Transport box for the dog – the big comparison

Transport box for the dog – the big comparison

Of course, to give your dog the attention and attention he needs, he should spend as much time with you as possible. Whether visiting friends or family, outings or on vacation – your dog will enjoy all the opportunities he can share in your life. To make sure that your puppy or even a full-grown dog is always well during the transport, there is one Transport box for the dog very important.

The dog transport box ensures that it arrives safely everywhere. Only then can he participate in all your adventures and discover new things outside of the usual environment and let off steam.

Every dog ​​is different. In order for the journey to run smoothly for you and your dog, the right transport box should be purchased. It prevents your dog from being stressed during the journey and provides more safety for all fellow travelers. Depending on the breed and means of transport is another dog transport box.

In order to choose the right transport box for your dog, the weight and size of your dog should be known. In addition, the travel type also plays a major role. Are you traveling by car or plane? In addition to safety, this also influences the condition and shape of the dog’s transport box, as space is limited depending on the type of journey.

Basically, it should be noted that the box man and animal provides the necessary security during the trip and is compatible with the characteristics of the dog.

Transport boxes for the dog in comparison

In order to choose the right dog transport box, we have listed five different ones for you, to which you can find the pros and cons:

1. Transport box for your dog made of aluminum: Trixie dog box

First, we introduce the Transport box for your dog from Al Trixie in front. It is suitable for dogs weighing between 20.4 kg and 31.8 kg and measures 63 x 65 x 90 cm and weighs 19.5 kg.

As a transport box for your dog in the car, we can highly recommend this model. The trunk of the car can be optimally exploited by the beveled sides of the Trixie dog box. When driving a car, heavy braking can sometimes not be ruled out, which can also cause dogs to slip quickly. Therefore, the non-slip thermal blanket included in the box is an additional plus. This can be washed by the way at 30 °, so that your dog can feel completely comfortable.

The transport box for your dog from Al Trixie is characterized by its high-walled walls. As a result, your dog has no field of view to the side and can not be distracted so quickly. In addition, the high walls from the outside can not penetrate so much noise, which can also have a stress-inducing effect on dogs during long journeys. A clean stand and more security is also favored. The fact that the transport box for your dog is equipped with walls, it is optimally protected from the sun. So the rides on hot summer days are much more pleasant.

Despite the high walls on the sides of the dog transport box, good ventilation is ensured by the wide grid inserts in the rear area. These provide dogs with a clear view of the outdoors at the same time. The frame of a transport box for your dog made of aluminum is also very stable and safe.

What speaks for and what against the transport box for your dog from Al Trixie?


  • Stable, safe and quiet
  • Good ventilation, protects against the sun
  • Suitable for aircraft and trunk
  • Easy to clean, non-slip, lockable


  • Relatively heavy with 19.5 kg

2. Transport box for your dog in the car

The presented dog transport box for your dog is foldable and made of black metal. It measures 91 x 58 x 64 cm and weighs 9.88 kg. The transport box is suitable for your dog if it weighs no more than 9,88 kg. However, it is available in different sizes.

If the transport box for your dog folds, this has some advantages. She can always be comfortable as Transport box for your dog in the car be stored. If you have to go somewhere fast or you basically drive a lot with your car and your dog is always with you, then the transport box for the dog does not have to be carried to the car every time.

If the transport box for your dog is not needed in the car, it can be easily folded up and does not take up any unnecessary space for purchases or anything else. Also, the fast assembly and disassembly do not represent an obstacle to an immediate onward journey. With its robust metal construction, the transport box for your dog is sufficient for easy transport. For added safety, two locking bolts on the two doors.

Because of that Foldable transport box for your dog is, the soil can be easily taken out. This is especially beneficial if the paws and fur have become wet and dirty in bad weather conditions. Both the cage and the floor can be cleaned so easily before the next excursion is due. If your dog’s transport box is foldable, it will also ensure that it is adequately supplied with air through the metal grid while driving.

Here are the facts at a glance:


  • Very light with 9.88 kg
  • Collapsible
  • Optional partition included
  • Quick to assemble and disassemble


  • Not suitable for aircraft
  • Not suitable for big dogs
  • Does not protect well in the sun

3. Transport box for your dog on the plane

The transport box of Nobby is made of plastic and therefore with a weight of 998 g very light. The gray model measuring 60 x 40 x 39 cm is very well suited for small dogs on air travel and is accepted by most airlines.

The snap fasteners of the box are lockable and the metal door is equipped with a safety lock. This is the largest variant of the box. Of course, it is also available in smaller sizes.

Many four-legged friends are very stressed while traveling. Through this transport box you treat your dog more peace, because he does not notice much from the outside. It can therefore as Transport box for your dog on the plane highly recommended. On the plane your dog will “spend” time in the freighter with other animals during the flight. Therefore, the transport box for your dog on the plane should not be any.

