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Travel reports from Thailand

What our customers tell us about their Thailand family trip …

On this page, our clients talk about their experiences and experiences during their family trip with us through Thailand. Be inspired by the reports and get a first impression of Thailand. Have you also written a travelogue or even created your own website and want to share your experiences? Then we look forward to receiving an e-mail at [email protected].

Family Zettl: “It was really nice”

By tuk tuk through the city.

Family Weidemann: “A trip perfectly organized down to the last detail.”

We returned the day before yesterday from our trip to Thailand and would like to thank you and your team for a perfectly organized trip down to the last detail. We are really speechless, how well everything was organized and how we worked smoothly. All transfers were absolutely reliable and punctual at the pickup location. The drivers were very friendly, competent and very safe. The accomodations were great – we had the feeling in all places that we could not have stayed in better that place – in Bangkok a great modern hotel right in the center; in Khao Sok a fantastically located jungle resort – better is not possible;

An exciting and enriching part of the trip was also the night train – the kids were so excited to sleep on the train and even for us adults it was a great experience, though the night was short :-).

The return trip was again very well organized – it has everything really worked like clockwork.

We were also impressed by the fact that we were able to speak with a colleague of your local agency directly after arrival via cell phone, who reassured us that we could get in contact at any time if something was (which we did not need)..

I can not list all that was great, so overall a big thank you for such an incredibly beautiful and really PERFECT organized trip – from the preparation to the end of the trip! I have recommended you several times since our return and will continue to do so. (February 2019)

Relaxing days on the beach experience.

Family Brast: “It was a great, eventful, exciting and certainly not the last Thailand holiday.” The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

The organization by you and your local partner was flawless, we did not wait a minute for a driver, transfer or anything else. It was, as the saying goes, “like clockwork”. So smoothly we could not have imagined it. Thanks a lot for this!

The itinerary offered variety and was overall well chosen and well manageable even with a child (5 years). (…)

Overall, we were very satisfied and on any next long-distance trip, we will certainly see your offer. (January 2018)

Splash with your children in the clear water.

Family Brunnet: “We have never been able to get to know and experience a country so intensively.”

From the point of view of the whole family it was our most beautiful holiday so far.

What we liked most was that there is so much: The perfect organization that has allowed us to focus exclusively on country, people and at the same time our own family. The numerous, very well-informed and nice guides, who could give us a lot of information vividly, without the abundance was overwhelming. The beautiful versatile accommodations and the different variants of locomotion. The balanced amount of activities and free time, whereby the temporal classification of the activities in the respective building block was always ideal.

Snorkel in Angthong National Park.

Family Herberger: “Our wonderful trip to Thailand”

We really enjoyed the trip and have no points of criticism. Everything went smoothly and we felt in good hands with you from the beginning of the communication.

The hit was the fast-flowing river, in which one could drift wonderfully. A beautiful scenery illuminated with the oil lamps pleased us the whole evening. Our very nice and dedicated Gu >

Bathe in the River Kwai.

Family Geiger: “Unforgettable night on the River Kwai”

We were very satisfied with the tour you arranged and organized.
Everything was perfectly organized and all processes, transports, excursions etc. worked smoothly. An express praise to your partner agency (…) on site!
The hotels were all nice and well chosen, each one of its own, with a great location, so we could feel comfortable everywhere. The excursions were eventful and interesting.

All in all, we would like to sincerely thank you for an interesting and varied journey to different parts of Thailand as well as for an absolutely smooth and excellently organized process! (August 2016)

In the green jungle you will discover little monkeys.

Family Vorwig: “Fascinating Thailand”

It was a fantastic trip! we have seen a lot of the country, met the friendly people, their religion and some of them get an insight into their lives. The country itself was fascinating and could be traveled relaxed by us due to the good travel organization! … We were close to nature, we saw the jungle, the animals and a lot
Water to play! The processes were well organized, the local partners were very friendly and tried very hard to do everything well. Our guide on the River Kwai was absolutely great! The bike ride in Bangkok was absolutely great, here we were previously rather skeptical. But the guides were very good, have great on our somewhat tired son, so no stress could arise. (March 2016)

Enjoy the Khao Sok National Park.

Stefan and his family: “Perfect organization”

What I liked best was that the trip was a combination of adventure and firmly pre-booked and reserved resorts. … My son … especially liked the trips in the Khao Sok National Park the best.

A perfect organization (hotels, timing of minivans) was followed by the perfect content of the journey (adventure and comfort). The trip was exactly my idea. Thailand is safe, has a good infrastructure, an interesting history with friendly people. The combination of things done and pre-booked elements was absolutely perfect. (March 2016)

The guys from the Honikel family loved New Year‘s Eve in Thailand.

Honikel family: “Thailand – with tuktuk and adventures for young and old”

We have been back from Thailand for a few days, where we spent the New Year and two beautiful round trip weeks, but the recreational value, the beautiful memories and impressions reverberate with us all. With our two boys (3 and 1) we have had 5 stops – slept under mosquito nets, had breakfast while monkeys argue about a rope, experienced the country in night trains and of course drove a lot of tuktuk, mostly the daily high for our kids. We had a great time; thanks to the great organization we only had to wave the vouchers or say our name, and driver, guide and organizer were on time for the promised services, competent, child-friendly and authentic.

