Travel insurance: all information for a safe holiday

Travel insurance for the best time of the year:

Travel insurance for the best time of the year:

The right travel insurance for a relaxing holiday

When vacationers lie on the beach in the hot sun or on skis in winter make the snow-covered slopes unsafe – almost everyone knows this Wanderlust and the desire for recreation in an idyllic environment, away from everyday duties. So that the vacationer can enjoy the well-deserved break relaxed, he should have the best time of the year by the Complete the right travel insurance protect. Which travel insurance is particularly important depends primarily on your own requirements. After all, vacationers set different priorities. The right health protection should not be missing in any luggage. In addition, tourists can conclude a number of other travel insurance.

Beware of high costs abroad

During a trip high costs can be incurred, the tourists not underestimate should. After all, you are not immune to accidents or illness abroad. In addition, travelers should not underestimate the risk of burglary in hotels and holiday accommodation.

What travel insurance exists?

While some travel insurance insure items, other medical expenses cover. To the most common travel insurance count the

In addition, tourists can for example also travel accident insurance. However, a private accident insurance usually provides protection during the stay abroad. However, this depends on the insurance contract and should be clarified before the conclusion of an additional travel accident insurance.

tip: The private liability insurance usually protects outside the home country. At least for a period of time. A travel liability is therefore often not necessary. In order to avoid duplication of individual benefits, travelers should read the terms of insurance carefully or ask the insurer how the protection is regulated abroad.

Travel insurance does not always cover all destinations

Particularly countries where particularly high costs are incurred in the event of damage are not covered by every insurance tariff. This often affects mainly foreign health insurance. Because especially the costs for a medical care can especially in countries outside of the EU, for example in the USA or Canada very high. If it goes to the next vacation in a distant land, the should Travel insurance worldwide apply. Accordingly, it is important to research before concluding the respective travel insurance in which countries the insurance coverage applies.

International health insurance is particularly important

For travelers it is particularly important to take out a health insurance. Because the statutory health insurance pays only if the appropriate country belongs to the EU or a social Security Agreement exists with the Federal Republic of Germany. The assumption of the incurred costs is also only in the amount in which they would have incurred in Germany. All other costs must be the sufferer wear yourself. The different tariffs of the international health insurance differ strongly in the scope of services. An example of this is the medically necessary return transport to the home country. Some insurers only accept this if it is medically necessary – and not just medically sensible.

Cancellation insurance assumes cancellation costs

Another travel insurance that protects against unexpected costs is the cancellation insurance. This refunds the cancellation fees, in case the insured person has to cancel the already booked vacation before the start. However, not all reasons for cancellation are included in the protection. Frequently insured events are for example

a serious injury from an accident

a unexpectedly serious illness


of the Death of a close person

The insured reasons may differ depending on the provider, so travelers should carefully review the terms and conditions.

Travel cancellation insurance protects against unforeseen circumstances

As a supplement to the travel cancellation insurance, the conclusion of a travel interruption insurance can be useful. Insurers also often offer these travel insurance policies Combination product on. The travel interruption insurance will be taken out if insured persons have to cancel their journey after their arrival or, for example, have to extend their stay in hospital. Again, not all reasons for the demolition are insured. The protection is usually at

serious accident injuries

unexpectedly serious illnesses

one Death of a close person

unexpectedly occurring Damage to the property For example, if the house is broken into

A baggage insurance if the suitcase disappears

To round off the travel insurance package, it is also necessary to think about a baggage insurance. After all, it can happen that the suitcase and its contents do not arrive at the destination in time or are completely lost during transport. A luggage insurance covers the costs that may be incurred due to the loss or damage of the baggage. However, as a rule, insurers formulate compensation limits up to which the contents are maximally insured. For example, the tablet or the SLR is usually only reimbursed up to a certain upper limit. Travelers should therefore necessarily Take account of compensation limits and exclusions.

Travel insurance packages – less costs for the same service?

The various travel insurances do not have to be completed separately by travelers as individual insurance contracts. For example, some insurers also offer travel insurance packages that include multiple policies. The price is often positive – but not necessarily on the scope of the individual insurance. Because in the package these include frequently less services. Thus, in the event of damage threatened no nasty surprises, it may therefore be useful to complete the appropriate tariffs individually or carefully check whether the tariff in the package meets its own requirements.

Annual travel insurance versus single-use insurance

Travel insurance can be taken out as a one-off or annual protection. The one-time protection only applies to the period specified in the insurance contract. However, the annual tariff is usually only a limited period – for example 56 days at a time – covered. Only when the traveler returns to his home country, the period of 56 days begins again. In contrast to a one-time travel insurance, which ends automatically after the agreed period, extends the annual protection usually for another year, if not terminated in time. Those who spend more time abroad and take on spontaneous holidays are often better off with annual travel insurance. On the other hand, those who rarely travel abroad for whom the one-time protection is usually sufficient.

Comparison helps to find the right travel insurance

Travel insurance such as travel cancellation insurance is often offered directly when booking the trip. The disadvantage here: the traveler is usually only a single product or a single provider to choose from. Those looking for the right travel insurance for the upcoming stay abroad should, however, compare several tariffs and initially get an overview of the tariff landscape with an online travel insurance comparison. And even if it is comfortable and tempting – travelers should join in not only guided by the costs. The conclusion of the cheapest product is of little help if the policy does not include the desired benefits. Who compares, not only the prices, but also tariff details at a glance. It is therefore worthwhile to intensively use test and comparison options before concluding the travel insurance. It is thus possible to conclude the right rate of travel insurance online – conveniently and securely.

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