Top 5 drinking bottles for hiking: our favorites 2019 – hiking

Top 5 drinking bottles for hiking: Our favorites

Last revised 28 October 2019

Which are the ones Top 5 drinking bottles for hiking? Water bottle is not necessarily the same drinking bottle. Shall the bottle off stainless steel, aluminum or plastic be made? Maybe even foldable and with water filter? I’d rather keep my drink in the bottle cool or warm?

Especially when going to a mountain hike or other outdoor activity, it is important that you have enough liquid in your backpack with you. We picked out our 5 favorite drinking bottles for a hike and introduce them to you below …

Top favorite made of stainless steel: megaTANKA by ECOtanka

The model megaTANKA is the perfect companion for longer hiking trips because the stainless steel bottle can with 2 liters of liquid be filled.

If you want, you can also fill the bottle with lightly carbonated drinks. Also warmth beverages can filled but that’s true Not For hot drinks. They have no business in the bottle.

So one long lifetime The bottle is guaranteed to work best with the bottle hand cleaned become. In principle, it is also suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.

Of the Poly-loop closure is out harmless polypropylene made and screwed onto the bottle. Of the shutter can afterwards with opened a handle and locked become. If you prefer to drink from the large opening, you can unscrew the cap.

The loop shutter provides simultaneously also one handle so that you can hold the bottle comfortably in your hand wear or on backpack fix can.

The Stainless steel drinking bottle from ECOTanke has without the shutter a Height of 25.5 cm and weighs 280 grams. Of the diameter the bottle is 11 cm.

Of the shipping takes place at Water currently climate neutral.

What pleases about the stainless steel bottle?

  • Can be filled with 2 liters
  • sustained
  • Robust
  • shatterproof
  • Durable
  • Absolutely tight
  • Practical loop closure with carrying handle
  • Absolutely taste and odor neutral
  • Food safe
  • Good for the environment and health
  • Drinking cap made of harmless polypropylene

What does not like the stainless steel drinking bottle??

  • Fluid level can not be read
  • Price not cheap

Those who value a large amount of drinking in a backpack should certainly take a closer look at this model, because with the capacity of 2 liters it ensures a long drinking supply. Also, the drinks remain pretty cool for a while in the bottle even if they do not have a thermo function.

Additional protection with the help of the KOOLER case

Who the bottle with a robust protective cover want to equip, which takes place in KOOLER one perfect partner. First of all, this is robust shell for this responsible that the stainless steel bottle no Get scratched and secondly, she also has an easy one insulation function.

The cover is with a adjustable strap delivered; so you can the bottle sometimes around the neck or about of the shoulder wear.

Another top favorite made of stainless steel: Active Flask

The Active Flask is made of stainless steel two versions offered. Once with a volume of 530 ml and a volume of 950 ml. It can be chosen in addition to the Classic Stainless in the colors Sky Blue, Solid Black and Wild Red.

The model with a capacity of 950 ml owns one Diameter of 9.1 cm and a Height of 23 cm. The Stainless Version weighs when empty With the standard closure ca. 420 grams. In addition, drinking bottle with a insulation fitted It can keep cold drinks warm for up to 24 hours and warm drinks for up to 12 hours. Also sparkling or. carbonated drinks can easily in the Bottle filled become.

In addition, be here three different drinking caps offered. So you have one standard closure, one sports cap as well as a closure around it coffee or tea to drink. The drinking closures are BPA free and can through easy turn-on and off become.

The powder coated models (colored) should from Hand washed become. The Classic Stainless Model can be in the dishwasher getting cleaned.

The closures the bottle should be better cleaned by hand so that the plastic does not take damage from excessive heat. In the dishwasher it can be up to 60 degrees, this can lead to bending of the plastic or to a brittle and the closure would not be sealed.

The loop the standard closure can be used to bottle to the To hang backpack.The bottle is absolutely tight, No matter which of the three different drinking closures one uses.

What pleases about the stainless steel bottle?

  • Pretty tough
  • Absolutely tight
  • shatterproof
  • Double walled, well insulated
  • Possibility to use different drinking caps
  • Only model >If you are looking for a long-lasting, very robust, dense and easy-to-clean stainless steel drinking bottle, then why not try the Active Flask certainly take a closer look. It is also a reliable companion for the mountains.

