Treat childhood sleep disorders with homeopathy

Homoeopathy for children and adults

Many fathers and mothers report that their children suffer from permanent sleep disorders and are looking for ways to treat them naturally. Homeopathy can significantly reduce sleep disorders and help your child be happy and productive during the day. The administration of globules can also be successful, particularly with psychological causes, such as fear in the dark or being alone.

A regular daily routine and fixed rituals make it easier to fall asleep

As a mother and father, you can do a lot to help your child sleep well and have a good rest at night. A fixed daily routine and fixed rituals at bedtime are very helpful. They are, so to speak, a bedtime treat for children and bring order to the end of the day, which children, and also adults, need.

It is normal for a child to wake up at night because the central nervous system goes through phases of sleep with different levels of sleep. Deep and light sleep phases alternate. When a small child wakes up in a light sleep phase, it can be scared and start to cry.

Children who experience a lot of affection during the day and know at night that their parents are nearby quickly learn that they need not be afraid and can soon fall asleep again without their nightly attention. If the child still finds it difficult to rest and is tired and listless during the day, you can try to eliminate the sleep disorders with homeopathy. However, if you use a homeopathic remedy, you should always make sure that you follow fixed rules when sleeping.

It gets more difficult when older children or schoolchildren have trouble sleeping. Unresolved conflicts are often the trigger and significant fears disrupt sleep. Even then, you can treat sleep disorders with homeopathy. School children have to cope with a large workload during the day. If restful sleep is lacking, the willingness to perform decreases and further problems arise. A suitable remedy should be sought to break the vicious cycle. If you want to use homeopathy to combat sleep disorders, you should carefully investigate what problems the child has. Only then can the homeopathic remedy be determined.

Homeopathic remedies that can help children with sleep disorders

  • Arsenicum album D30: 2 globules before dinner, 2 before bedtime
  • Nux vomica D6
  • Pulsatilla D12: 5 globules, repeat if necessary after 30 minutes

If the day-night rhythm is disturbed:

  • Coffea D6: 3 globules, repeat if necessary after 30 minutes
  • Cypripedium pubescens D12: 1 – 2 times a day 3 globules, maximum one week
  • Valeriana officinales D6: 3 globules 1-3 times a day

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