Training allowance for educators

Unlike many other trainees, prospective educators do not complete dual vocational training and instead have to attend a technical academy, technical college or a vocational college. Naturally, there is no training allowance in the context of such school-based training, so the financial situation of prospective educators is quite critical.

Many young adults are lucky enough to still live with their parents and sometimes receive pocket money. For this provides then the question of how to ensure their ongoing livelihood during school education. Nevertheless, the lack of training allowance is a shortcoming, because after school you want to finally become independent and earn your own money.

Those who attach particular importance to this are therefore inclined to take a different path and refrain from training as educators. That the training remuneration for educators is a delicate one theme is not left out.

Discussion of the teacher training in conversation

It cannot be denied that school education comes without remuneration and instead often incurs costs because, among other things, school fees are due and puts prospective educators in a precarious situation. Sometimes they come to the conclusion that they cannot afford the teacher training and instead make a better choice with dual training. The shortage of skilled workers in education is therefore at least partly due to the lack of remuneration for trainees.

At the moment, however, something is happening in the area of ​​training remuneration for future educators. One can currently see from the media that Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey has spoken out in favor of remuneration for the education of educators.

The minister thus brought the training allowance for educators back into discussion. At a youth and family ministerial conference in Weimar, Giffey called for training allowance on the one hand and the abolition of school fees on the other. In this way, the financial situation of prospective educators should improve massively, which in turn should also counteract the shortage of skilled workers in the pedagogical field.

When can aspiring educators receive a training allowance today??

The demand for a nationwide training allowance within the framework of teacher training is extremely commendable, but at best it is a dream of the future. It is more than questionable whether and in what form a comprehensive remuneration for educators will be introduced.

However, prospective educators should also know that they do not necessarily have to go empty-handed today. The practice-integrated training is becoming increasingly popular and offers, among other things, the advantage that the trainees not only gain practical experience in the daycare center, but are also paid. They receive at least a low training allowance from kindergarten.

With this, prospective educators can afford something and also experience an appreciation of their commitment. The expansion of the PIA model in educator training should therefore ensure that the remuneration of prospective educators continues to prevail.

What financial aid is there during the educator training??

Regardless of whether you receive an apprenticeship allowance or not, as a prospective educator you have to take part little Make money. The ongoing livelihood as well as the training itself are central cost factors that have to be considered.

Financial support from parents is very welcome, but not always possible. Other grants, such as student baffles, still ensure that educators do not have to fail because of the money. If necessary, you can also be retrained and count financially on the employment office or pension insurance.

The training allowance for educators is a much discussed topic that is often perceived as delicate. In view of the acute shortage of skilled workers in kindergartens and other educational institutions, new approaches are needed to increase the attractiveness of teacher training. This is the only way to get more people excited about the job in the long term.


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