The limited visibility of this dog carrier ensures that it can not be over-influenced during the flight. In contrast to a carrying case, this plastic box is much more stable, so that dogs are better protected from external influences. This is especially important when the dog carrier is brought into the aircraft by the airline staff.

The attached carrying handle proves to be very helpful for transports. With a transport box for your dog in the car, these are not absolutely necessary. Especially not if the transport box for your dog is foldable. This then remains in the car, so that the transport box with dog does not have to be worn. When traveling by air it looks different.

Here the box must be transported next to your own luggage. Without a handle and a designated box that would definitely be harder. Also, the staff of the airline is doing such a favor and not least your dog, because he can be worn so much safer.

The advantages and disadvantages of this model we have put together once again for you:


  • Very light with 998 g
  • Suitable for air travel
  • Metal door with security lock


  • Not suitable for big dogs

4. Dog transport box for small dog

This model by WOLTU is particularly suitable if you are thinking of buying a puppy or already have a small dog. The box is very useful as an initial equipment for the dog. The smallest form is thought for Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranias, Havanesers and French Buldoggen.

It is gray and measures 49.5 x 34.5 x 35 cm. With a dead weight of 2.85 kg, it is very light and can be loaded with a weight of up to 7 kg. The dimensions are not suitable for the size of your dog? No problem: it is available in different sizes. This box is made of high quality 600D Oxford fabric.

The WOLTU transport box for your dog is foldable, so it does not take up much space. It can be stowed comfortably in the car or at home, without taking up space for other things. If she is at home, the dog can slip into the house.

The carrying handles allow the transport box with dog to be easily transported to the car. If the dog’s transport box is stored in the car, this has the advantage that it is already waiting in the car for use. There are so many things that need to be remembered every day. With an excited dog at the side, who looks forward to the trip, you can quickly forget one or the other. If the transport box for your dog is in the car, you do not have to think about it anymore.

In addition to the Faltbarkeit this model by WOLTU has other advantages: It is equipped with two spacious pockets, so that here next to the dog even more things can be packed on the go. Especially on excursions or visits of friends who do not have a dog themselves, it is always convenient to have dog food or dog waste bag at hand. Should the bag ever get dirty, this is not a problem. It is washable and easy to clean.

With the transport box for your dog in the car, the fresh air supply is ensured by reinforced and durable net inserts. To make sure that the dog feels really well while driving, a cozy blanket is included in the dog box.
The pros and cons we have put together here once again for you:


  • Two spacious bags and dog blankets included
  • Washable, easy to clean
  • Very easy
  • foldable


  • For large dogs as a carrying bag not so well suited

5. Dog transport box for big dog

This model by WOLTU offers a lot of space with the dimensions 122 x 79 x 79 cm. The transport box can carry a weight of up to 45 kg and is therefore ideally suited for Rottweilers, St. Bernards, German Boxers, Scottish Collies, Caucasian Shepherds, Bernese Mountain Dogs and German Shepherds. Made of high quality 600D Oxford fabric.

With the handles on the dog box, the transport box is also good to carry with a large dog. To make it comfortable for your dog while driving, there is a padded floor and a cozy dog ​​blanket in the box. In addition to the blanket, there are also small storage options for water containers, food, etc. on the outside of the bag so that your dog will not miss anything on a trip. The rounded corners and the material of the transport box protect the car and the interior from damage during loading and unloading.

If the dog needs some rest or protection from the sun’s rays, then the fabric protection attached to the sides of the dog’s transport box can be unrolled so that the ride is as pleasant as possible. Otherwise, the various windows offer many opportunities for your dog to experience everything in the dog crate.
If the dog box is not used, it can be folded up as a bag. So it not only saves space, but is also practical to transport.

Here, too, we summarize all the important information for you:


  • With carrying handle and carrying bag
  • Washable, easy to clean
  • Removable, padded bottom
  • With sunscreen


  • Not as quickly folded as a metal box

Experience everything together with a dog transport box

As you can see, depending on the type of trip and the project, another is suitable Transport box for your dog. We hope that we could give you an overview of this information and give you some useful tips for making a purchase, so that the trips with your dog to unforgettable experiences.

If you plan to buy a puppy, think of the transport box so that it can accompany you everywhere from the beginning. So an exciting time is not only in front of you, but also in front of the dog puppy, who can look forward to it with pleasure.

Dogs are the animals that can probably accompany humans most intensively in their lives. And there are also reasons for this: They are very loyal and naturally loving beings who do not harm anyone. If you do something good for your dog, he will not forget that. He knows exactly who to turn to if he wants a treat or wants to be petted. Can you blame him for that?

For a dog owner, there is no better confirmation than to see that the dog is happy. You can give it back by paying attention to your dog puppy right from the beginning and keeping him close to you – the dog transport box will help you!

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