Bathe in the Erawan waterfalls.

Family Strauß: “holidays away from the masses”

We were thrilled with the organization, which worked reliably and punctually. The tour guide, especially on the tour “oil lamps on the jungle castle” was very nice, spoke very good English and was very eager to respond to all questions and needs of all ages. We always felt safe and in good hands. The tours were individual, far from mass tourism and have given a good insight into land and people. A big compliment and thank you, it was our first long-distance trip with your company, but certainly not the last. &# 128578; (January 2016)

Children from the mountain village.

Family Koehler: “Special experiences with the mountain tribe”

The trip was very well organized, nice contact with the headquarters of Erlebe family travel. Lots of good information about the country and people and the processes of our trip. It was nice that we spent the trekking tour and the day with the elephants as a small group. This made it possible to respond very individually to our and the needs of the children. The contact persons at the Treckkingtour and also during the day with the elephants were very nice and friendly and made the processes very child-friendly. It was also nice that the village in the jungle was not as touristy, as I once experienced during a trip. During our jungle tour, our kids liked the fact that our guide made a lot of things with the kids and made a lot of fun with them. Also over the children in the village, who came over to play and danced for us in the evening, our children were very happy. On the day with the elephants was certainly the bathing with the elephants most beautiful. (January 2016)

Hiking in Khao Sok National Park.

Wildburger / Rauh family: “Our versatile Thailand adventure”

The trip was perfectly organized and all transfers (whether with minivan, tuk-tuk, night train and boat) worked very on time.
The selection of the hotel was great. The tour guides were very nice and gave us a lot about the country, people, flora and fauna. Among the highlights of our children were the adventurous bike tour through Bangkok, the trekking tour to the mountain people in northern Thailand and the floating huts with spectacular views
View on Cheow Lan Lake. A lot of fun was swimming in the River Kwai in strong currents. We were also very impressed by the walk through the rainforest at Khao Sok N.P. with Thai picnic at the waterfall. (August 2015)

A raft trip can be very fun.

Family Orelli: “Thailand for the whole family”

We have just returned from a wonderful trip from Thailand. Our three children have already asked if we will go again next year. We are completely satisfied, the hotels were excellently selected, the transports worked smoothly, the excursions were well chosen and the whole really very child-friendly! A big thank you from our whole family for this wonderful trip and your good support. We can wholeheartedly recommend your travel agency and hope it was not the last trip that took us to a faraway land with your help. (August 2015)

A one-time stay on the River Kwai.

Family Pielen: “Varied Thailand trip”

“We were very keen on the varied program, the various impressions that you took with you. Furthermore, we found it really good that it was a real program for kids. No matter which station we visited, there was always a highlight (mostly in the form of water activities) for children. Without much waiting and sitting, they could go and let off steam. Our children also liked the varied program. Floating in the River Kwai, canoeing in the jungle and elephant feeding on the River Kwai were special highlights. To see monkeys in nature, which are only in our zoo, were also included. (…) (August 2015)

Enjoy sunsets with the whole family.

Family Michna / Aerzen: “Our beautiful round trip Thailand 2014”

Bangkok is a city with a great diversity. We grabbed a package of temples, insider restaurants, tuk tuks, claw rides, night cruise rides, and great views from the 83rd floor of the tallest sky tower.
Highlight was the bike ride. The tour was perfectly organized. First we went through Chinatown, then to a temple, from there with the longtail boat in a monkey tooth through the Klongs – that was great fun. Then back on the bikes. Then it went on – seeing all this and experiencing it was the most beautiful experience in Bangkok for us. It was often paused, told and there was plenty to drink and snacks, as I said, perfectly organized.
The block oil lamps on the jungle raft was just right after we looked at Bangkok, not too far away and yet completely elsewhere. (…) In the jungle rafts we slept without electricity in floating bungalows on the river and were able to swim in the water Let the little houses drift to the end. (…)

Immerse yourself in the culture.

Family Remmers: “Our Thailand Tour”

We had booked a Thailand trip with the stations Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui.
The reception and transfer in Bangkok to the hotel worked well. The hotel was great, our son loved the pool on the 8th floor (and learned to swim there). Bangkok was great. The city is great, the food was always delicious.
The night train ride to Chiang Mai was an experience (and we were able to sleep well). The trip to the elephant camp was great. These gentle giants are wonderful. All in all, it was a dream holiday, the experiences are still working! The pictures are still in your head!
And our consultant with you was great! Also a big thank you to you! (March 2014)

Family adventure at the Erawan waterfall.

Family Aschenbrenner: “Dreamlike Journey”

Starting with the building block Splashing at the waterfall over the night train from Bangkok to Surat Thani and the Kaoh Sok national park up to the great beach holiday on Koh Lanta. Everything was a huge experience in itself – not just for our two 3- and 5-year-old girls.
Especially remembered will be the warmth of the people in Thailand. We have been received everywhere with open arms – whether in the jungle or on the streets of Bangkok. The helpfulness is enormous and I have not experienced it like this.
We would also like to express a special thanks to our tour guide “Mong”, who looked after us during the module “Splashing at the Waterfall”. Just great! Many thanks for everything &# 128521; (March 2014)

The golden temples are impressive.

