Toy-free kindergarten, kindergarten

At first glance, a toy-free kindergarten seems paradoxical to most people, after all, it goes without saying that children play with toys. Accordingly, many children have innumerable toys at a young age and have shelves and boxes full of toys at home. Not infrequently, the dear little ones don’t even know what they have and feel the enormous variety as overwhelming. The toy-free kindergarten wants to actively counteract this by rigorously avoiding toys. Nevertheless, there is no boredom in such kindergartens. Instead, the children should be dissuaded from permanent consumption and their creativity Freerunning to let. A toy-free kindergarten does not have to be a horror show, but can offer a lot of potential.

The concept of a toy-free kindergarten

It is obvious that a kindergarten free of toys is characterized by the absence of toys and is probably self-explanatory. a lot of However, people are not sure what such a day-to-day kindergarten looks like and what the children are doing during the process. There is no sadness in the toy-free kindergartens, because the children enjoy a lot of freedom here, which gives them the opportunity to develop freely. You can play independently without any toys and follow your own needs and interests. This can be achieved very well by drastically reducing external stimuli and prefabricated materials. The children should use their own imagination and let their creativity run free to make their own toys and materials. In this way, they gain valuable experience and learn to deal with frustration at the same time.

Adults are often permanently live in everyday life and have to follow strict structures so that self-fulfillment falls by the wayside. To prevent this from happening in childhood, the toy-free kindergartens use a completely different concept. Times of inactivity and freedom for your own ideas give kindergarten children the opportunity to live out. However, designing everyday life completely without toys is a major challenge for the children. For this reason, toy-free kindergartens always offer new children one adjustment period, in which the available toys are gradually reduced. The children are therefore gradually introduced to the concept. However, you do not have to completely forego toys later. Only strictly selected toys or self-made materials are used, which clearly distinguishes the toy-free kindergarten from other kindergartens.


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