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The Idena children’s CD player SING-A-LONG is one of them best selling models in this category. Design and function are just right here.

  • robust and well made
  • child-friendly design
  • two Sing a Long microphones
  • also for CD-R and CD-RW
  • Front drawer prone to failure
  • Anti-shock function does not deliver what it promises

The Idena SING-A-LONG – This is what a children’s CD player should look like

Of course, his successful appearance also makes him a darling of adolescents from 36 months. Two model variants are available selection. One is in blue and the version in pink is unfortunately a few euros more expensive.

Easy to use for children’s hands, the Idena children’s CD player is made using large-format plastic buttons. They are not only contrasted in color, but also indicate different functions due to their shape. This makes sense, since your small users can generally not yet read the description on the buttons.

Off to the karaoke competition

Handling is also child-friendly because only few controls are present, but perfectly cover all tasks. In addition to the play / pause, stop, plus and minus buttons for the title selection as well as the program and repeat buttons, these are two rotary controls. One can be used to switch the device on and off, adjust the volume of the media being played and control the other separately the volume the also existing, firmly integrated two microphones with spiral cable.

They also represent a functional highlight of the Idena children’s CD player Microphones can be used for sing-a-long operation. This means that while the music is playing, your child can join in alone or in a duet with a second voice and sing along.

Solid technology with great battery hunger

The front door of the children’s CD player accepts audio CDs. It can be Purchase CDs act or even homemade CD-R and CD-RW media. CDs recorded with MP3 or WAV files are not supported. However, Idena has a product version in white that also has a USB connection, but is not taken into account in this comparison.

The integrated loudspeaker does not offer top quality. But it is always enough to enjoy radio plays, children’s songs or for karaoke matches. Via the 3.5 millimeter jack socket for one better sound headphone get connected. The Idena children’s CD player draws energy from six 1.5 volt Type-C batteries. Alternatively, rechargeable battery cells can be used or a 9-volt power supply connected with 1,000 milliamps. However, all these variants are not included in the scope of delivery.

Front loading and anti-shock function are weak points

The Idena children’s CD player is a robust, child-friendly devicet that can take one or two inevitable falls to the ground. The is beautifully integrated into the overall design stable grip, where the little ones wear the device. With a weight of 1.4 kilograms it is a bit more difficult than some comparison models. A weak point that is often mentioned in field reports is that front loading. With frequent and occasionally somewhat harsh operation, it no longer closes properly. It is also noted that the Anti-shock function not the expected one power in the event of vibrations and that the microphones tend to overdrive. In addition, it is often criticized that the durability of the device leaves something to be desired. In addition, the operation of the round 40 euros expensive device with normal batteries quickly become quite expensive.

Idena kids cd player Product feature: Children’s CD player, compact Colour: blue or pink Weight: 1.4 kg Model Number: CE533 Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW: Yes USB port / SD card slot: No no Anti-Shock Function: Yes With sing function (microphones): Yes 2) Headphone jack: Yes AUX input: No Batteries included: No Power supply included: No recommended minimum age: from 3 years more details: Play, pause, track selection, track storage

Volume of music playback and voice output separately adjustable


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