Family Wager: “Adventurous Thailand Holiday with Toddler”

We are back from our suuuuper great holiday.
At this point, I really want to thank you very much … it was a perfectly organized trip from the beginning! Especially the building block with the jungle was an absolute experience!
Everything was fine with the flights they had booked for us.
The riots in Bangkok were not felt at all … and on the islands (we were still on Koh Samui and Koh Panghan) it was the purest idyll.
We really had – thanks to you – a totally relaxing holiday and for our Mia (2 years) it was a great adventure. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (January 2014)

The naughty monkey with the vitamin tablets.

Family Wonder: “Our Thailand Adventure”

We will get back from our wonderful Thailand holidays. We were thrilled in every way: everything worked out great and I would not know what you or your partner agency could improve.

We can definitely recommend the 2-day acclimatization in Hua Hin – there is plenty to explore, even cheeky monkeys on the Temple Mount. Our children (6 and 7 years old) would have been overwhelmed, if we had already started in Bangkok (climatic change, “culture shock” and jetlag). The night train from Hua Hin to Surat Thani and the stay at Khao Sok National Park were an experience.

Traveling with young children in Thailand.

Family Falk: “Traveling with a toddler and a baby”

“We were initially a bit skeptical about traveling so far with our two young children (3 months and 19 months). Fortunately, the thirst for adventure was stronger. The holidays were beautiful and very relaxing. Everything worked out wonderfully and there was never a moment when we felt uncomfortable with the children. The best we liked the stay in the Khao Sok National Park. Away from the mass tourism we dabbled in the tropical warm river and could observe the monkeys at a distance of 10 meters at the same time.

The food was sensational and not comparable to the Thai food, which you usually get. After returning to Asiashop, we stocked up on Thai eggplant, asparagus beans, pak choi, shitakee mushrooms, galanga root and various curry pastes and coconut milk to bring the memories to life again. ” (November 2013)

Traveling with the children in Bangkok.

Family Bogner: “Highlights of our trip”

The best part of our trip was the bike ride through Bangkok – it was just great. – and the food we got there was the best food on this whole trip. It was also great that we had our own guide Panisa for the building block “Splashing at the waterfall” for 3 days. And not to forget the great organization throughout the trip. The transfers were very good; at times we had our own minivan with our own driver just for our family; great was also the ride in the night train from Bangkok.

We opted for experience-far-traveling, because I wanted to do a tour with my family through Thailand, but not on my own. I also liked the idea that the trips are geared towards families, but you still have the opportunity through the individual building blocks to personalize your journey. (April 2013)

The Train Market is known worldwide.

Family Mastrorocco: “Splashing at the waterfall”

On the first day of our River Kwai tour we were picked up early in the morning at our hotel in Bangkok by our tour guide Ranna and our driver. We found it very comfortable to have our own van with a driver. The first thing we visited was the “Train Market” in Maeklong. This market takes place on the railway tracks; Every time the train comes, everything is cleared out in no time at all – just unbelievable! After lunch, we boarded the train along the River Kwai. The ride took us through a beautiful landscape; The construction of the tracks was also very impressive. (…)
On the second day we visited the Erawan National Park with its famous waterfalls on 7 levels. We made it to level 3 with our kids, where you could bathe with numerous fish. A great experience! (…) On the third day we went to the “Bridge on the River Kwai” known by the film (…) All in all, this tour was an unforgettable experience – for our children and us as parents! (February 2013)

Just let it drift …

Family Fiedler: “Versatile and balanced round trip”

“The best part of our trip we found the versatility: first see a lot of land and people, then relax for a week at the hotel pool. Honestly, we wanted to change NOTHING about the program!
The daily schedule was on the whole very balanced – the kids had plenty of time each day to swim in the pool or in the river.

From the accommodations we enjoyed it in Bangkok the best: The standard hotel is brand new, visually very attractive and well maintained. A highlight was of course the floating bungalows of oil lamps on the jungle river on the River Kwai: the romance … &# 128578; We would definitely recommend it! The transport in minivans was great and the ride on the flatbed car the kids (and we) really enjoyed. The night train ride was a great experience. ” (April 2012)

Monkeys play in the jungles of Khao Sok National Park.

Family Klink: “Jungle feeling in the Khao Sok National Park”

“Many thanks! We felt from you (also by phone) excellent advice. July / August in Southeast Thailand is indeed a good travel time – we have in 20 days not a drop on the head and on the islands even daily sun. The whole trip was spookily well planned – everything worked out great, every transport was well organized, all bookings were known on site, all staff friendly and with your partner you have made a very good choice.
The upgrade in Bangkok was well worth it: The resort – extremely well-run, clean house with very nice rooms and excellent location – right on the river, with a river terrace and the very practical “boat bus” in front of the door. An oasis of peace in the bustling Bangkok.

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