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There are many exciting and interesting things to know about travelling with children and some things you should think about. So that you are well prepared for your holiday, we start a series “Tips for holidays with baby and child”. You will find lots of important information and practical tips. Part 3 of the series are child-friendly destinations.

Today we would like to introduce you to different holiday resorts where you can spend great holidays with your child or the whole family.

1. the best beaches for a family holiday by the sea

The most popular beaches in Germany are the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The best thing to do is to make sure that the sand is fine and the bay is clean. Toilets and cafés nearby are very convenient. In Holland and Denmark the way is not so far and the beaches are great for little adventurers. In Croatia you will find beautiful beaches in the north, Greece is usually not suitable for families with small children. The beaches are often quite rough.

With sand castles and moated castles to build, wave hopping and mudflat walks you can spend many beautiful days. In the evening you can prepare fish with the whole family and fly a kite at sunset.

2. why city trips with children are so much fun

As already reported in the first part “City Trip” of our series, city trips are incredibly exciting for children. There is so much to see and discover. Cities like Tallinn and Stockholm offer many great offers and programs for children.

In Germany you can of course also go on day trips with the children. In Bremen you can revive the history of the town musicians with your child or explore the Überseemuseum.

Parks and botanical gardens, canoe, bus and boat tours are available in almost every city. If you’re already a sightseeing pro and your child is older, you can go to bigger cities like Paris, Rome or New York.

3. the perfect summer holidays are farm holidays

Spending my holidays on a farm has always been the greatest thing for me. On the one hand because there are so many great animals that the children sometimes only know from the zoo or a book. Secondly, the children learn where their milk comes from. At 5 in the morning they can feed grass to the cowshed and then bring the freshly milked milk – still warm – to breakfast. The experiences your child will have on the farm cannot be replaced by anything else. The air is so fresh and the nature so real and the place to play and romp is endless and yet protected.

4. the school holidays on balconies will be so great – gardening, handicrafts and exploring home

If you don’t feel like taking a big trip and packing up or if the holiday budget is tight, you can also take the children on a wonderful “Caribbean” holiday in your own garden, balcony or forest.

If you have a garden or allotment, you can think of many great projects with your child: plant something, set up a tent for the next night, install a garden shower or just invite a few friends to play and romp around. Just remember to put a small fence or net around the beds so that the strawberries you grow don’t get damaged.

If you “only” have a balcony, you can still plant and harvest small strawberries This even works in the balcony box. On a great summer day you can have breakfast or picnic outside. Then go exploring the city together.

Maybe you are thinking about a treasure hunt or rally so that you and your child can get to know the forest or the city better. Choose a route that offers as much variety as possible: a stream, a playground, an ice cream parlour or a tunnel. Build in stages where you can take the train or tram. Natural history museums, indoor mini golf or small handicrafts bridge the bad weather period. You could also take the kids to the police station or the hospital.

There are so many great things! Cook new dishes, hang up hammocks and lanterns, organize Indian or knight weekends… Whatever you can think of, have fun on balconies!

5. so the summer holidays become an adventure holiday

Off to the mountains doesn’t always mean off to the farm. In the south of Germany, but also for example in the Harz you will find many very child-friendly hotels and holiday resorts for a nice holiday in the countryside. You can go for a walk, explore the woods and the children can create beetle and plant files. Because they certainly haven’t seen such a variety yet. Adventure playgrounds and game enclosures invite you to spend the whole day outside.

In the mountains there are always routes that are more like a walk for you, but a real adventure for your child. Between Wolfschlucht, mountain streams, narrow paths and rocks, some attention and surefootedness is required. If your child is already older (e.g. 10), you can do more difficult hikes. For example to glittering ice caves or cool mines. For this only a little endurance and courage are required.

The most beautiful beaches, best locations in the city, great hiking trails and mountain huts can be found in the BabyPlaces App. If you know a farm where you can have a good holiday with children, we would be happy to hear from you!

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