Tracker for children in comparison ▷ the best fitness tracker – with gps

Tracker for children in comparison ▷ the best fitness tracker - with gps

Tracker for children in comparison: Fitness, Activity, GPS – Which trackers are useful?

Fitness trackers also help children to better take care of their health and get things done. Child-friendly models are presented here in comparison and show the best. Also compared: GPS tracker for kids, which parents can view at any time the current location of the kids.

1. Fitness tracker for children: Which are useful?

Surveys show that many children and adolescents are unfortunately overweight and do not move enough. Studies even show that even a slight overweight can endanger your health. Fitness trackers are here to remedy the situation and make the kids even fun.

With a fitness tracker parents help their children from the age of about 4 years, early on to respect a healthy lifestyle. The special feature of the special models for children: they are not only particularly robust and designed so that they like children, but they also offer special child-friendly motivational program in the app. Playfully and without compulsion, the children should be motivated to live healthier lives. In addition, Kids‘ Fitness Trackers also include a pedometer and a Sleep Duration Support and Sleep feature. Other functions are e.g. Reminder of tasks, alarms and alarms.

Special feature: Children do not necessarily need a smartphone for the trackers

The kids fitness trackers are connected directly to the parents’ smartphone. An extra SIM card with mobile phone tariff is not needed. This means for parents also: The costs are limited to the one-time purchase of the device, there are no follow-up costs. Also the Apps are free.

If a Fitness tracker is useful for children, decides, above all, whether the kids need additional motivation for their movement activities. With the trackers, parents have control over how many steps the children take each day. The associated apps evaluate the data directly on the parents’ smartphone and provide an analysis of the children‘s health data. Go further Heart rate monitors for childrenThese digital wristwatches also measure the heart rate of kids and teens.

It is practical for parents that also memories of tasks – e.g. also room cleaning or daily brushing – can be controlled. Designed for children, the trackers should also be fun for the kids – without distracting them from their tasks at the same time.

The lightweight (and mostly waterproof devices) are designed so that the kids can wear them at night and during sports, even swimming, on the arm – without disturbing. If necessary, the bracelet can also be replaced. The battery will last for up to 1 year on some devices. It is very rare to change the battery.

1.1 The best fitness trackers for kids: Our top 3 activity trackers

All devices can also be used without connection to a smartphone. Your own SIM card with mobile phone tariff for the fitness tracker is not needed.

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