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Life with children is demanding. If you are ill or threatened with illness, a course of treatment with or without children can help you to get fit again. Your child can also benefit from a cure for certain illnesses.

Treatment with or without a child?

There are different types of inpatient cures in special mother / father-child facilities or maternity facilities.

Duration of the cures

A course of treatment usually lasts three weeks. You will receive a certificate of incapacity for work for this period. A cure for children or teenagers is designed for four weeks.

If you are not sure which type of cure is best for you, our will help you On-line-Kurberater further. Register for use in the protected area "My DAK" .

Requirements for a cure

The following conditions apply to mother or father-child cures so that DAK-Gesundheit takes over the costs:

  • You are burdened several times by work, family or caring for relatives.
  • It is very difficult for you to look after and raise your children.
  • You are a single parent.
  • You are in a separation situation.
  • You are very mentally stressed.
  • The last cure must have been at least four years ago.

A cure for your child may be necessary if, for example, you have a chronic illness and the outpatient treatment options are exhausted or inadequate.

How do I apply for a cure??

If the doctor recommends a cure for you or your child, he will fill out an application and send it to us. We will process it and you will then receive feedback from your doctor.

Travel and spa expenses

DAK-Gesundheit bears most of the costs for an inpatient treatment. Your own contribution is only 10 euros for each spa day. This does not apply in children and adolescents under 18 years. Do you accompany your child to a children’s cure? Then there is no own contribution for you either.

You do not have to pay for the journey to the spa yourself. With our promise you will receive an order form for the train journey. Simply fill it out and send it to your DAK service center. You are also welcome to plan your arrival yourself. DAK-Gesundheit will reimburse you for the amount that would have been incurred when booking at the DAK service point.

Are you taking a preventive health cure? In this case, your own contribution per trip is between 5 and 10 euros – even for under 18 year olds. Under certain circumstances are you exempt from payment .

Mother or father-child cure

You are the focus of the mother or father-child cure. The cure should help you to cope with everyday life with your family. The individual therapy concept is based on your problems. Your child may also be involved. Your offspring can accompany you until the age of twelve. There is no age limit for children with disabilities.

Maternity cure without a child

Just spending time as a mother without children? Want to get away from the tiring everyday life? A spa stay can be more sustainable for you if your children stay at home and you can concentrate on yourself. If you do not know how to take care of your children under the age of 12, you may be entitled to domestic help .

Children’s Health

Is your child suffering from an illness and all outpatient healing options have been exhausted? A cure in a specialized clinic can help to better deal with the disease and to mitigate its effects.

If your child is under twelve, you can accompany them. In this case, your presence is very important for the success of the treatment. You will receive advice and training on how to deal with the disease. Accompanying older children is possible if medically necessary.
There are also school lessons in the clinic. The clinic teachers exchange information with the school at their place of residence and design the lessons according to their specifications. Remedial teaching does not take place in the clinics.


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