Training as a nanny and the salary

Requirements for training as a nanny

By working with children every day, some of them from socially disadvantaged families come, it is necessary that as a nanny you have some specific skills and characteristics that not everyone has.

These include, for example, empathy, patience, pedagogical talent, understanding of different situations, a thick coat and much more to master the training as a nanny and later professional life.

Salary during childcare training

1st year of training 0 €
2nd year of training 0 €
3rd year of training 0 €
4th year of training € 1,300

As nice and interesting as a childcare apprenticeship may be, you have to take financial aspects into account when making decisions. And unfortunately we have the problem that there is no nanny salary during the apprenticeship. So you have to fight through the years of training to fulfill your dream. After completing the training, however, you can then count on € 1100 to € 1800 per month. The exact salary will of course depend on the employer and the state in which you will be working.

As a social pedagogical assistant, you go through two to three years of training at a vocational school. You will be trained to take care of children and support their parents if they cannot make it on their own Their children take care. For example, you work in crèches, day care centers, holiday homes, children’s clinics and private households. In addition, there is the opportunity to improve your career opportunities and expand your professional field with various advanced training courses.

requirements College student
duration 4 years
salary Nanny salary

Nanny training application

You should at least have a secondary school leaving certificate to apply for training as a nanny. Since the school leaving qualification is not the most important criterion for this training, you should especially score with your application letter. Avoid any spelling and grammar mistakes and pack your application folder as thoroughly as possible.

Your application folder and the forms are all that you can see and only then can you make a spot landing. Explain why you are made for the job as a nanny and why you have been dreaming your whole life about taking this path go. Present yourself better than ever and if you should have trouble with it, ask your friends and family for help. If you still need help with your application, we recommend that you take a close look at our sample application.


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