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Young children has the advantage that they have the amusement park free allowed to visit. Use that e.g. for a treasure hunt children’s birthday 4 years! You can find ideas and tips in this article.

Choice of the amusement park

Distance and accessibility by car or public transport play a role here. However, it doesn’t always have to be one of the popular big parks. Many smaller entertainment centers also offer adventures for the little ones. Or you can organize the children’s birthday in a zoo. Unlike in the zoo, there is often a small demonstration of birds of prey or dolphins. It is best to try different locations so that the children’s party does not become an “obligatory pleasure”.

The children’s group:

In general, you should look for the treasure hunt children’s birthday 4 years in advance with the Consult park owners or organizers. Smaller groups are more suitable because a lot of people run around in the amusement park. It is not always easy to keep track of a large group. Fewer children are less distracted by the environment, because everyone concentrates on solving the tasks.

The treasure hunt:

Depending on the theme of the theme park, such as Horror, animals, superheroes; the scavenger hunt should also fit the topic in some form. You can hide the individual notes and exercise sheets at different stations. As a result, the children run "automatically" through the entire area. However, due to the large number of visitors to amusement parks, you can visit the treasure Hunt also organize as follows. The little ones get the first clue and go on a search with it. An adult goes with the children and, when the job is found, gives them the task. In this way you avoid that someone else finds the tasks including the instructions and takes them with you if necessary.

The route:

Most amusement parks have several "areas" and attractions, where e.g. one is about pirates and the other is about circus. This serves to offer the children as much variety and excitement as possible. Use this to carry out the treasure hunt. Therefore, the route should take place in different places in the park. As a result, the children experience an exciting adventure. If the puzzle has been successfully solved, the children may then be able to try out the ride before going to the next puzzle station.

TOP 3 tips for treasure hunt Children’s birthday 4 years in the amusement park

  1. age-appropriate

Choose both an amusement park and a treasure hunt that are not too difficult and scary for 4 year olds. It also helps if a few older children or the older sister / brother come along.

If possible, have the kids eat the birthday cake in the park before the treasure hunt. This means you don’t have to look for a place to eat or rent from the owner. After the treasure hunt in the amusement park, the birthday guests can be picked up by the parents. Or there is another small snack at the birthday child at home as a conclusion.

If you don’t let the kids try rides during the treasure hunt, a certain number of trips with the favorite attraction in the park could be the reward. Otherwise we recommend a colorful mix of sweets, a small toy or cuddly toy as a treasure. Popular amusement parks already have souvenir shops where you can buy plush key rings, figures and mini-games. This means that you do not have to transport the “treasures” to the park. The children also get a nice memory of the treasure hunt children’s birthday 4 years.


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