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dream factory

Traumfabrik: The East-West love story with Emilia Schüle and Dennis Mojen in the leading roles plays against the backdrop of the DEFA studio in Babelsberg and the Wall in 1961.

dream factory

Dream factory in the stream

“Dream Factory” in the cinema

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Movie action and background

The East-West love story starring Emilia Schüle and Dennis Mojen plays in front of the scenes of the DEFA studio in Babelsberg and the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

In the year 1961 the enterprise runs in the DEFA-Studios in Babelsberg at full speed. Here in Potsdam with “The murderers are among us” the first German film of the post-war history emerged, legendary productions were filmed like “Berlin – corner Schönhäuser …”.

When the newly discharged NVA soldier and new compatriot Emil (Dennis Mojen) meets the French dance double Milou (Emilia Schüle) during the filming of a film, it immediately happened to him – even if the graceful Milou reacted once dismissive. After a few teething problems, Emil finally manages to get closer to Milou at a dinner. But their luck is short-lived: In the early morning of August 13, 1961, work on the Berlin Wall begins and makes a reunion of the two impossible.

Milou no longer understands the world and sadly returns to the French homeland. But even if his sweetheart now seems unreachable, Emil is still not beaten. As the political situation in Berlin intensifies, he tinkers in the turmoil of studio work an imaginative as well as dangerous plan to bring Milou back to the GDR. However, his beloved has become engaged to another. Should he still risk everything and fight for love??

in the trailer Can you already get an idea of ​​the poignant East-West love story?

“Dream Factory” – Backgrounds

Although the Studio Babelsberg has long since placed itself on the international market with Hollywood productions such as “Inglourious Basterds” or “Grand Budapest Hotel”, the last own production is more than 20 years back. Producers Tom Zickler (“Keinohrhasen”) and Christoph Fisser (“Der Vorleser”) now want to break new ground with the East-West love story “Traumfabrik”, set against the background of the historic DEFA studios.

German history, German film history and a touching love story – less should not come together in the film by director Martin Schreier (“Our time is now”). For this to work, Schreier has come up with a select cast for “Traumfabrik”, led by “Ku’damm 56” star Emilia Schüle and Dennis Mojen (“Nowhere”). In addition Heiner Lauterbach (“Welcome to the Hartmanns”) as strict CEO and Ken Duken (“Berlin Falling”), who takes on the role of Emil’s older brother and gives him the extras job.

“Dream Factory” – theatrical release

The film about the unusual love between the East Berlin Emil and the French dancer Milou trumps with great emotions and comedic charm. Against the backdrop of the legendary film studios in Babelsberg, the viewer embarks on a journey through time that unites German history with the personal fate of two lovers. The film has an age rating from age 6 and starts from 04. July 2019 in German cinemas.

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