Our favorite plastic favorite: Nalgene Everyday

The model is out BPA free plastic and is odorless and tasteless. The bottle has a capacity of 1.5 liters and is with her 190 grams beautiful light. Practical with this model is also the Drinking indicator. So you always have in mind how much liquid is still in the bottle.

The drinking opening is with 5 cm quite big. But in the summer, a few ice cubes fit in to keep the drink cool and also to Clean is the big opening very convenient. The drinking bottle by Nalgene is not only light but also convinces by the large capacity as well as through their robustness. She owns one Height of 28 cm and one diameter (Bottom of the bottle) of 9 cm.

However, you should no carbonated drinks fill in, here the tightness can suffer! But you can safe drinks without hesitation like filling tea or coffee, however, these are not isolated. Also, the model can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. But a hand cleaning is thanks to the large drinking opening easily and quickly possible.

What pleases the plastic bottle?

  • Made of BPA free plastic
  • Robust
  • Taste and odor neutral
  • Absolutely tight
  • Fluid level can be viewed
  • Light (190 grams)
  • Dishwashers suitable
  • Can also be hung on the backpack thanks to the closure on the lid
  • Very attractive price

What does not like the plastic bottle??

  • Big drinking opening a bit getting used to (5 cm)
  • Drinking while walking difficult because of the big mouth
  • Should not be filled with carbonated drinks

If you are looking for a light, dense and robust bottle with a larger drinking opening at which you can see the liquid level, which should be the attractively priced Nalgene Everyday certainly take a close look.

Our top favorite made of aluminum: Sigg Traveler

The well-known and popular brand Sigg comes from Switzerland and has always stood for quality. she is off aluminum Made and is with a internal coating (EccoCare) equipped.

The bottle can with approx. 1 liter Be filled liquid, even carbonic acid is not a problem. The shutter stops absolutely tight. However, the bottle can Not in the dishwasher getting cleaned. But Sigg offers a special bottle brush here. Again, you can carbonated drinks be filled.

What pleases the aluminum drinking bottle??

  • mass (82 grams)
  • Robust
  • Taste and odor neutral
  • Absolutely tight
  • shatterproof
  • Can be filled with carbonated drinks

What does less like about the aluminum drinking bottle??

  • Inner coating may become loose after prolonged use
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher
  • Cleaning by small drinking opening not easy
  • Not transparent, fluid level not visible

If you are looking for a classic, robust and dense bottle with a light weight, then you should take the Sigg Traveler certainly take a closer look.

Our top favorite silicone: foldable bottle

This bottle is characterized by the fact that they are easy when needed folded to save space can be. she is off Food-safe silicone manufactured, i. it is odorless and tasteless. She can with one maximum capacity of 650 ml be filled.

It is also practical with this model that it too three different drinking caps features. So you can between a big drinking opening, one sports cap or one screw cap select according to the current need.

The bottle model made of silicone is in the Colors blue or green offered. As she slightly transparent is one also able to recognize the liquid level; moreover Outside at the drinking bottle an advertisement for the level available. The silicone water bottle has a height of 27 cm and a diameter of 7 cm. Will the bottle folded together she has one more height from about 10.5 cm.

The bottle can safely in the Dishwasher cleaned become. But if you want, you can easily do a hand cleaning thanks to the large opening.

Silicone has the property that it is very heat and cold resistant. The bottle can therefore be filled with either a hot or a cold drink.

What pleases the foldable silicone bottle??

  • foldable
  • Food-safe silicone
  • Light
  • 3 different drinking openings
  • Odorless and tasteless
  • Cleaning in the dishwasher possible
  • Also, hand cleaning easily possible (Thanks to large opening when unscrewed cover)
  • Absolutely tight
  • Can also be filled with warm drinks
  • Can be attached to the backpack with a silicone loop
  • Liquid level gauge on the outside of the bottle
  • Unbreakable

What does less like about the foldable silicone bottle?

