Travel insurance for children and adolescents

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  • Cancellation insurance
  • Travel Assistance
  • Trip interruption insurance

Protection for children and adolescents who travel alone

Our travel insurance for children and adolescents offer comprehensive protection on trips and when traveling abroad: For example, we will cover the costs if your child has to go to the doctor abroad or cannot travel on.

The experts at our emergency call center also support children and adolescents with questions about travel and health and all kinds of emergencies – around the clock and worldwide. Because when children and young people travel, they need a lot of protection. It is also good for parents to know that their children have a competent partner at their side every step of the way.

Travel protection in case of cancellation, illness, accident and more

In children there is one Travel insurance Practical in many situations: Your child breaks his arm shortly before the ski camp or gets it in front of the vacation an ear infection. If your child cannot travel, we will cover the cancellation costs of the trip.

As part of the international health insurance for children and adolescents we pay for necessary doctor visits and medication. Because your general health insurance at home does not usually cover everyone abroad costs.

Transporting the sick back is particularly important for travel insurance for children: we bring your child in an emergency safe home and take good care of it along the way. Good to know: We cover not only the medically necessary but also the medically sensible return transport.

If your child is out and about, you want to know that they are in good hands. That is why our emergency call center is available around the clock and advises where the best medical care is available on site or translates and explains diagnoses from the doctor.

So that children and adolescents are particularly safe when traveling, we always recommend one of our packages that combine travel cancellation insurance, international health insurance and other helpful services.

Important achievements

  • Travel insurance: We will cover the cancellation costs if your child cannot travel.
  • Trip interruption insurance: We reimburse the additional costs of the trip home and other unused services.
  • Rebooking Fees: We pay the fees if you have to postpone the booking.
  • international health insurance including real-time emergency card and patient repatriation: we cover the costs of doctor visits and medication – immediately and on site.
  • Luggage insurance including real-time emergency card: We help if your child arrives but your luggage does not – immediately and on site.
  • Assistance: We are available around the clock and provide support in emergency situations.

The services mentioned are all part of the full protection package. Our complete protection offers you even more protection. You will also receive:

  • Travel Liability Insurance: We are there for you if an accident happens to your child and someone claims compensation.
  • Travel Accident Insurance: We perform in an accident with serious consequences.

Well protected even on small trips

Children and adolescents not only need good travel protection abroad: with us, too school trips or secure a visit to the grandparents if the travel destination is more than 50 kilometers from home.

Insurance for the whole family

You are ideally protected and your Children with annual insurance in the family tariff. This protects you for 12 months on all trips – if you travel together or individually.

In the next step, choose either the full protection package or the even more comprehensive complete protection. You have the choice whether you want to secure only one trip or all trips within one year. Find the ideal travel insurance for you and your loved ones here:

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