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We welcome you to speech therapy training in Leipzig – a social profession with a future

Our school for speech therapy in Leipzig is close to the center and is very easy to reach by public transport. The city offers as a location for art and culture each Lots of inspiration and a varied range of clubs, bars and restaurants.

Advantages of speech therapy training in Leipzig

  • The focus is on the interlinking of current scientific knowledge and closely supervised practical training
  • The trainees benefit from the team of committed lecturers
  • Cooperation with Leipzig University Hospital, Phoniatrics and Audiology Section. Its director, Prof. Fuchs, is also the medical director of the school
  • Erasmus Plus-funded international projects and individual internships for interested students
  • Study-related studies in applied therapy science, B. Sc., Possible in cooperation with the IB Hochschule

The school for speech therapy in Leipzig

The vocational school for speech therapy in Leipzig offers high-quality and demanding training as a state-recognized speech therapist * as a state-recognized speech therapist. The training comprises practical and theoretical parts. After theoretical basic knowledge is imparted in the first year of training, practical work on the patient begins from the second year of training. The school uses a stable network of local cooperation partners. The trainees also have a well-stocked library and extensive therapy material for the treatment of speech disorders.

The trainees learn at our school in a demanding and supportive but familiar atmosphere. We attach great importance to school-internal traditions, such as the annual language teaching qualification. The students also invite you to an evening of entertaining entertainment with performances of selected texts and pieces of music. The Christmas party is also determined by a self-made program with lyrics and songs.

In order to get to know our school better, we offer regular information events and open days.

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  • Our team
    • principal
      Mrs. Lea Beuter

      State-recognized speech therapist, M.Sc. Human Communication Sciences

      Medical director
      Prof. Dr. Michael Fuchs

      Head of the Phoniatrics Section of the Leipzig University Hospital

      deputy head of school
      Ms. Sinikka Schwikowski

      on parental leave
      state-recognized speech therapist, qualified speech therapist, teaching speech therapist (dbl)

      teaching speech therapist
      Eva-Maria Demarest

      Speech Therapist, B.Sc. speech therapy

      teaching speech therapist
      Mrs. Julia Höppner

      on parental leave
      M.A. Clinical speech scientist

      Mr. Philipp Röger

      state-recognized speech therapist, M.A. Medical education

      teaching speech therapist
      Ms. Ulrike Schulz

      teaching speech therapist
      Mrs. Simone Sünderauf

      Speech therapist B.A, clinical linguist M.Sc.

      Administrative Specialist
      Mrs. Marina Runge

      Start of training

      school fees

      Find out about the school fees at our school and download our information material free of charge using the button below.

      duration of training

      Education requirements

      Completion of the age of 16

      a completed secondary or middle school education or

      another equivalent education or

      a minimum of two years after graduation from secondary school
      vocational training

      Application documents

      Phoniatric / ENT medical report (voice and hearing test) that shows the applicant’s fitness for work

      certified copies of the school report (s) and possibly Vocational qualifications, certified evidence of internships / FSJ / federal voluntary service, certified copies of job references or internship assessments or similar.

      u.U. Evidence of musical education (membership in choirs, evidence of membership in music schools, choir classes or similar)

      completed IB form: registration / application for admission with photo (see downloads below)

      We look forward to your complete application!

      Here you can see some impressions from our school.

      Here are some impressions of our open house in January 2018.

      The students designed various information stands around the areas of application of speech therapy. Interested parties were invited to participate and ask questions.

      On February 3rd, 2018 we took part in the Stuzubi Leipzig in the congress hall at the zoo.

      We had many conversations with young people who were professionally oriented and were able to present the job description and the school in Leipzig.

      Come by, be amazed, get started! We invite everyone who wants to work professionally with people to the information events at the IB Medical Academy. You will get an insight into our educational offers and find out up close what a medical school looks like from the inside.

      You can find all current dates in our info pool.

      We offer you and your parents the opportunity to get to know our apprenticeship programs and courses accompanying the apprenticeship in a trial event or a consultation. Just get in touch with us! We look forward to you.

      IB-GIS gGmbH / Medical Academy
      State-recognized FSO for speech therapy
      Grassistr. 12
      04107 Leipzig
      Tel: +49 341 14939900 (for interested parties)
      Fax: +49 341 149399029
      Email: [email protected]


      IB Medical Academy
      Vocational school for speech therapy
      Grassistr. 12
      04107 Leipzig

      Telephone 0341 566330002
      Fax +49 341 1493990-29
      Email to location

      The combination of the training content is tailored to the needs of the therapeutic work of speech therapists. The training includes 1,740 hours of theoretical and practical instruction and 2,100 hours of practical training. The aim of the practical training is to introduce the students under supervision to working with speech, speech, voice and swallowing patients.

      subjects are:
      Professional and legal studies
      Anatomy and physiology
      Ear, nose and throat medicine
      Pediatrics and Neuropediatrics
      Child and adolescent psychiatry
      Neurology and psychiatry
      Orthodontics / maxillofacial surgery
      Audiology and pediatric audiology
      Electrical and hearing aid acoustics
      speech therapy
      Phonetics / Linguistics
      Psychology and clinical psychology
      special education
      voice training
      Speech Training

      We also offer:

      library Tour

      to Practical training counting:
      Internships, student therapies u. video internships
      interdisciplinary internships, internships in daycare centers and retirement homes
      own therapies in close supervision and under the supervision of experienced speech therapists
      Mandatory internship at the phoniatric ward at Leipzig University Hospital
      Technical theory lesson in the subject: “Basics of speech therapy"
      Exercises for the preparation of therapy plans, diagnostics, follow-up of the therapies
      Communication training and self-awareness

      student performances

      Under the guidance of the lecturer, the pupils work out individual and / or in groups in the subjects of speech training and voice training. scenic or musically accompanied lecture of self-chosen texts.

      The selected pieces will then be presented to an audience in an evening program organized by the course. This evening promises entertaining entertainment for the audience. The students hereby submit their proof of achievement for the subjects.

      foreign projects

      We offer our students the opportunity to complete internships abroad, some of which can be subsidized in the form of a scholarship. As a prerequisite for participating in internships abroad in foreign-language host countries, language proficiency must be comparable to that of native speakers.


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