Top 20 recycling games and activities for children, kids: women’s magazine january 2020

Top 20 Recycling Games and Activities for Children Child: Women’s magazine January 2020

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Recycling means making old things old and making them useful. It is important that we all recycle in order to conserve the earth’s natural resources, protect the environment and reduce waste to a minimum. And, here are a few activities and games to get your little environmentalist familiar with the concept of recycling.

10 interesting recycling games for kids:

1. Waste no water:

You need:

Non-breakable containers (soup can, or a plastic spaghetti sauce) work.

Divide the children into two teams.

  1. Fill a clean container with water for each team. Make sure the containers are the exact size and are filled to the brim with water.
  2. Now set a start and end point.
  3. If you signal ‘go’, the first player in the team has the finish line, turns, goes back to his team and hands the container over to the next person in the row.
  4. The team with the most water in the bowl or container will be the winner.
  5. 2. Bottle bowling:

You need:

2 liter soda pop bottles or detergent bottles and small bleach bottles

  • Light balls
  • sand
  • funnel
  • Knew how:

Wash and dry the bottles before making the pens. Make sure the bottles have dried thoroughly before proceeding to the next method.

  1. Put an inch of sand in each bottle with a funnel. The sand will weigh down the pens, making it harder for the kids to knock over. If you want to create a line of bright bowling pins, fill the bottle with colored paper tissues or crepe paper.
  2. Place the plastic bowling pins on the lawn or playing field and hand the ball over to the participants.
  3. Now give each child five ways to tear down the pins.
  4. The player who flips the pins the fastest is the winner.
  5. 3. Scavenger hunt:

You will need:

Recyclable items such as bottles, plastic, various paper items and so on.

  • pen
  • paper
  • Knew how:

Children must find recyclable items in this scavenger hunt. Make a list of all the recyclable items players need to find. You can even set a time limit for the task; 30 minutes would be more than enough.

  1. Alternatively, children can go through a stack of recyclable items and ask them to get one from each item. Not only will they be taught what can be recycled, but they will also consider things that may not have been recyclable.
  2. The player who creates the most recycled items wins.
  3. 4. Tumbling Tows:

You need:

Trash bin filled with clean aluminum cans

Divide the children into 2 or 3 teams. You have to play this game from team to team.

  1. Give each team a wastebasket filled with aluminum cans.
  2. As you say, the children have to stack the cans on top of each other within two minutes. Each team member must turn when building the tower.
  3. The player who builds the tallest tower will represent his team in the final against the team stacking competition. The last game decides on the winner.
  4. 5. Recycling relay:

You need:

3 labeled boxes: 1 recycling, 1 reuse and 1 garbage

  • 2 boxes of clean garbage
  • Knew how:

This game would work well for age groups. Basically, you need to collect a bunch of reusable, reusable, and landfilled items. 20 would be enough.

  1. Now place the three fields at the end of the field. The reuse field should be placed closest; The recycling box should be placed in the middle and the landfill box must be farthest away.
  2. The teams have to figure out what to do with each item, then run to the bucket and place it in the appropriate container. The more items you reuse, the more items you can recycle. It also increases their chances of winning. It will also reinforce the idea that reuse is cheaper and uses fewer resources than recycling. Recycling, on the other hand, uses fewer resources than filling land.
  3. At the end of the game you have to check every item in the shelf. Team members must explain how to reuse an item in the reuse bin to confirm that the items in the trash can actually be recycled in the community.
  4. You are even free to subtract the points if you feel that the item in a basket is wrong.
  5. 6. Newspaper extract:

You need:

A stack of newspapers for every team

Divide the players into each group and give them their pile of newspapers. Team members must split the stack of newspapers evenly among team members.

  1. Set up a trash can at the finish line.
  2. As you signal, the first player in the team must carry their stack of newspapers to the finish line and deposit them in the container. Now he has to run back to his team and type the next player in the row.
  3. The team that delivers the newspaper first will be the winner.
  4. 7. Recycling Bin Race game:

You need:


  • Pen or marker
  • scissors
  • Knew how:

Now you have to call the elements individually. The children must run and stand under the symbol that corresponds to the recycling specialist to which they belong.

  1. Gather the child in the play area. Tell them that they have to play the role of the recyclable item and get to the right trash as quickly as possible.
  2. Ask the children to make three signs – "plastic", "Glass" and "paper". Hang the signs in different places in the meeting room.
  3. Here is a list of the items you should call:
  4. Creamer
  • pickle jar
  • Magazines
  • newspaper
  • Junk mail
  • Jelly Jar
  • Cereal box water bottle
  • Ketchup bottle
  • Olive-Dose
  • Children have an exciting time getting into the right container as quickly as possible.
  • 8. Trash can relay:
  1. You need:

Five trash cans

Knew how:

  • Divide the children into two teams.

