Travel around the world: what does a trip around the world with children cost? 5 family travel bloggers give tips

World trip costs: What does a world trip with children cost? – 5 family travel bloggers give tips

Trip around the world – What does a trip around the world with children cost? This is a question that can hardly be answered across the board. The costs for a world tour or long-term trip with children are as different as the families themselves and depend very much on personal requirements and many other factors.

I asked five travel-proven family travel bloggers what their long-term trip with children cost and I am very surprised by so many different travel destinations and exciting answers

LENA VON FAMILY4TRAVEL travel blog – How much does a trip around the world cost??

21 countries in 11 months – For almost a year we drove across Europe by car. We are Lena, Martin and our two boys Janis and Silas. It was 2014/15, and at that time the two were just ten and seven years old. That means we had the compulsory schooling problem on board – but fortunately we officially regulated it (after a huge organizational effort, about which I even wrote an e-book).

We financed the whole thing out of savings. Because of iron discipline, they accumulated for the purpose "just like that", even though our family income was pretty much the German average. Martin quit, I was a freelancer anyway. Our total budget was, if you really take everything into account, 40,000 euros. This is less than we spend at home in the same period. And if we hadn’t done a three-week cruise at the end – why, that’s a long story – we would have been well below the 40,000. Saving is not the problem if you work towards it for several years. In the course of our economical way of life, which we had already trained as a result, we got on well for the four of us on our road trip with a daily flat rate of 111 euros. In my blog family4travel I made a fairly detailed statement of costs. And honestly, it was the best invested money we’ve ever spent! Zero.

VICTORIA & CHRIS VON NESTING NOMADS travel blog – How much does a trip around the world cost??

We are a family of three: Victoria, Chris and Liam (5 years old) and operate the blog, among others. We have been traveling with Liam since he was 1 year old, but we mostly spend our time in Thailand. We definitely plan to travel to many countries with Liam, but we also need a home base for happiness as a family – and we found it in Pai / Thailand. Chris and I have been to many countries, in addition to Europe, especially Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malayisa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam etc. Liam has of course known large parts of Thailand, but also Malaysia and Oman from our last layover. There are also various airports around the world where he always likes it. In August and September we are fixed in Germany, the rest of the year, i.e. around 8-10 months, we are abroad. We spend most of this time in the north of Thailand, in the village of Pai. Here we feel at home, have our friends here and enjoy something like a normal everyday life. That means Chris and I work online and Liam can do what he wants to do – under the palm trees and with a mountain panorama. In March and April we are traveling on islands in southern Thailand or traveling to other countries. We are financially stable. On the one hand we have a rickshaw company in Munich, Chris and I run an online agency under Helping Nomads, we have our blog Nesting Nomads and also a few other online projects. All of this together generates an income that enables us to live a fairly comfortable life, especially in Southeast Asia. We no longer have fixed costs, just a few insurance companies in Germany and a car and a scooter in Thailand. We don’t have any insider tips on how to finance a trip, but the combination of a reduction in fixed costs and various pillars for making money is a good combination that should be an option for many. Thailand is of course a lot cheaper than Germany, you can already join here € 1,500 living more than well in the month, three of you, mind you. We clearly benefit from the fact that the north of Thailand is much cheaper than, for example, the islands. If you then earn euros and spend baht, keyword geo-arbitrage, that is easily feasible.

JENNY VON WELTWUNDERER.DE travel blog – How much does a trip around the world cost??

We are the wonders of the world – a normal family from Dresden with three children who love to travel and do not shy away from "exotic" destinations like Japan or New Zealand.

In January 2011 we have one two-month break with our (then) two children in New Zealand inserted. The timing was not chosen at random: our big one, 5 at the time, should start school in the fall. A trip to the other end of the world would be difficult afterwards; we thought at least until we applied for school leave next year …

In New Zealand we were in a small campervan for eight weeks and thoroughly explored the north and south islands. We didn’t manage to travel all over the country, but we wanted to take our time consciously – not just for traveling, but also for us as a family.

New Zealand is an expensive travel destination, there is nothing to gloss over. Especially the flights for four people and the rental motorhome each have around 5,000 euros dug in properly; We then lived as cheaply as possible on site (and luckily this works quite well in New Zealand if you can do without bungee jumps and scenic flights).

In order to fulfill our dream, we didn’t shy away from anything: we got married and only let ourselves be given money, knocked our savings on the head and sublet our apartment. As freelancers, we could (and had to) work from time to time, which pleased the travel budget.

Many families ask us how you can fulfill your dream of a time-out. Since December I have had a short answer: Read my book "Travel budget planning for families", it says everything &# 128521;

ANGELA VON UNTERWEGSMITKIND.COM Reiseblog- How much does a trip around the world cost??

I am Angela and I have been traveling alone with my son since he came into my life a good seven years ago. I blog about our travels on the go with The reason for the private blog was our long-term trip along the Panamericana in 2015.

