Treasure hunt: the elven riddle – an adventure into the elven world

You don’t see elves, but they really do exist! At least in the world of children – and here are more popular than ever. This really funny and colorful treasure hunt takes the children on a journey into a colorful world of elves – just right for one Children’s birthday in wonderful weather.
The children dive into the elf world to find the elves’ wands again. Using magic, the elves create the rainbow to enter our world and begin the seasons. There are 6 cute puzzles to solve and 3 practical challenges to overcome. The pretty design and the little story immediately get the kids in the mood for the elves and an exciting adventure.

The elven motto is often popular with girls, but the puzzles are equally suitable for the boys! It offers to let the guests come to the children’s birthday party dressed up as elves, fairies or magicians. Welcome to the magical world of jingle bells and gold!

Elven treasure hunt for 4-6 years
Elven treasure hunt for 7-10 years


  • A treasure hunt costs only 16.90 eu, regardless of the number of children.
  • You order, pay by card or by invoice and get the whole thing treasure Hunt sent by email.
  • You will receive instructions and a game overview that you can use to prepare for the treasure hunt.
  • Choose from a range of pointers that match the treasure hunt venue; at home or somewhere else, outside or inside!
  • The game contains complete puzzles and challenges as well as the required props. Everything is printed out.
  • They distribute the puzzles to the places they have chosen.
  • They gather all the children together and read the introduction. Every treasure hunt is integrated into an exciting story.
  • The children receive the first clue that you have planned in the game overview. The children find and solve the puzzle, often they are asked to do something such as Collect keys or books, and get a card for each solved one mystery.
  • The three challenges are more movement-oriented; e.g. to get across a lake with crocodiles or to hide from a vampire …
  • When all puzzles are found and solved, the children come to the last waypoint. There they receive the treasure or a reward is waiting!
  • You get all the materials you need! The only thing you have to organize yourself is the treasure.

The treasure hunts can be carried out in different ways. If you have a large group of children, you can play in teams. With the treasure hunt you will also receive tips and tricks on how to organize these in a different environment and with a different number of children.


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