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Hiking trail Arberkamm

Forest in the Arber area

On the hiking trail Arberkamm

The »Thousand Route« of the Goldsteig leads to the Arber at the Eck-Sattel. Since the rocky Kammsteig is quite challenging, runs as an alternative route in the slope of the European long-distance trail 6. The combination of both makes an unforgettable circular walk.

Over the Ecker climb on the mill bar

Berggasthof and Wanderparkplatz Eck A are located on the same named Bayerwaldpass between Lamer Winkel and Zellertal on the one hand and the Kaitersberg and the Arberkamm on the other. Although Kaitersberg and Arberkamm form a continuous, pass-through ridge, the Kaitersberg is thought of as an independent mountain massif, while the summit to the east of the corner saddle leads to the Arber. From the saddle the Goldsteig swings up the steep, stony Ecker Steig through the slope to the crested ridge, dives into the Auerhahn game reserve and reaches the mountain cross on the promising Mühlriegel 1 (0:40 hrs). This thousands on the high tour to Arber is also a worthwhile destination from the corner saddle, with a sweeping view of the Lamer angle to Osser, the Zellertal and the Great Arber.

On the European long-distance trail 6

Shortly after passing the summit, the Auerhahn cross-country trail crosses the ridge in winter, and at this point the routes also divide: while the Goldsteig continues along the stony ridge (our way), the easy alternative route of the European long-distance hiking trail 6 stops at the Auerhahn cross-country ski run Ecker Steig also follows (our way back). The reef-like rocks of the elongated Ödriegels 2 (1:00 hrs) form the next thousands resting place at the Goldsteig with beautiful views into the Lamer angle, to the be >3 (1:40 hrs) a connecting path crosses the ridge, a refuge near a crucifix invites you to take a break. The Goldsteig leads up the ridge to the rugged Osserblick rock carvings of the hanging bar and reaches the summit cross on the rocks of the Schwarzeck 4 (2:00 hrs), where the most comprehensive panorama of this mountain hike opens.

Rest in the mountain hut Schareben

A little later, the Goldsteig leaves the rocky ridge and descends to the crossroads at the refuge on the Reisch semi spot 5 (2:25 hrs). Here the hunger becomes noticeable and we follow the signs towards Schareben, first on a steep path, which ends after a short time in the comfortable way back: on the left is the nearby Mountain hut Schareben 6 (2:50 hrs.), On the right the farm trail marked “Grünkeil” leads back to Mühlriegel 1 (4:30 hrs). On the then common route, the descent back to the starting point on Berggasthof Eck E (5:10 hours).

Thousands tour: The Haute Route of the Bavarian Forest

The Kaitersberg-Arber-Hochtour with twelve thousand peaks is the Haute Route of the Bavarian Forest. It runs on the ridge that sends the Great Arber (1456 m), the highest point of the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest, to the west and continues between Zellertal and Lamer angle in Kaitersberg to Bad Kötzting. On this rocky outcrop between the valleys, the Bavarian Forest Association already marked the Thousand Route in 1895. Today the Goldsteig runs from the Kreuzfelsen (999 m) via Mittagstein (1034 m), Rauchröhren (1042 m) and Großer Riedelstein (1132 m) to the Eck-Sattel, further over Mühlriegel (1080 m), Ödriegel (1155 m), Schwarzeck (1220 m), Heugstatt (1281 m), Enzian (1285 m) and Small Arber (1384 m), before the last high summit of the Great Arber is won.

Who undertakes this fascinating tour at the same piece and wants to return to the starting point, must calculate at least 40 kilometers per day and 2000 meters in altitude and expect only after dark – a headlamp is therefore an indispensable piece of equipment – to return to a valley. From there, take the taxi back to the starting point. Of course you could also hurry to catch the last gondola lift at the Arber, but the practice has shown that this tour is far too beautiful to be rushed by a cable car timetable.

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