Traveling safely with children in ireland – familiar vacation

Traveling safely with children in Ireland – familiar holiday

Advertising included* We were back to Ireland this Easter as a family. I have loved Ireland for a long time and also spent a year there as an Erasmus student. Our children are now big fans of this beautiful country. Now we have spent our third Easter in Ireland. As a family, planning is a bit more complex. In addition to the accommodation, it is also necessary to organize transportation. In my last post I already gave you tips on flying with children. ENGLISH VERSION HERE

Holiday home or B&B

When I was a student and on the first trips with my husband I was in hostels and later in hotels on shorter trips. We also spent longer holidays in holiday homes. Without children there are also B&Bs to: bed & breakfast. You have a room with or without a bathroom and the landlords offer breakfast. As a family, space is important to me and since Irish weather is not always good, there are also opportunities to play indoors. Apart from that, I only travel to destinations with a washing machine if possible.

Spring in Ireland

"Boring" vacationers

We found "our" holiday home area, near Kenmare on the Ring of Kerry. The houses are large and beautiful and have the same basic equipment, but we prefer a concrete holiday home. I like interesting city trips where everything is new, but I find our familiar houses really relaxing. In Zoutelande we also rent the same house in summer.

The most beautiful holiday home and dream weather in Ireland

Traveling in Ireland by car

Ireland has trains and the Eireann intercity bus, but a rental car is highly recommended for vacation. There are also bus tours from the big cities, but you can really discover Ireland better with a rental car. Warning: in Ireland, as in the UK, is left-hand traffic and the steering wheel has the car on the right side accordingly!

Rental car at the holiday home

Driving a car in Ireland with children

The Stork Exchange Dublin

When looking for safe child seats when traveling for her own children, she came up with the idea and since then The Stork Exchange has been offering everything for traveling families. The reviews on the Internet also sounded very positive and so we already booked child seats on The Stork Exchange on our first trip to Ireland as a family in 2016. Back then “only” the seats for the two big ones, since the little one was still sitting in his baby seat that came on the plane. The seats looked like new and we were traveling with them with a very good feeling.

  • The car seat is correctly installed by a member of The Stork Exchange

  • When correctly installing child seats

  • Perfect!

  • To the beach

  • Happy and safe in his car seat – happy and safe in a car seat

Security in every way

Another point is that The Stork Exchange installs the car seats directly and ensures that the seat is installed correctly. Because most errors occur during installation. In general, the process is simple: you book on the website, when you land, you can call the terminal via a free phone and the seat or child seats are brought to the rental car and installed. When you leave, you inform 15 minutes before arrival and an employee picks up the seat at the rental car. In the meantime, some rental car companies are also working with The Stork Exchange, so even if you book through the rental car company, you can get seats from Stork Exchange and simply leave them in the car when you hand them in. And now the best: when we compared, it turned out that The Stork Exchange better was direct than the car rental companies.

Car seat from / carseat The Stork Exchange for the toddlerseat

Years of experience

I am really writing this post out of conviction. With so many trips, we have the problem that we want good and safe child seats on site and either don’t exist or, as in England, the rented seat isn’t really great. We have now rented every vacation at The Stork Exchange child seats and are absolutely and honestly satisfied. We have been renting child seats on every holiday there since 2016 and all seats are in top condition and our children are safely on the road. Because if you have had an accident, the seat is replaced immediately and you have no additional costs. This is how The Stork Exchange ensures that accidents are reported to them honestly. Even if the child gets sick, there are no additional costs. Crumbs are okay, smeared chocolate then costs a small cleaning fee, because that’s really unnecessary.

This year we had a slightly smaller rental car and the nice employee of The Stork Exchange played car seat tetris with us until we found the optimal seats for this car and our children.

The Stork Exchange Dublin: the seats get installed correctly by a trained member of staff

Beach vacation? What to do with children in Ireland?

This time we went on absolute vacation. Our kids played with our friends’ kids and since the weather was unexpectedly fantastic, we were mostly on the beach. Otherwise we were once in Cork and twice in Killarney. We also bypassed the Beara peninsula again. It was just wonderful. You can find specific tips on what to visit in Ireland with children in my previous articles Ireland & Ireland in autumn. Ireland is such a beautiful and extremely family friendly country. It is always worth a trip and there is a lot to discover, I also love Dublin.

  • Soap bubbles were the hit as always

  • Cuddling!

  • View of Iveragh

  • landscape

  • Skelligs Chocolate Factory

  • On to the cave!

  • found the cave again – Ring of Beara

  • My birthday in Ireland

  • On the "secret beach"

  • Derrynane House Fairy Trail

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Birthday with unicorn cake

  • Beach and relaxing vacation in Ireland with children

  • Spring in Ireland

* We rented seats at The Stork Exchange three times and paid for them ourselves. This time we were able to borrow the seats from The Stork Exchange free of charge for this contribution. This contribution was not paid or influenced, we paid for the trip ourselves

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