesn’t mean so quickly: "I’m soooo bored!"

2. Plan your vacation in the long term

If you book early, you can take advantage of early bird discounts and build anticipation. Annual vacation is a great adventure for children. Put yourself in your children and plan your activities with you. This is really fun and ensures a good mood in advance.

3. Select means of transport

Are you driving by car or plane? Do you prefer to travel by train? In any case, you should make the decision in good time. Not only because trains or planes have to be booked early, but also because you are thus committing yourself to a certain radius at your holiday destination. Family trips are more difficult without a car. There are certainly rental cars, but this is an additional cost that has to be taken into account and which may significantly reduce the travel budget.

4. Pack the suitcases

Remember that you have to pay excess baggage when traveling by air. Since January 2013, the costs for this have increased considerably. This has the advantage that you will limit yourself to the essentials. Leave your children’s unnecessary toys at home, only take what is necessary.

5. Pack the cuddly toy or blanket

Nevertheless, don’t forget to take the cuddly toy or the cuddly blanket with you when you are a small child. If you forget this, it can spoil the whole vacation.

6. Don’t forget your swimwear and / or sports gear!

Swimwear and sports gear are particularly important on vacation. To forget them would be a disaster. Think of bathing shoes, especially on stony beaches, where small stones quickly dig into the soles of your feet. For the little ones, swimming tires or water wings may have to be included.

7. Take first aid equipment with you

Rapid first aid measures in the form of children’s plasters and disinfectant sprays help against minor injuries, superficial wounds and skin abrasions. This does not only apply to trips with children. We have created a first aid kit with the most important medicines.

8. Schedule breaks on the trip

Make sure you take breaks when traveling by car. Children need exercise. Being crammed into a stuffy car for hours is the sheer horror for young children. It is therefore important to regularly drive to a parking lot and have the children jump around.

9. Take drinks and snacks with you

A snack should not be missing when traveling. The drinks are even more important. It is essential for children that they drink enough because there is a risk of dehydration, especially in very young children.

10. Games on the go

Anyone who thinks up games for driving a car does a lot for his nerves. Children like to whine when they have to sit in the car for a long time. So let the children count, for example, all white cars or all cars with a specific license plate number. Make up stories with your children. Where could the cars come from and what have they already seen? Take suitable travel games with you. Here are a few tips from us.

When you finally arrive at your destination after a long car, train ride or flight, enjoy your vacation. You deserve it.

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