  • Possibly. insufficient capacity for a longer hike
  • Because of silicone, dirt adheres relatively easily to the material

Our top favorite foldable and environmentally friendly

These too foldable and reusable and BPA-free drink bottle is one of our top favorites. She is also recyclable. Fit in this handy bottle 750 ml of liquid into it. She is with one sports cap provided which keeps absolutely tight when used correctly. If you want to unscrew the sports cap and drink directly from the bottle opening.

A small window makes sure that you have the liquid Level can always see and therefore always knows how full or how empty the bottle is already.

Rolled up, the bottle takes up very little space and is also very light (about 20 grams).

The practical and eco-friendly Bottle is also with a carabiner equipped and may, if necessary, e.g. be attached to the backpack. Also a small one bottle opener is attached to her, if you also have a cool beer with you :-).

This foldable bottle is absolutely odorless and tasteless as well as dense. Also filled with only a little liquid, it is safe on a hard surface and does not fall over. The foldable bottle is simply cleaned with a little lukewarm water and a little detergent. Fill, shake bottle, rinse with clear water, done.

What pleases about the foldable bottle??

  • price
  • Extremely easy
  • Fits folded in every pocket
  • Drinking opening can also be unscrewed
  • Snap hook for attachment to the backpack
  • Material recyclable
  • Is certainly synonymous if only half filled

What does less like about the foldable bottle?

  • Capacity Our top favorite with filter: LifeStraw® Go – water bottle

The practical thing about this bottle is her built-in filter (up to 1000 liters) with which one from each contaminated water a drinking water quality gets. This bottle is also out BPA free material, light weight and the filter is included. Once you have filled the water through the drinking straw pulls, it will filtered and drinkable.

To clean, unscrew the lid, blow the remaining water out of the bottle and clean the bottle under running water or into the dishwasher to give clean. The only disadvantage is that one suck pretty hard must be around that To filter water. But with longer tours, this bottle is the perfect companion, since you see them anytime just refill can, even if no tap with clean drinking water is available.

What’s good about the bottle with filter?

  • With every purchase you support a child in Africa
  • Filter works very well
  • Carabiner included in delivery for attachment to the backpack
  • Robust
  • Once the filter has reached the end of its life, the filter automatically blocks

What does less like the water bottle with filter?

  • Not always 100% tight, so rather wear with the snap hook on the backpack

Who can handle that the bottle should better be worn on the outside of the backpack (because otherwise maybe not very tight) and the advantage of an integrated filter for cleaning no matter which water sets, which is – especially on longer tours – in the LifeStraw® Go right.

Most used materials for drinking bottles

Here you will find above all Stainless steel, aluminum, plastic in front. All other materials are robust and reliable companions in the outdoor area.

Stainless steel drinking bottle: Stainless steel has the property that it remains neutral in connection with food; It is therefore used very often in the food industry. That It does not absorb any odors and no matter what you fill in the bottle, it remains neutral in the smell.

Advantages of stainless steel

  • Very sturdy, can not break
  • Absolutely neutral regarding smell and taste
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher
  • No pollutants included
  • Food safe
  • Often suitable for carbonated drinks

Disadvantages of stainless steel

  • Somewhat heavier in the material
  • Not transparent, can not see how much liquid is left
  • Price not cheap

Plastic drinking bottle: Meanwhile, many manufacturers offer plastic bottles made of BPA free plastic. Bisphenol A (BPA) is considered harmful and should therefore be avoided. Therefore, when buying a plastic bottle make sure that it is made of BPA-free plastic.

Advantages of plastic

  • Light
  • Food safe
  • Transparent, can detect fluid level
  • Often with a large mouth, easy to clean
  • Can mostly be cleaned in the dishwasher (40 degrees)
  • Price interesting

Disadvantages of plastic

  • Not always very sturdy, can get scratches
  • Can become fragile or porous after prolonged use
  • Can not always be filled with hot drinks
  • Can not always be filled with carbonated drinks

Aluminum drinking bottle: Aluminum water bottles are very light and are coated on the inside with a foil that prevents oxidation of the aluminum.

Advantages of aluminum

  • Light
  • Very sturdy, can not break
  • Neutral, does not taste
  • Food safe


  • Not always suitable for carbonated drinks
  • May get bumps when dropped
  • Not transparent
  • Small drinking opening which leads to difficult cleaning
  • Not suitable for dishwashers
  • Inner coating can be damaged by fall, drink bottle then unusable

Which drinking bottle should be in my backpack?

