Topffit! Babies do not need diapers!

Baby without diapers: TopfFit!

TopfFit! -Babies do not need diapers! This amazing fact I have recently reported in my text diaperless here in the blog when I described how we hold our daughter (4 months) on the sink or a bowl. In addition, today I would like to introduce you to one of the best books I know on the subject: TopfFit by Laurie Bourcke (ISBN: 978-3-9813658-1-8)

TopfFit! you can learn

TopfFit! by Laurie Boucke

Unlike other books about diaper-free babies, TopfFit! a real guide. If you read this book, you know how to “dry” your baby. For example, Laurie Boucke describes exactly how one gets to know the excretory pattern, ie the schedule of pee and kacka, of one’s own child. Based on this schedule, one can then look for the individual signs the child makes before it has to. These characters can be for example:

  • unrest
  • writhe
  • whimper or cry
  • to press

Older children sometimes crawl towards the pot or toilet.

There is also in TopfFit! many testimonials from parents from all over the world. These narrations of the different techniques in terms of learning and practicing and explain how the TopfFit method can be used in everyday life. Personally, I found these reports very interesting as they also touch many other aspects of our modern lives. Who lives in a hut with clay soil, will hardly be annoyed by a small pee accident. However, if the baby kicks on the Persian patch, a lot of damage has been done. This explains the diaper dependence of Western parents with the increased standard of living.

Laurie Boucke, who raised her own children without a diaper, also talks in her book about the medical opinion on toilet training and explains why it is a myth that babies do not control their excretory muscles. Also on several other prejudices against the TopfFit! Method she enters.

The chapter on the environmental aspect of diaper free, I find personally not so successful. Boucke argues mainly with the argument of water saving. From my own experience, I know that TopfFit! not necessarily water saving. Finally, I rinse the potty many times a day, rinse the baby‘s bottom under running water and wipe the floor over and over again. And also the laundry mountain is bigger with us than with “disposable diaper children”.

Reading recommendation for TopfFit!

TopfFit! I can warmly recommend personally as an introduction to the topic. The book is with almost 180 pages and soft cover so handy that you can also read it comfortably in the puerperium. Personally I do not like the layout and it contains some typos. But you can see beyond that &# 128521;

What I like about TopfFit! What is particularly pleasing is that the method is always tested with regard to how the mother is doing with it. For example, it is recommended to switch to disposable diapers in the meantime, if you have the feeling, the only day to hold the child and not to do the rest of the tasks.

It also emphasizes that TopfFit! in other societies (except our western) is always practiced in the compound of a whole clan. In a multigenerational household, there is always someone who can hold the baby. That the older siblings or even help the neighbors is often completely self-evident. It shows once again that the expectation that a mother is content to be happy and happy with her baby alone at home is utter nonsense.

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