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The Praxis Zahngesundheit Halle was opened in October 2008 in the center of Halle as a new location. Dentist Roger Barz worked until then at his location in the former Philipp-Müller-Straße 03. Shortly after taking over the practice in 2006 in what is now Willy-Brandt-Straße 03, he was looking for a new and suitable location to effectively implement his planned treatment concept.

Dental health has a home

“I was looking for spacious spaces that would give the patient the feeling of structure, clarity and security. And I wanted for me a certain extent, because not golden taps are the true luxury of today, but just to have room. All these conditions I found here in the spirit street as given. In the first three months of the renovation, we were almost exclusively occupied with tearing down walls, opening doors and thus creating a basic structure within the practice that perfectly fit my expectations. “The claim was high and unique for the time: Dental health has a home!” – There should be a practice for my patients Not the feeling of actually being “with the dentist“.

With meticulousness and many >

Dental health has a home!

But not only the room concept has been implemented uncompromisingly, the interior was chosen more than lovingly. “For that I drove partly to Cologne and on, only to acquire a certain accessory. Many pieces of furniture were elaborately reworked by a carpenter and before any change was conceivable, I developed an unusual lighting concept. The entire interior design was created without outside help. Everything was already in my head before and only had to be implemented. “Roger Barz reports today.

Completely relaxed to the appointment with the dentist

The owner of the practice paid special attention to the waiting area. Here, the term “wait” should get a whole new and previously unfamiliar meaning. Relaxing music and a rich selection of various magazines shorten the time until the start of treatment. “Some of our patients are more likely to hit than they need to read the high-end magazines. One or the other relaxes so deeply that he falls asleep in the waiting room. Really! Every now and then we have to wake our patients before an appointment with the dentist. There can not be any better proof of a successful ambience for me, “says the owner of Zahngesundheit Halle, Roger Barz.

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