Exactly this question arises at the latest when one is about to pack his backpack or his outdoor bag. Because as soon as you become physically active, a regular hydration is important. Especially, of course, even if you are in lonely areas for a hike. Often you know that you will make a rest somewhere at a hut in which you can regulate his fluid balance with something to drink again. It is therefore always worth to take a look at the map before the hike or to inform yourself on the Internet about whether the planned route resting options with food and drinks are available.

Often it means that you should take about half a liter per hour as soon as you exercise. But often too many factors play a role to be able to make a strict rule out of it. For example, some sweat more than others while hiking, the outside temperature can lead to more or less fluid loss, or humidity can also play a role. Because the season of the planned hike plays a role. In the summer or in warmer and warmer weather, it is certainly advisable to break up with a bit more liquid than in overcast skies and colder temperatures.

The most important thing, however, is that you should have plenty of fluids in your body so as not to get in the middle of the hike with a dry mouth and a very uncomfortable thirst. Even if very often a mountain hut or a stop on one waits, until there the content of the taken water bottle should be enough. Say it is best if you choose a bottle with a slightly larger volume. Of course, the duration of the hike also plays a role here. With short outdoor lifts or small hikes, a bottle with less volume can be enough. If you want to be on the safe side and know that he passes by streams or lakes, you can equip yourself with a drinking bottle with integrated water filter and simply refill it without having to look for a tap with drinking water in a hut …

To mention is of course that you can break with normal PET bottles. But on the one hand they are not reusable like a water bottle and on the other hand they can leak as soon as they are stowed away or treated a little more unpleasant. However, they are a cheap option if you do not go hiking very often or to any other outdoor sports activity.

What should I look for before buying my water bottle for a hike?

Basically you should think with which material the bottle is best for you. Of course, this also plays a part in a hike mass the drinking bottle a role. Because you really want to have to carry as little as possible. That’s why plastic water bottles are the best choice. But also stainless steel bottles are very popular and can not be surpassed in terms of robustness and longevity …

Furthermore, one should – as mentioned above – worry how heavy or easy the bottle should be. Because the heavier she is, the more you have to wear. Therefore, very light materials such as plastic or aluminum are at an advantage here.

The drinking volume should also play a role in the purchase. The longer the walk or the outdoor activity lasts, the more fluid is needed.

Certainly also plays the purse a role. However, if you regularly go on a hike should pay attention to a higher quality quality in order to enjoy it for a long time. Stainless steel bottles are pretty much indestructible, plastic material can become brittle over time and aluminum bottles can get bumps.

Also the drinking opening plays a role. If this is rather small, the cleaning of the bottle can be a bit problematic, but the advantage is that the bottle can be sealed more easily. Larger drinking openings can partly also that one can assemble a water filter on it if necessary. Also, the cleaning is easier here.

Of course, a water bottle for hiking should also tightly closed can be. Because nothing is more annoying and even really problematic when the important liquid has run out and you are standing with an empty bottle and a wet backpack.

For many also plays the kind of cleaning a role before buying. Many models can be cleaned in the dishwasher. But not all, here the material plays a role. Stainless steel (if it is uncoated, can be easily cleaned in the machine). Aluminum bottles should be cleaned by hand and for plastic bottles it depends on the model.

in principle but you should rather a hand cleaning preferred to drinking bottles, if you give them a longer one lifespan want to give. For a good cleaning of aluminum bottles you can provide some baking soda.

Hiking a good water bottle is therefore an important basic equipment to spend a day in the mountains with enough liquid. Bottles are an important alternative to plastic disposable bottles. On the one hand, these are not easy to transport and stow, on the other hand they contain u. U. harmful substances and do the third also the environment no favor. It is therefore always more useful to equip with a corresponding bottle for a longer stay outside. They are light in weight, can be easily cleaned after use and are very reliable companion in a backpack or other bag for a long time.

A water bottle is therefore an important basic equipment for excursions, hikes, bike rides, etc … Who opens more often in the mountains, for which it may be worth the purchase of a GPS to hike or just a clock with altimeter. Both are important companions in the outdoor area. The same applies to a hiking or outdoor pants.

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