Treasure hunt children’s birthday 5 years tip – birthday scavenger hunt

After texts about treasure hunt with 4 and treasure hunt with 7, there are now a few thoughts on the treasure hunt children’s birthday 5 years. The topics are especially correct for the birthday child and the environment.

Examples of an exciting treasure hunt for children’s birthday 5 years are:

  1. Halloween puzzles
    Count Flatter searches for treasure among many mystical inhabitants in his remote castle Krähenhof.
  2. jungle mystery
    An expedition to the forgotten city of the Maya Indians in search of a legendary treasure.

For many children it is the last birthday before the seriousness of life, the school time. A treasure hunt children’s birthday 5 years offers a lot of creative freedom, since the children are still interested in many different things. For this reason, you should let the little ones be easily exhausted and have a great adventure; even if it’s a birthday. What is meant is of course the sporting activity that the children can experience through running, hiding and reaction games such as catching.

A 5-year-old’s birthday party does not last until evening. With enough active games, preferably in the garden or park with plenty of space, they will Guests quickly tired. Therefore, I recommend handing out the birthday cake or snacks before the treasure hunt. Depending on the motto, the cake should be decorated or even shaped. You don’t necessarily need a cake pan, you need creativity. This way you can cut shapes out of the baked dough and "build" a pumpkin or an oasis with it.

Some are still quite shy at this age, so maybe they should be accompanied by a parent. At the treasure hunt children’s birthday 5 years, they play the respective team assistant if everyone agrees.

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