Trademark check Germany

Trademark check Germany

Trademark check Germany

Which brands are particularly popular? Which names are the Germans? The Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) has investigated it on behalf of Focus Money and in the study "customer favorites" summarized.

The researchers identified the customer favorites of Germans from around 20,000 brands and 272 sectors by evaluating statements in the network regarding the reputation, price, service and quality of the products.

The customer favorites include Milka. Among sweets, chocolate is the most popular brand of the German citizens. With the purple Milka cow she has a distinctive trademark, which is known to many people through extensive marketing and sponsorship activities. The chocolate also convinces the customers in terms of taste and earns a golden seal as well as the award "customer favorite".

Elbphilharmonie lures

For a long time, culture enthusiasts throughout Germany had to wait for completion, but for almost two and a half years, the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie has attracted numerous visitors to the Hanseatic city. The Konzerthaus is the most popular among the art and cultural sites and receives a golden seal. Since its opening, the Elbphilharmonie enjoys a high reputation among an international audience. With inexpensive concert tickets, which were only for sale to residents of the city, the concert hall has increased its acceptance in the Hamburg population.

The German favorite beer comes from Bavaria: The Munich Paulaner from the brewery group of the same name is in the favor of the German beer drinkers at the top. The traditional brand is known for its wheat beer and has earned an excellent reputation over many years. For this, the sponsor of FC Bayern Munich can come up with publicity-effective marketing campaigns: For every Bundesligator of the team, the brewery donates 100 liters of free beer to the supporters at the end of the season. In the past season, the Munich came to 88 hits. The visitors of the last home game were allowed to enjoy plenty of free drinks.

L >Among the discount stores Lidl is the most popular brand of the Germans and can look forward to a golden seal. The company understands best in its industry to offer good quality at reasonable prices. The discounter has set high standards for in-house quality management and has all of its products tested by independent institutes.

The favorite of clients in the field of personal care is Nivea. The Beiersdorf AG brand is the only one to receive a golden seal in this industry.

For the study "customer favorites" From 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018, the IMWF examined a total of around 350 million online sources in terms of reputation, price, service and quality. With the help of so-called social listening, around 39 million online mentions of just under 20,000 brands from 272 industries were identified and assigned to the event types for the study within the study period. For this, the study partner Ubermetrics Technologies first searched German and German-language domains including social media for relevant, public contributions. Websites from Austria and Switzerland were excluded from the search.

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