Treasure hunt: what’s in the treasure chest?

I am often asked what is suitable as a treasure for a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Should sweets be distributed as prizes? Are there real little treasures in the form of objects in the treasure chest? Or should the children raise the treasure of knowledge and learn that one can have fun even without material incentives?

In this post I show, like you Finding treasures for your scavenger hunt, what classics there are and how you can have a lot of fun even without a filled treasure chest.

Integrates the topic / motto

I would like to give one of the most important tips right at the beginning: Use the treasure chest as the final element of your children’s birthday or scavenger hunt motto. Don’t give away this possibility lightly with an old shoe box emblazoned with the still large Adidas logo and price tag. Better take an hour, a few colored pencils, sheet and glue and get started. I’m sure with a little picture research on the Internet everyone can make a passable princess or pirate treasure chest (here a tutorial by kribbelbunt).

A beautiful treasure chest, snatched up at a flea market in Mainz!

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My top 2

No sweetheart – no problem!

If you have spoken out against a treasure, or rather against the material content of it, that is not a problem either. So that the joy in the end is similar to that of lifting a bulging treasure chest, you have to invest a little more time and leisure. What does that mean specifically? Make your treasure hunt so exciting, so varied and so solvable that when you reach the goal, all participants say "Phew, we did it!". Think of a great story that may fit the theme of the birthday and research the best way. Spice it up with crunchy tasks and tricky tasks. The most important point, however, will be the opponent that you have to use to build tension. In the simplest case, this antagonist can simply be the clock that ticks against the group. If the scavenger hunt is not finished in the given time, it has failed. The integration of a human opponent who is spotted every now and then and which spurs the group on would be more complex.

Sweet content of a treasure chest: the golden classics

Rich prey for sweet tooths with pieces of chocolate gold

Scavenger hunts with hidden or buried treasure chests are more common and easier to implement. In my time, these chests were often filled with more or less the same things. That sounds boring, but it wasn’t! After all, you are not on a children’s birthday every week treasure Hunt and the treasure chest is always a well deserved and tasty reward at the end of the game.

The content mostly consists of a heap of gold thalers, as I probably know them all: chocolate in a circular coin shape, wrapped in embossed gold foil. The gold pieces of course fit thematically well into any detective, robber, princess or knight motto and are relatively inexpensive (150 pieces for 10 € at Amazon). In addition, you can put more sweets in the box, although I recommend optically preparing them so that they fit well into the scenery. I will explain how to do this skillfully in a later post.

Otherwise, of course, everything is the hit that tastes good and what the children rarely get.

As a healthy variant, I recommend everything that fits the last sentence. Pomme-pôtes (apple sauce in the Capri-Sun style) are at least great in terms of taste, albeit an ecological sin. If you have any other ideas regarding healthy treasure chest content, I would be happy to receive a comment or message on Facebook.

Funny gadgets and little toys

Toys can, but definitely don’t have to be in the treasure

There are all sorts of funny toys that are a real treasure for hard-working scavenger hunters. A small revival is currently experiencing the sticky rubber flapping hand (at Amazon) that was popular in my childhood, which happily expands when it is thrown. But also snap bracelets for girls are apparently still in. These small gadgets cost little more than 5 euros in a multi-package, which is great, since every child will find one for themselves in the treasure chest (key word give-away). Trend issues such as fidget spinners are unfortunately usually more expensive and would easily exceed the budget for 10 children. Every now and then I am also asked whether a drone would also make sense for children. There are small drones for around 20 euros, but everyone has to know the level of maturity of the child and assess whether such a toy makes sense. I personally think that such gifts don’t have to be, but that’s a personal taste.


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