Treat fears in children homeopathically

Reading time: 2 minutes Anxiety is one of the first experiences in a child’s life. As they develop, each child goes through different phases of fear. It is perfectly normal. But when are children’s fears in need of treatment and how can homeopathy help here?

Treat fears in children homeopathically

What is fear?

Fear is a natural and appropriate response to threats. Anxiety triggers increased attention and protects in dangerous situations. Even infants naturally feel fear of threats such as hunger, separation or pain. Children’s fears can be assigned to different age groups:

Fear of strangers: At the age of 8 to 10 months, the infant shows a normal, development-related fear of strangers.

Separation anxiety: From the 10th month of life to the 3rd year of life, the child shows an increased fear of separation from the mother or father. Most of the time, the child calms down after a short separation and the fear disappears.

Predator, animal, ghost, ghost, dark fear: From the age of 2, the child develops “phantasy fears”. These fears, which arise from unfamiliar things and situations, usually disappear on their own once the corresponding development phase has been completed.

Even if these fears are normal in the various development phases, they pose a real danger for the child, that of the parents serious must be taken. So don’t talk your child out of fears or downplay them. Phrases like "the dog doesn’t do anything" or "there are no ghosts at all" don’t help your child.

Calm your child and show understanding. Tell You best from the fears that you had as a child. That calms and takes away a bit of the fear.

anxiety disorders

In contrast to developmental fears, there are still anxiety disorders. These fears are not under deliberate control and occur without a real threat. They usually lead to the avoidance of the dreaded situation and sometimes have a massive impact on lifestyle. These include:

  • animal phobias
  • school phobia
  • agoraphobia
  • social phobias (fear of appearing in public, at school or in small groups)
  • Fear of food, physical contact, flying as well as fear of fear

A special form of anxiety disorders is panic disorder. This starts suddenly and unexpectedly. It is characterized by the greatest fear up to the fear of death. In addition to the feeling of fear, there are many physical symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, sweating or tremors.

How can you help your child?

Homeopathic treatment for anxiety disorders should be carried out by an experienced homeopath and is not suitable for self-treatment by parents. However, you can give your child homeopathic support for developmental fears that arise in the various phases. The following agents are often used here:

Calcium carbonicum: In the event of separation anxiety for children who prefer to be at home. You need mother’s protection and any change is a big burden. The children are often afraid of the dark and only sleep with their parents.

Aconitum: With panic attacks. The fear comes suddenly and unexpectedly. The child reacts with tremors, horror, sweats.

Silica: For children who fear failure at school or in their free time. They don’t do anything for fear it might fail. The confidence is very low. You are also often afraid of needles and syringes.

Pulsatilla: For children who are very tearful and affectionate. They are very afraid of being alone and it is very difficult to separate from their parents. The child has a strong sense of abandonment and feels alone on the world.

stramonium: The child is panicky with separations. It clings to the mother and cannot be reassured by anything. The child is afraid of the dark, of tunnels, of robbers and dogs. An important remedy for panic attacks at night.

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