Arrange the five garbage cans to create an obstacle course. The first player on each team must lead the course and weave the garbage cans in and out.

  1. When the player reaches the last can, he has to turn around and turn back to the team.
  2. The first player taps the next player in the row who then runs the run.
  3. 9. Hand over the trash:
  4. You need to:

Wastebasket with wastebasket

waste paper bin

  • Knew how:
  • Divide the children into teams and tell them to form a form. Place a garbage can or recycling prize at the end of each line.

As you say, team members have to put the recyclable items on the way and tell them what the item is. Each of the team members must move the item in a different way than they received. You can do it under your legs, over your head, or around your back.

  1. One of the garbage comes to the end of the line; You have to put it in the right container.
  2. The team that receives the most objects in the correct container within a certain time limit wins.
  3. 10. Let’s Recycle Sort Games:
  4. You need:


paper bags

Divide the children into groups of four. Give everyone a dice, a paper bag, a play mat and a number of playing cards. Tell the teams to cut the playing cards and put them in your pocket.

  1. Instruct teammates to take out a playing card alternately and place it on the appropriate category on the mat.
  2. Each turn, teammates roll the dice to determine how many points they get by putting the card in the right category.
  3. When you have sorted the cards into the appropriate categories, tell the players to get the points. The team with the most points wins.
  4. 10 fun recycling activities for kids:
  5. 1. Recycling or garbage:

You need:

2 to 3 containers


  • Magazines
  • Bunk paper
  • scissors
  • Knew how:
  • This game is ideal for preschool kids. Prepare for the game by cutting recyclable and non-recyclable items.

Now attach the parts to the card paper.

  1. Now ask your child to make simple waste and recycling signs on the cardboard paper. Place the signs in the containers.
  2. It’s time to play, tell your child to sort the clippings. He has to put the garbage in one container and recyclable items in the other.
  3. 2. Make a pen holder out of aluminum can:
  4. You need:

An empty aluminum can or glass

tin opener

  • yarn
  • Clear glue
  • scissors
  • Decorations (such as sequins, pearls, pebbles, dried flowers, buttons leaves and so on
  • Manual:
  • Tell your child to cut the top of the aluminum can with a can opener, if your child is too young you can cut it. If your child uses a glass jar, wash and rinse it and let it dry.

Ask your child to turn the container upside down and wrap the yarn around the container starting from the bottom An acrylic coating on the entire holder.

  1. Tell your child to somehow decorate the pen holder the way he likes once the glue dries.
  2. 3. Glass flower vase:
  3. You need:

An empty glass bottle or jar

Tissue paper in different colors

  • scissors
  • Li Quid strength
  • Starch container (one margarine pan is enough)
  • An old toothbrush or brush
  • Manual:
  • Ask your little one to pour the starch into the container and cut the paper towels into small pieces

Now he has to put the handkerchiefs in the glass bottle and brush liquid starch on them. He has to do it until the bottle is completely covered. Ask him to try the overlap method to give the vase a nice effect. Let the bottle dry.

  1. Your child can use it as a vase, pencil or candy holder or as a container for small collectibles.
  2. tip-
  3. Children can even use pictures from books or magazines instead of tissue paper.

4. Bubble blower and solution: Bubble blower:

You need:

1 small, plastic soda bottle, empty and washed. For larger bubbles you can use a 2 liter plastic bottle.


  • duct tape
  • Method:
  • Tell your child to wrap a piece of tape around the bottle. It should be at least 4 inches from the top. You too can help your child cut along the bottom edge of the tape. Now your child can recycle the base of the bottle and discard the cap.

Tell him to remove the tape from the bottle. The fan is ready. Your child can now make their own bladder solution.

1 cup of liquid detergent

¼ cup of diamond syrup

  • 1½ cups of water
  • A large bowl for the solution
  • A container large enough to immerse the bottle end
  • Knew how:
  • Let your child mix water, detergent and syrup in a large bowl. Let the solution rest for a day before using it. The longer your child leaves the sitting solution, the better the blisters.

Now he has to transfer the solution into a larger container.

  1. Now ask him to dip the end of the bladder into the solution and the small end of the mouth, and let the blowing begin.
  2. grade-
  3. Children can even use it as soap bubbles. You just have to dip it in the solution and then swing the bubble blower through the air.

