Training for creative, all professions for creative

Training for creative, all professions for creative

Professions for creative people

Even at school, you were always happy when art or works were on the schedule. Since kindergarten, self-painted works of art have adorned your parents’ fridge and have now taken over the entire kitchen. You just can’t help it and have to live your creativity! And because you are so passionate about being creative, you shouldn’t be satisfied with standard phrases like "good career opportunities" or "industry with a future". You should use your creative streak and turn your hobby into a profession. Because creative jobs are definitely the right thing for you and there are plenty of them in Germany.

You don’t know any training in the creative field? Sure, there is no question that popular professions such as sales clerks or office clerks are better known. Creative professions are rarely offered, but there are also many different industries in which you could let off steam. So that you know exactly about your job opportunities in the different areas, we have roughly divided them for you. For example, in some creative professions you work a lot on the computer with design programs. Other training focuses on dealing with people, while others focus on craftsmanship. As you can see, there are very different professions where you can let your creativity run free. You just have to decide how you want to live it out. The main thing is that you are artistically talented and it is easy for you to have new ideas and implement them. If the dog you are painting might as well be a horse or an elephant, a creative profession may not be as good for you.

If you like to help yourself and like to feel the material in your hands, you should definitely take the manual direction. In addition to a lot of manual dexterity, you also need a good imagination. You will often design models and sketches based on customer requirements, which you will then implement. Professions with a focus on craftsmanship include, for example, glassblowers, goldsmiths and silversmiths and also engravers. If you can not do anything with it and you want to live out your creativity on the musical level, you can of course choose all professions related to acting or dance. In most cases, however, you will need to study or enroll at a private school.

Do you want to do something good for people with your creativity? That is also possible! You can practice many creative professions on people. As a hairdresser, you create new hairstyles every day and bring fresh color to your customers’ lives with tints. If you prefer to work on the face than on the head, you can also give the eyes and mouth the right tone as a beautician.

If you often sit on the PC at home and edit photos, you could find your dream education with your creativity in the design and creation area. Creative minds are always sought, especially in the media sector. If Photoshop and InDesign open automatically when the computer starts, training as a graphic designer or design assistant is something for you. Here you work almost always on the computer and rarely pick up a pen and paper. You will still need it for your application, because you often have to submit a folder in addition to your application to show your creativity.

So you see, there are a lot of creative professions. The industry is as diverse as your creativity itself. If you want to find out more about one of the professions, have a look at the respective professional profile and read yourself clever! So you are guaranteed to find a suitable apprenticeship.

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