Transatlantic cruises, shore excursions and cruises from cruise planning

Transatlantic cruises, shore excursions and cruises from cruise planning

Transatlantic cruises

As part of transatlantic cruises, you can gather impressions of the old and the new world in the most pleasant way. Dreamlike relaxing days at sea alternate with interesting stopovers in the Caribbean, in South America or on the Atlantic Islands. Of course the classic is a traditional crossing with the Queen Mary 2. The only cruise ship in the world, the Queen Mary 2 is scheduled to fly between Southampton and New York. And sometimes the Queen Liner even starts in Hamburg. This trip is reminiscent of the time when passenger steamer were means of transport and there were no air connections.

Today, transatlantic cruises are mostly ferry transfers. Cruise ships follow the sun and change the destination area with the seasons. Cruise ships, e.g. In the spring from the Caribbean on their summer tours in Europe and return to America in the fall, inevitably have to cross the Atlantic. Since it is no longer about the “Blue Ribbon”, the cruise ships mostly travel on the Azores, Madeira or the Canary Islands. Each of these unique islands forms a small world of its own. The Canary Islands offer a variety of landscapes, Madeira is known as a flower paradise and also in the Azores green and flowers it everywhere.

Of course, there are also transfer cruises between Asia and the Mediterranean, and between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. The transfer cruises between the Mediterranean and Northern Europe are often called “Around Western Europe” or “Six Country Cruises”. Adventurous travel, which are also often quite cheap. This also applies to the trips from the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal towards Dubai.

The arrival

In a transatlantic cruise are starting and destination port in different cities. As a rule, the two ports are at different distances. For example, you have a short journey to Hamburg, Southampton or Genoa (to name just a few examples) and a longer return journey from Santos, Miami or New York. Or umgekeht course.

Usually, the shipping companies offer a corresponding arrival package. Of course you can also plan the flights yourself. You might get out with a flight.

Travel time for transatlantic cruises

Transatlantic cruises are offered in spring and autumn. Cruise ships follow the sun and are moved in the fall from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean or Central America, for example. There may be a little detour over New England. Then the cruise ships go to New York or Boston and then, a few weeks later, when the leaves have fallen, they travel on to the Caribbean. A certain exception is, as already mentioned, the Queen Mary 2, which commutes many weeks a year according to schedule between England and New York.

Sometimes it goes from “only” from northern Europe to the Canary Islands or the Mediterranean. Shortly before Christmas, numerous cruise ships travel from ports in the Mediterranean towards Dubai or even further to temporary ports of residence in Asia.

The organizers

All leading shipping companies offer transatlantic cruises. Costa Cruises and MSC Cruises send their ships to the Caribbean in winter and in large numbers to South America. Both organizers are very active in South America and also have many regular customers there. AIDA Cruises and TUI Cruises act the same way. However, it is mostly in the Caribbean, to Dubai or Southeast Asia. However, club ships have been spotted in South America. The American shipping companies are at home in the Caribbean, bringing their ships back to the Mediterranean and Northern Europe in winter.

The travel duration

Transatlantic cruises are longer sea voyages. But even here, the Queen Mary 2 is an exception, which in a few days without stopping in a few days to New York and back drives. The other shipping companies are setting up stopovers on both sides of the Atlantic. Accordingly, the crossings take longer. Most transatlantic cruises have a duration of ten to 20 nights. Ideal for people looking for recreation.

The shore excursions

On a transatlantic cruise, there are, of course, averagely many days at sea. A cruise ship usually takes five full days to cross the ocean. And with most ships on the south route, you can spend lazy days on deck. Before and after usually some ports are started. For example, in the Canary Islands, the Azores and then – depending on the destination – in the Caribbean and South America. The shipping companies have put together for each port a large and varied range of organized land excursions. There really is something for everyone. Of course, you can go ashore at any port on your own.

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