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Social pedagogical assistant

As a social pedagogical assistant, your everyday life is colorful and exciting – because it revolves around caring for infants, children and adolescents. You should therefore bring a lot of creativity, nerve strength and organizational talent. Your tasks are varied and can take place wherever supervisors are needed by Daycare and crèches to children’s hospitals or nursing homes.

Exactly how your training as a social pedagogical assistant works depends on the federal state in which you live. Because the training is not regulated uniformly across Germany. So you shouldn’t be surprised if, for example, friends or colleagues from Berlin report different experiences than you collect in NRW. In general, the training always consists of a school and a practical part. So you go to a technical school and do various internships. This can be done either in the form of blocks or in the form of day-to-day internships. Some federal states also require a one-year internship after completing school education.

During the school part, the change from school time will not be too big for you. However, stand not only Subjects such as math, German and English on your schedule, but also social pedagogy, physical education, nutrition and housekeeping, as well as musical-creative education. But you don’t need to be afraid of too much theory, because different exercises are carried out in workshops, sports halls or school kitchens.

Did you already know, that.

  • According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, you are a child as long as you have not reached the age of 18, but are no longer considered to be children at the age of 14 according to the German Youth Protection Act?
  • The first children’s drawings that are recognizable to adults are called "cephalopods"?
  • Children quadruple their weight in the first two years of life?
  • the teddy bear was named after US President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt? He gave the first Steiff bear to his daughter.
  • Pedagogy, strictly speaking, does not mean the exercise of education, but the thinking about education?

The practical part gives you a look behind the scenes of educational institutions. Feel free to look at different areas. Perhaps you still dream of working in an infant ward and realize during an internship that working with adolescents is much more fun for you. Even if the school part of the training to become a social pedagogical assistant is unpaid, you won’t go completely empty-handed. Because during the internship you get a salary, in the public service it is around 1319 euros per month.

In order to become a social pedagogical assistant, you need a secondary school or middle school diploma. Some schools also require prior knowledge in the social field. When working with Children It is particularly important that you are healthy, so you need a medical certificate that confirms your suitability for health.

Of course, these formalities alone are not enough, because ultimately it is a good instinct for children that makes you a good social pedagogical assistant. You immediately notice when a child is not doing well, know what to do when there are two arguments in their hair and always find the right words in conversation with the parents. In addition, you won’t get out of breath so quickly because you are on your feet all day. In short, it should be easy for you to work with children by nature and be fun.

After your apprenticeship, you have great opportunities for further education. One step would be, for example, further training as an educator.


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