Toys for toddlers – in pictures

"MagiBook" by Vtech

"Discover, learn, play" is the motto of the MagiBook, which provides children with interactive knowledge from various areas. The child is actively involved in designing and deepening the topics presented. The basis is the ergonomic pen with which the children explore the magical world of books. This is equipped with an optical sensor and triggers explanations, prompts, noises and sound effects via the hardware anchored in the MagiBook. Particularly beautiful and certainly extremely popular with children are the stickers belonging to each learning book, with which the children can design their MagiBook individually. They have invisible sensors with which you can not only design the book, but also add interactive buttons. During the adventurous exploration tour, the youngsters discover numbers, letters, shapes, animals, seasons, processes and music in a playful way. Important skills such as writing, listening, problem solving and counting are trained in this way. At the same time, the children use the MagiBook’s educational concept to train their memory, logic and creativity.

Age levels: 2-5 years (kindergarten age), 4-6 years (preschool) and 5-7 years (first years of school), starter set (MagiBook with small demo book) € 39.99, individual books from € 9.99.

VTech® electronic toys are well known and extremely popular with children. Valuable learning content is conveyed in a playful manner in accordance with age-appropriate skills. You can find more information on VTech® products here!

"My first fishing game" by Ravensburger

"My first fishing game" by Ravensburger is the toddler version of the classic game of skill. The fish in the aquarium are made of fluffy material and thanks to the Velcro bait on the fishing rod, even small hands can fish out the soft underwater inhabitants. Who can catch most fish without waking up the sleeping seahorse? With hands-on fishing, a funny movement is part of every catch. Four varied game ideas introduce two to four children to the first rules, strengthen team spirit and promote motor skills and coordination.

Age: from 2 years, approx. € 20.

Ravensburger has the successful and innovative baby and toddler program "ministeps®" with a variety of high-quality toys and books for each stage of development from 0 to 36 months, which are precisely tailored to the motor, mental and emotional development phases of the children. You can find more information on Ravensburger products here!

rocking horse "Rocking horse" by

With “Rocking Horse” from, horse fans from the age of two make their first ride on a rocking horse and not only train their balance, but also their arm and leg muscles. When rocking, the rider hears the deceptively real gallop beat. The soft, fluffy horse is comfortable and guarantees safe rocking fun with its handles and sturdy, rounded rails made from natural hardwood.

Age: from 2 years, € 79.95. toys impress with their sustainability concept and appeal to parents and children with natural colors and friendly, rounded shapes. The latest animal innovations from are equipped with sophisticated elements and promote the motor and cognitive skills of small children. You can find more information on HCM products here!

"pirate ship" from PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3

With the “Pirate Ship” from PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3 little adventurers go big treasure Hunt. No matter whether in the children’s room or in the bathtub: with a captain, sailor and parrot on board, young pirates can set sail anywhere. An integrated air chamber inside the ship prevents the boat from sinking, even if it is completely full of water. The big cannon "shoots" with water.

Age: from 18 months, € 26.99.

Clear colors, round shapes and varied game functions characterize the range. PLAYMOBIL® 1.2.3 is multifunctional, safe and scores with learning and training functions that ideally promote development and fine motor skills. All products are hygienic, washable, colourfast and without small parts that can be swallowed – the perfect gift for little explorers. You can find more information on PLAYMOBIL® products here!

"Kullerbü – fairway cross & crosswise" from HABA®

The “Kullerbü – Spielbahn Kreuz & quer ”from HABA®, a limited special edition with a practical storage box made of plastic, ensures unlimited driving fun: vehicles can change their direction of travel in no time at all thanks to the ingenious rotary switch and the intersection enables new, exciting routes.

Age: from 6 months, 49.95 €.

HABA® provides beautiful, high quality wooden toys (mostly beech & Maple), which is painted with environmentally friendly stains and water-based paints. Other materials: cotton, polyester, velor – all in friendly colors. Further information on the products of HABA® can be found here!

"gear backlash" by BRIO®

What ensures that the wheels in the “toothed wheel play” from BRIO® keep turning? It is important to find out. The ultimate goal is to put the gears together in such a way that they mesh. It’s fun and easy – let’s go! Toddler-friendly, multifunctional toy that encourages problem solving and sorting. Gears in bright colors.

Age: 12 months, € 29.99.

BRIO® stands for entertainment, education and development support. A BRIO® toy evokes happy childhood memories – sometimes even across generations. You can find more information on BRIO® products here!

LEGO® DUPLO® set "Big fair"

The set "Big fair" extends the LEGO® DUPLO® city range with another attraction. With the help of numerous functions, children can train their motor skills with a lot of fun: they bring the horse carousel with them "Learn-to-turn"-Gear function to circle and rotate the ferris wheel with the three gondolas. After that, they let the family of figures whiz down the double wave slide. In addition to the rides, a train with a wagon, an ice cream stand and a toilet house stimulate children’s creativity. Detailed accessories such as cameras and balloons complete the fun of the game.

Age: 2 to 5 years, recommended retail price: € 79.99.

LEGO® construction toys promote fine motor skills and support the mental and emotional development of children. More information about LEGO® DUPLO® products can be found here!

"BIG Bobby Car Next" by Simba Dickie

For the 45th birthday of the BIG Bobby Car, BIG is setting new standards in children’s vehicle construction. The combination of many years of know-how and the passion for high-quality toys resulted in an exclusive children’s car that combines high driving comfort with the latest technology. The "BIG-Bobby-Car Next" has double headlights with LED light signature, a soft foam seat and an electronic horn as standard. Like all BIG Bobby Cars, the Next is equipped with a trailer coupling at the front and rear. A storage compartment under the bonnet for all important travel equipment for the little driver rounds off the high-quality equipment.

Age: from 12 months, € 99.95.

Who doesn’t know the popular BIG cars from the BIG brand? The small, mostly red cars have been changing drivers for decades. This is also a sign of quality for robustness, resilience and child-friendly design. That’s what the company logo stands for – the BIG buffalo. Further information on BIG products can be found here!

"Girl rag doll in purple" by sigik >This doll girl has dressed up and is looking forward to a doll mummy who loves it, plays with it and practices dressing and undressing. For this purpose, the arms and legs are very soft and flexible. The purple hair is made of soft jersey that does not fluff, even when things get a little wilder! The eyes, nose and mouth of the little doll are carefully embroidered on, and the textile body (with a little granulate) is nice and soft so that your child can cuddle well with his new girlfriend.

Age: 6 to 48 months, € 29.99.

The sigikid® product range is huge. It supports the individual development of the baby with many cuddly products that playfully generate valuable learning effects – all of course beautifully designed in extremely tasteful color combinations. You can find more information about sigikid® products here!


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