Training offensive dithmarschen

Training offensive dithmarschen

Training offensive Dithmarschen

Training places in Heide, Brunsbüttel, Meldorf, Büsum, Marne

Training or study in a diverse North Sea region

The circle Dithmarschen is located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The area is bordered by the North Sea, Eider, Elbe and the Kiel Canal. Here live almost 133,000 inhabitants. Dithmarschen belongs to the metropolitan region of Hamburg. An important industrial area is located at Elbehafen Brunsbüttel.

To spend your free time, you have very different options. In the seal station Friedrichskoog you can marvel, for example, seals and seals. You can see the sea and huge trawlers at Büsum harbor. If you are not seasick, a cruise with the excursion boats is also a nice change. A further balance to the everyday life you will surely find at the district sports association Dithmarschen.

Every year, about two million tourists, almost only from Germany, come to relax in the district. Many make a beach holiday with the whole family, but also cycling tours are in great demand. Of course, the visitors also want to be cared for. For this reason, Dithmarschen offers many professions in gastronomy and in the hotel, such as hotel manager, chef or professional in the hospitality industry. In the tourism industry, you can complete your training as a businessman for tourism and leisure.

If you enjoy working with people, being patient, and have a good command of math and German, the profession of retail trader or salesperson is right for you. Such professions are offered by many well-known companies such as TOOM. TOOM supports its employees and supports them in their further education. As one of around 15,000 employees, you have various options. There are about 300 seminars that keep employees up to date and progressing their development.

Wind energy is shaping the economy as well as the landscape in particular. Germany’s first wind farm was built in 1987 in the district of Dithmarschen. Renewing and maintaining these renewable energy facilities requires a variety of skilled workers. If you are interested in such professions, you should apply to the ENERCON GmbH. The company trains in many different professions such as merchant for forwarding and logistics service or mechatronics.

You attach great importance to a high-quality education? Then learn at a BEST PLACE TO LEARN. The BEST PLACE TO LEARN seal of quality recognizes companies that have a good education. For you, this means that you can be sure of learning more from certified companies than sweeping or copying the warehouse. At a BEST PLACE TO LEARN, you receive high-quality training in a committed company that works for its trainees. In the district of Dithmarschen this is for example KIND hearing aids. Here you can, among other things, complete your training as a hearing care professional or optometrist.

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