Treat baby runny nose

Runny nose and a stuffy nose can be particularly uncomfortable for babies. For example, newborns only breathe through the nose until the sixth month. If it is clogged, it falls, for example Sleep or drinking heavily. The following applies to infant runny nose: First, see your doctor. At home, you can use child-friendly nasal sprays and supportive home remedies.

Detect baby runny nose

Unfortunately, babies cannot say what they are missing. It is all the more important to pay close attention to the corresponding symptoms. In particular, these signs can indicate an infant runny nose:

  • Restlessness, tearfulness while breastfeeding
  • Crying after breastfeeding
  • Runny nose
  • sneezing
  • to cough

Help with baby runny nose

Basically, the younger your child, the earlier you should go to the doctor if you have a cold. He will explain to you exactly what is important.

Early treatment of runny nose is important in order to effectively prevent possible complications such as an infection of the middle ear.

to treatment After consulting the doctor, the following measures have proven their worth:

  • Nasal sprays that are approved for babies and toddlers of their respective ages (e.g. based on sea salt or isotonized sea water)
  • Breast milk (spread a little milk from your breast on a teaspoon and give your baby a few drops of it in each nostril)
  • Moisten the nasal mucosa with physiological saline from your pharmacy
  • Ventilate, humidify indoor air

Baby runny nose: tips

onion bag

breast milk

Are you breastfeeding? Very good! Then you have a completely natural remedy for runny nose, so to speak, included. The antibodies in breast milk are said to have positive effects and can also moisturize the nasal mucosa. Here’s how it works: Before breastfeeding, spread some milk out of your breast and pour it onto a teaspoon. Then pour a few drops into your nostril for your baby.

Warm feet

See the pediatrician early

Basically, the younger your baby, the earlier you should go to the doctor with him. So newborns up to the age of 6 months only breathe through the nose, a stuffy nose can be a significant one here disability of breathing. In addition, the doctor has to rule out certain causes such as measles or influenza.

The nasal spray with isotonized sea water promotes the drainage of mucus and thus supports the natural cleaning mechanism of the nose. Suitable for the little ones!

  • With isotonized sea water, minerals and trace elements
  • Cleanses and moisturizes the nose
  • Without age restriction

Learn more

Instructions for use, doctor or pharmacist inform about the effects and possible undesirable effects of this medical device.

  • Dry room air
  • Irritants in the air
  • cold
  • allergy

What is important when children have a cold? Proven tips.

Learn everything about the causes of runny nose in pregnancy and read what helps now.


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