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Top 9 sights in China with children

The most child-friendly excursions for your family are listed!

Here you will find the top 9 sights of a China trip with children. China is a versatile destination where you can do much more than just walk over the Great Wall of China or visit the Terracotta Army. Most attractions in China are very child-friendly and doable for families.

The Longshen rice terraces are considered to be one of the most beautiful rice terraces in the world and are sometimes adventurous on steep slopes. A little physical condition is required for a visit, because now it’s up stairs up the mountain. The only alternative is to hire a litter with two straps.

From Kunming, a fun day trip to one of the most famous sights in southwest China is recommended. Crawl, sneak and slip through the Shilin Stone Forest, which is actually a massive grouping of limestone formations that look like petrified trees.

Hong Kong is a big city with an impressive skyline. From Victoria Peak you have a wonderful view of the city. The view only becomes fabulous in the evening when all the lights come on slowly. Shanghai is just as impressive and can optionally be booked as an alternative for Hong Kong.

The landscape along the Li River is one of the most beautiful in the country. In the evening there is an impressive light show on a natural stage on the riverside in Yangshuo. The surrounding karst mountains are illuminated and reflected on the Li river. The show was created by the director of the opening show of the Beijing Olympic Games with more than 600 artists.

In China, 29 sites have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and 12 sites have been declared a World Heritage Site. Among them, of course, the Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palace and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. But the old town of Lijiang, the stone forest Kunming and the karst landscape are also included and you should see these sights.

Dali is a beautiful, small, Chinese city that was able to retain its flair despite tourism. It is advisable to rent a bicycle or tandem here and to visit the surrounding villages and the three pagodas of Dali. You can go on very special bike tours on the wall around Xian or through the hutongs in Beijing.

The terracotta army in Xian is considered one of the most important archaeological finds of the last century. In addition to the clay figurines, in 1974 they found weapons, weapons, houses and a pit of rare animals.

There is no better place in the world to see brown and red panda bears than in Chengdu. In summer, when it is too warm for the animals used to the mountain air, they usually hang lazily in a branch fork. They wake up when it gets cooler. So: get up early!

The Great Wall is the symbol of China. With a length of about 6350 kilometers, it is the largest building in the world that should even be seen from space and of course the Great Wall of China is one of the most popular destinations.

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