Since I was in Patagonia for the first time in 2007, I had dreamed of exchanging the horrible gray German winter for a South American summer at least once. However, I would never have dreamed that I would finally realize this dream with a child. From the end of December 2014 to the end of April 2015, I was alone with my child on a world tour in Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica and the USA.

I roughly overestimated that we averaged with 100 euros per day should get there – apart from the flights. The money and a security cushion lay on the high edge. After all, the dream was seven years old before it became a plan. I also wanted to sublet my apartment in Berlin-Kreuzberg, thereby reducing the costs that went on at home.

The plan for subletting came up shortly before: In mid-December I had found a subtenant that I trusted and with whom my landlords agreed.

The first plan was blown up. Because in the four months up to the start of our trip, the dollar exchange rate had a vertical start. Because all travel countries were pegged to the dollar, travel expenses rose by around 20 percent. At least the camper van for the USA was pre-booked at an affordable dollar rate with early bird and off-season discounts.

It was clear that Ecuador would be the cheapest country on our route. Both the food and the accommodations there are comparatively cheap and we used the super-cheap intercity buses for transport.

In Panama we were able to cut costs by traveling with another mom and her daughter. That cut the rental car cost in half. It got even cheaper when we shared some of the accommodations.

For Costa Rica there were no cheap accommodations in advance. Most were even more expensive on site. Lesson learned: book in advance and use cancellation periods if necessary. The rental car was also more expensive than expected because there were additional costs for the pick-up. Lesson learned: Read the fine print in the insurance conditions.

In the United States, in addition to the cost of living, the parking spaces and entries for national parks, state parks or Disneyland have made themselves felt in the travel budget. Lesson learned: The costs of excursions and admissions should not be underestimated


David and his wife Eva write on their blog about traveling with children to the end of the world. Most recently, they traveled to Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand for four months. Child two is on the road and the plans for the next trip around the world are in full swing.

We searched for the end of the world for four months. This path led us via Singapore to Australia and to the southernmost point of New Zealand, the Slope Point, before we went through Thailand on the way back to Germany.

We were on the road for four months in total. Of which just over 6 weeks in Australia and 7 weeks in New Zealand. The rest were spread over the stop-over on the way there and back.

We saved in the classic way. How we approached it and what tips we can still provide for such a project, we wrote down in a series of articles on our blog.

In addition to the classic saving, we also felt that we knew very early what we want and were able to identify large cost blocks (flights, campervan rental) at an early stage. Due to the early booking, the lavish amount of these things was well distributed over a year (flights paid directly in full, campervans only a down payment, later the remaining amount).

We kept the costs of our trip for Australia and New Zealand very precisely and accounted for them accordingly in our blog. The trip with all the trimmings cost us about 25,000 EUR, which also roughly corresponded to our planned budget. A sum that (not only) looks terrifying at first glance. But under no circumstances would we want to miss what we did, saw, got for it.

Downwards per month, there are around 6,000 EUR / month (with three people) in two of the – most expensive – countries in the world. In addition, in the main season, in which the campervan rental alone was beyond good and evil. We also took part in activities such as a helicopter flight over Mount Aspiring National Park in New Zealand. So it is also more economical.

For us as a family, this trip was priceless, no matter what ended up in front of the euro sign.

STEPHANIE VON FREILEBEN.NET travel blog – How much does a trip around the world cost??

Stephanie is a single mother to a boy and has been at home in the world since 2015. She needs very little money for this. Free is about great destinations around the world and lots of helpful tips on how to go your own way.

Are you traveling for a longer period of time or are you even traveling the world? Many dream of it and the first thought is mostly "I can never afford it". It is not that expensive to be out and about. I have been traveling alone with Junior since October 2015 and the savings were still less than 2000 euros. Crazy or irresponsible? Maybe, but I have found that the longer you are on the road, the less money you need. I already lived minimalistically in Germany, no longer had a car, used food sharing and second hand, rather in parks for a picnic than in an expensive restaurant. And today on my endless journey, I do not behave differently. I use the same resources as I did before the trip and that need not a lot of money in the end. Whether and how such a trip is possible always decides what expectations we have and there is a lot of air both up and down. Our savings have been exhausted for over a year and yet it continues. Here you can find out how we do it.

Do you need help planning your trip around the world with children?

If you are now wondering how you should approach the World Trip with Child project and where you can start planning, I recommend that you get some help. The siblings Henning and Frauke Manninga have been running the world travel agency REISS AUS! For many years and have specialized, among other things, in families traveling around the world. With her many years of experience (travel with their own children and the trips of many families who love to travel, who have already looked after them), they can quickly give you an overview of the costs of flights, campers, rental cars, insurance and visas. You have already covered a lot and you can be sure that you have not overlooked any savings option.

Is your budget limited? Then they will help you to find a route for this framework, with cheaper destination countries or types of travel to make your dream come true. And perhaps the most important thing: you are not alone during the planning and also on the go, but always have a contact person who already knows you and accompanies you until you return. Especially when starting out on such a great adventure for the first time, a specialized agency can help to avoid beginner mistakes and the associated costs.


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