Travel with children and adolescents without parents

Many children like to travel with organizations such as holiday camps or with their friends’ parents. So that the vacation without the parents does not become torture and that the legal guardians also have a good feeling when they say goodbye, there are a few things to consider in advance. We will inform you in detail what you should pay attention to in order to ensure a relaxed entry.

What is allowed by law?

Generally children are allowed and teenagers under 16 years of age do not travel without adult accompaniment. For this reason, we recommend that you prepare well and issue a power of attorney.

Adolescents from the age of 16 can go on holiday without supervision, but there are still some hurdles that can occur, for example, when booking. The youngsters under the age of 18 are not yet fully legally competent and can only conclude contracts that they can pay with their own money. This fact is laid down in the Civil Code (§110 BGB), the so-called pocket money paragraph. However, the cost of a trip usually exceeds the budget for children and young people. Therefore, the trip must be approved and completed by a legal guardian. If the trip is to be booked in the travel agency, it is best to issue a written declaration of consent for the booking. After the binding booking, you should get the necessary insurance and a valid passport, identity card, health insurance card and the power of attorney in good time To take care of.

Written declaration of consent from the parents – the power of attorney

In any case, give your child a power of attorney in which you expressly approve the planned trip. When children and minors travel abroad, a check can possibly take place at the border. So that you are not rejected, the travelers carry a power of attorney for your child.


In this letter, state that you agree to the trip, state the travel destination and the planned duration of the stay and a telephone number at which you might be reachable. This power of attorney must not be older than six months. Put this about that a copy of the ID cards of the father and mother or the legal guardians are also included. This gives officials at the border the security that the signatures on the travel authorization are also genuine.

If possible, also write the document in the official language of the country your child wants to travel to. If this is not or difficult to implement for you, write the power of attorney in English. If you observe all the information mentioned, you can let your child travel around the world in a relaxed manner.


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