Treat riding accidents in children correctly and avoid consequential damage

Almost half of all accidents involving horses do not occur while riding, but during grooming or driving. © Alexander Lukatskiy /

Serious injuries caused by riding accidents in children must be treated with great expertise. This can keep the risk of consequential damage low.

Falls, kicks and bites are common riding accidents among children. All things Considered is this Riding is generally a high-risk sport. Because thousands of riding accidents happen every year. Therefore, more expertise in handling pony and horse is needed to reduce this number.

It is important that the victims receive professional medical treatment. Basically, pediatric surgeons should treat the injuries from such riding accidents in children. This way, consequential damage for the patient can be minimized.

Riding is one of the most dangerous sports for children and teenagers

Vaulting, dressage, jumping: About a third of the people who ride in our latitudes are children and adolescents up to the age of 14, mostly girls. But riding is one of the five most dangerous sports for children and teenagers.

Even in the age group of 5 to 9 year olds, injuries caused by horses lead the statistics of accidents with animals. Girls between the ages of 15 and 17 suffer most falls and kicks. Bruises, sprains or concussions, but also broken bones and organ damage can result. In rare cases, riding accidents can even be fatal.

Almost 50 percent of children’s riding accidents happen when they are around

Almost half of all accidents involving horses do not occur while riding, but during grooming or driving. Because horses can react with fright, bucking, running, kicking and biting. That’s why you have to learn how horses behave and how to deal with risks.

Because horses are terrible escape animals that – half as heavy as a car – have an enormous weight. However, the dangers can be kept to a minimum by good training of horses and riders and careful behavior. And of course you also need the right equipment.

Treat riding accidents in children surgically

If riding accidents lead to serious injuries that require surgical therapy, pediatric surgeons are the right address. Because when it comes to the care of adolescents, different rules apply in some cases than in adult surgery. In pediatric surgery, it is even more important to have certain organs such as the spleen and kidney possible to obtain. Because these play a crucial role in development, such as the body’s own defenses, and are therefore used above all at a young age to supply the body.

If abdominal organs such as the spleen or kidney are injured after a kick or fall from the horse, it is essential to try to save the organ instead of removing it. Pediatric surgeons also have a different approach to treating broken bones. This also includes not having surgery in one case or another and one plaster– or plastic rail. A prerequisite for this is sound knowledge of growth processes and self-correction potential of young bones.

Respect for the animals is essential – both on the part of the children and the stable operator

So that being happy with the horses does not become a nightmare, parents should only choose well-managed stables with animal welfare and professional riding lessons for their children. There they learn how to deal properly with their four-legged friends. It is essential to have professional equipment with a splinter-proof helmet of the appropriate size, riding boots and breeches. Depending on the risk, safety vests, back protectors and safety stirrups are also required for off-road and jumping.

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