Treat sore throat in children

Sore throat – this is not uncommon in children. Usually there is a cold behind it. In this case, selected agents from the pharmacy can help relieve the sore throat. In addition, general measures have proven to support the recovery process.

Young patients suffer particularly from the unpleasant symptoms. Therefore, attention and calmness are particularly important. After all, the immune system needs all the strength to get a grip on the common cold.

Sore throat in children:
Overview of treatment

Sore throats can be pretty nasty. In order to relieve the pain, suitable agents from the pharmacy can be used. If the child is old enough, lozenges or sprays are often recommended, which contain local anesthetic and disinfectants and can thus relieve the sore throat. It is important that you only give your child preparations that are also suitable for his age. Lozenges are not yet suitable for very young children, as they can swallow them – especially if they contain anesthetics.

In principle, oral pain relievers (e.g. ibuprofen) in a suitable dosage can also be useful. Please ask your pediatrician or pharmacist.

If the sore throat is due to a bacterial infection, the pediatrician may prescribe an antibiotic.

Sore throat in children:
Support the healing process

In addition, general measures have been proven to support the healing process.

So pay attention to it,

. that Your child needs plenty of fluids (still water, herbal tea) takes.

. that especially the neck and chest area are kept warm (thick scarf) and the small body does not cool down (warm sweater and stockings etc.)

. that you ventilate regularly to increase the moisture content of the room air.

Extra tip: Sucking stimulates saliva production and thus moisturises the mucous membranes. Suitable lozenges for the respective age group are ideal – but only suitable if your child can swallow and suck in a controlled manner.

Dorithricin throat tablets relieve pain quickly and lastingly, counteract the infection and additionally support the immune system.

  • Acts in a few minutes 1
  • Long lasting effect 1
  • Fights bacteria and virus

Good to know: Dorithricin is also suitable for children from the age of 2 as soon as they can suck in a controlled manner.

What home remedies against sore throat can provide support?

Sore throat – typical cold! The great online guide on the subject.


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