Travel blog with wellness factor – spaness of the wellness travel blog

Travel blog with wellness factor - spaness of the wellness travel blog

SPANESS travel blog with wellness factor stands for more than spa and wellness! Spaness is a very special travel blog. Namely a travel blog with wellness or even better feel-good factor. Wellness factor does not necessarily mean massage, sauna and a classic wellness hotel. It is much more about the question – "What is wellness??" With you are going on a journey through the world of wellness, SPAIN, relaxation, SPAss, enjoyment, wellNESShotels, SPA’s, wellNESStrends, healthiNESS, selfNESS, fitNESS, SPORT, busiNESS u.v.m. Again and again combined – that makes it particularly exciting.

Ready for a SPANESS trip?

SPANESS also describes a special wellness lifestyle! Well, of course, wellness is also a massage and a sauna, but on the contrary, wellness means well-being, and so wellness is simply everything that gives us a sense of well-being.

So if of wellness travel the speech, as well as travel in great wellness hotels and wellness regions meant, exciting and relaxing spa services but also hiking regions, pure nature, activity program, enjoyable moments in a great restaurant. just enjoy life and appreciate it. Just breathe in and breathe out and do something good for yourself.

Why not let the time stand still for a wonderful moment??!

SPANESS is a journey with.

A wellness trip can be a journey for the health, a journey in combination with a sustainable life. Eating and enjoying is just as important as being active or simply being totally relaxed.

Wellness can be so much, and that’s exactly what the travel reports in the travel blog prove time and again.

Just follow us on our (wellness) and (wellness) trips around the world. Travel Blogger – Who actually blogs on

On blogs Tanja Klindworth – Tanja is not only the heart of the SPANESS editorial staff. She also writes for other blogs, websites, travel and trade magazines. Whether online or as a print version. Her areas of expertise are: wellness trends, health, holidays and travel. In addition, she also works as a travel blogger.

As a travel blogger with a wellness factor, I travel around the world, always with a special focus on the feel-good and wellness factor. I especially like to travel around in our home country, also because of the sustainability. or in directly neighboring European countries. Because our homeland is really close to my heart.

I am a North German girl! About my direct home "Northern Germany" Travel blog I of course also – in the category "Heimatliebe – Destination Northern Germany" I present you my home region, little by little, very detailed.

But that does not mean that it does not always draw me to distant lands. There are simply many countries and regions that I would like to discover.

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