Travel Games – game ideas for the car ride and the plane

Travel games on the go – it’s guaranteed not to be boring!

  • Employment through travel games is particularly important in the car or on the plane in order to make the journey as pleasant as possible for the children.
  • Travel games can be done both with material (books, toys) and without material (quizzes). Which variant is used depends on the age of the child.
  • Always bring something to eat for an emergency. Even a pretzel or biscuits can be enough to provide for a short-term employment on the way.

When driving on vacation, they are with the most important: the travel games. These occupy the little ones and ensure on the way that the journey time feels shorter. In this guide, we will show you which travel games are particularly suitable for on the way and what you should pay attention to when choosing the travel games, if you are traveling by car or plane.

1. The choice of appropriate travel games should be made according to the age of the children

Keep the first rides as short as possible

Keep the first rides always short. The less boredom arises, the better your child will feel – and less whining!

Sometimes it is not that easy to keep toddlers busy. But there are many travel games and not every one is suitable for all ages. A first good clue, what infants on the go, are the Toys that also meet with enthusiasm at home. For 1 year old games are interesting, which need dexterity. These can be activity books, in which you have to close Velcro on each side, feel different materials and structures or even wooden cube, which can be rotated and make noise inside.

Boredom is horror for both child and parents.

From age 2, your ideas should be a little more creative on the go. Magnetic cubes or panels (with removable magnets) or even painted panels are ideal and provide a lot of fun. Even with children‘s books to search or even become active, they do not do anything with small children. These games and books are available from all major manufacturers of children‘s games, e.g. at Jumbo.

Tip: Always bring something to eat, such as a pretzel. With this, the child can also occupy a while and at the same time satisfies a possible feeling of hunger, which could lead to dissatisfaction.

2. Aircraft travel games have different criteria than job opportunities in the car

If the children are busy with toys while driving, it spares the nerves of all concerned – and the car passes by quickly!

For children, short trips / trips at the beginning are important in order to get used to the new situation and to learn that traveling is not that bad. If you have thought of everything on the go, this is not only more enjoyable for children, it also spares the nerves of the parents. However, it is important to be aware that the Choice of travel games depends not only on age, but also on the mode of transport.

In the car you are much more flexible and can take a larger collection of toys – if necessary, with music, if this your child enthusiastic and provides entertainment. On the other hand, other rules apply in the airplane, because even if children are still children, at least the adults should ensure that the other passengers are disturbed as little as possible. But which travel games are best suited for the plane and which for the car?

By car By plane
Toys like dolls or small cars, which can make enthusiasm in the back seat. Pictures to color (take coloring books or look for templates to print from the Internet!).
Children up to 3 years find all the travel games great, make the noise. For example, books with sounds or loud rattles ect. Music or funny stories that can be heard with headphones.
Nibbles. These drive the time on the road and when it crumbles, it was just your own car. Activity books or even small games for the table like ships sinking.

3. Travel games for older children also deal with adults

Common quizzes or story telling also shorten the ride for adults!

For 2 people it is sometimes not so easy to deal with the child on the go enough. If the children are a bit bigger, the parents can also provide entertainment from the front seats. From the age of 4, children are able to develop ideas themselves, so why not invent a story together? While the dad is driving, mom and child take turns telling a story that the other person continues or adds after a few sentences.

For older children who can already read letters, the license plate travel games are of course a great alternative. A word with M from the mark Munich can be found quickly, but what, if now specifically looking for animals or countries with M? Incidentally, for a 5-year-old, this travel game is also a great idea to prepare for the school a little bit – because spelling really starts and you can also provide employment during a short drive – without any material!

4. Important questions and answers

Can I make toys for myself on the go??

If you’re looking for ideas on the go, get inspired by the big game makers! For example, you can play simple games like Submerge Ships or Prepare Your Own City-City-River. Also on the Internet are great DIY ideas to find that can easily be tinkered!

Which travel games except the “license plate guess” are still there?

Just let your creativity run free! Set up little puzzles for your child to answer during the ride. These can be questions that deal with the destination, such as:

  • Which animals are there? (Also to the individual animals questions can be invented “How does the cow sound” or “How does the elephant sound?”)
  • In which country are we?
  • Which language is spoken in the holiday country?

These questions are of course more for children who are already a little older. Other travel games can be: “I pack my suitcase and take with me …” or “I see something you do not see …!” That too “Yes and no game” is a good idea, also for smaller children. For example, have your children guess an animal. The children are allowed to ask questions about this animal, which they are only allowed to answer with yes or no. So time flies by!

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