5. Garbage pizza: You will need:

A garbage can

A chalk and a blackboard

  • Method:
  • First and foremost, you need to perform waste testing on each bin by categorizing items according to the following types-

Recyclables Paper

  1. Recyclables Paper
  • Plastic bottles
  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans
  • Food waste
  • carton
  • Now take the information and put on a pie chart. You have to develop percentages for each material. It will guide the children who want to start the recycling program. You can also assign this task to the oldest member of your home.
  • Once the diagram is prepared, start recycling.
  1. 6. Make A Parachute:
  2. You need:

A plastic bag or a fabric made of light material


  • string
  • A small object that serves as a weight
  • How to tell your child to cut a large square out of the plastic bag or the fabric he is using. Ask him to cut the edges so that they look like an octagon.
  • Now he has to cut a small hole on each side.

Take 8 strings of the same size and attach them to each hole.

  1. Ask him to tie the string pieces to the object he is using as the weight.
  2. Now comes the test part. Tell him to bring his parachute to a high point like a chair and drop it. He must drop the parachute as slowly as possible.
  3. Hopefully the parachute will slowly lower to the ground and give the weight a comfortable landing.
  4. grade-
  5. Make a hole in the middle of the parachute so the air can pass slowly instead of spilling it on one side.
  6. 7. Make a recycling notepad:

You need: 20 sheets of paper to be used on one page

A piece of string, string or ribbon


  • marker
  • Paper punch scissors
  • Knew how:
  • Ask your child to draw and cut out a heart or any shape they can make on the cardboard.
  • Now he has to trace the drawing on a piece of waste paper. He should stack about 5 pieces of paper under it and then cut out the shape. He must repeat the step until he has cut out all the papers.
  • Ask him to punch a hole in the same place at the top of each page. Push the cord, string or ribbon through the holes and tie them together.

If your child plans to give the notebook to his friend, tell him to write a message on the front of the notepad. It will personalize the gift.

  1. 8. Make a Recycled Wind Sock:
  2. You need:
  3. Plastic margarine tub or any type of tub, with a lid
  4. Party streamers, crepe paper, string old ribbon, or other materials

Scissors How To:

Tell your child to cut the bottom of the plastic tub. Now he has to cut out the middle of the lid and leave the outer ring intact. Feel free to help your child with this step.

  • Ask him to cut the tape, crepe paper, and other materials he uses into 3-foot streamers; tell him to put the streamers under the lid to form a hanger.
  • Snap the lid to hold the streamer in place. Now put the two ends of a piece of tape under the lid to make a hanger.
  • Tell him to leave the windsocks hanging outside so that friends and family can enjoy them.


  1. Tell your child to keep an eye on the leftover party materials, especially after Christmas or the party on July 4th.
  2. 9. Make a rainstick from cardboard tube:
  3. You need:
  4. Paper towel roll or poster tube

Aluminum foil or just scraps cardboard scrap

Uncooked popcorn kernels


  • scissors
  • Markers, paints, stickers for decoration
  • Manual:
  • Tell your child to put the end of the tube on a piece of cardboard and drive around it. He has to do it twice to get two circles. Now tell him to cut out the circle. It will be the end cap of his rain stick.
  • Now stick one of the end caps on the pipe and let it dry.
  • Roll the aluminum foil or foil into a long snake. The snake should be twice the length of the tube and the diameter should be approximately 1/2 inch.
  • Now tell him to push the snake into the tube and zigzag it back and forth to make it fit.

Pour ½ cup of popcorn kernels into the tube and tape the other end of the cap to open the end of the tube.

  1. Now he is only with the decoration part. Allow him to use everything he needs for decoration.
  2. 10. Bird feeder:
  3. You need:
  4. One-gallon plastic milk jug or a 2-liter lemonade bottle
  5. 12 inch long bar or dowel
  6. A 12 inch piece of used wire, line, or fishing line

Permanent marker or sticker

A nail

  • Manual:
  • Tell your child to cut one side and the top of the soda bottle or milk can.
  • Now he has to poke a hole in the front and back of the bottle with a nail.
  • He must now push a dowel or stick through the holes so that he pushes out both ends. The stick will work when the birds sit down.
  • Tell your child to poke two holes on the top of the milk jug or bottle from side to side with their nails.

Let him insert a line, wire or fishing line and tie him up into a hanger.

  1. Finally, ask him to put the birdseed on the floor of the feeder and hang it on the tree.
  2. We are sure that you and your child will have a gala time to play these games and do these fun activities. If you have other recycling games and activities in your hands, let us know in the comments section below!

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